How to choose herbs for hair growth?

Now a very popular natural remedies. Along with the chemical, you can find and skincare from natural ingredients. Care hair with the help of herbs present a women’s website

Specifically we’ll talk about natural means of hair care, herbs for the growth and strengthening of hair.

Natural remedies are indispensable for the sick, weak, sensitive hair. Especially for hair damaged by chemical means, which are used excessively or incorrectly.

Besides, the herbal cheaper, which is important in a crisis. And if you collect the herbs yourself, this will guarantee the quality of raw materials. And you can be sure that poor quality fakes will not spoil your hair.

Not every woman has the opportunity to visit expensive beauty salon or Barber shop. So that, if a lack of time or money, it is worth remembering the old proven remedies and use herbs for hair growth at home.

How to prepare a decoction of herbs for hair growth

To do this, use only an enamel bowl. Raw materials pour boiling water and tightly closed. Mixture before welding is necessary to grind. Ready broth use fresh, it is not stored for longer than 3 days even in the fridge.

Herbs it is necessary to insist, but do not boil, otherwise they will lose their valuable properties. You can set the capacity of something warm, as in tea infusion.

Herbs of hair loss and for hair growth

  • A decoction of birch leaves. The leaves can be taken fresh and dry, along with twigs and buds. Before brewing, the mixture should be crushed. Pour birch mixture water and infuse for 15-20 minutes. To cool and drain. You can simply rinse your hair after washing, but for best effect it is better to wet the hair broth for 30-40 minutes, covering with a warm towel. You can RUB broth into the scalp and do not rinse.

Important note: use of nettle and birch leaves darken hair. The same as from oak bark.

  • Interesting and easy recipe: black tea and green. For broths from hair loss on the tablespoon of chamomile flowers take a teaspoon of black tea. To brew, infuse for half an hour, and then moisten with broth hair roots. To RUB means at least 3 weeks, preferably every day. For oily hair: decoction of green tea, oak bark. Take both equally brew like tea and opolaskivaniem hair after washing.
  • Very good to use a mixture of herbs. For example, wormwood, nettle and peppermint pour a glass of boiling water. Broth insist night. But please note: this broth is also a hair dye in a dark color.
  • Broth mother and stepmother. 3 tablespoons of herb per liter of boiling water. To insist 30-40 minutes, then rinse your hair.
  • A mask of herbs for hair growth is prepared as follows: dry herb mixed with a Cup of olive oil, tightly closed, and insist 3 weeks in a cool dark place. The finished mask should be applied to wet hair, leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse.
  • Mask for dandruff: tea, vodka and castor oil. All the ingredients are mixed evenly, and then this mixture is applied to the scalp 15 minutes before washing. To use this tool every 3-4 days, at least 2-3 weeks.

The best herbs for hair growth

List of herbs can be every your. It depends on the hair type and the extent of their damage. Lead own list of herbs that I have used, and they showed excellent results.

  • In my experience I would say the best thing for me birch. Great tool, restores even very damaged hair.
  • Nettle leaves and burdock. You can read more in another article on the “Beautiful and Successful”: hair Loss in women.
  • Wormwood, oak bark, chamomile flowers.
  • Spring is coming, dear readers. Look around you: nature is ready to share with you the tools for health and beauty! Accept her gifts and be beautiful.

    Author – Alain Venison, site

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