How to choose home plants, cleaning the air?

Flowers in the apartment or house make the interior more beautiful and add comfort. Many plants purify the air, kill harmful bacteria that neutralize toxic substances.

They act positively on our respiratory system and increase the protective forces of the organism, improves wellbeing and add vigor.

Which of them are best from the point of view of the air purification? Top 5 most effective we present in our today’s article on

Why is it necessary to clear the air?

Opening the window to let in some fresh air, we often achieve the opposite effect. In large cities, where the apartment is located in the house near the roadway, the concentration of harmful substances in the air very high, and sometimes it’s better not to open the window, but rather to cover it up to toxic exhaust fumes did not penetrate inside.

But without ventilation is not enough, and because the output from position — to place inside the plants, cleaning the air.

Besides, the problem lies not only in the air from the street. Many building materials used for house construction or repair, and furniture (especially adhesives and paint products) can also release harmful substances into the atmosphere.

And, of course, house dust, dust mites, pathogenic germs surround us daily and can cause various diseases.

How plants purify the air?

Therefore it is necessary to acquire several effective in cleansing the room of flowers — perfectly suited to any adult plant that has large leaves with a large area or lots of small.

It leaves work as a biological filter, which transmits through the air, absorbing waste carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Don’t forget to clean the leaves of houseplants, because dust settles on them will block the filtration of the air, and they will cease to perform its main function.

The most efficient plants, cleaning the air

Female site have selected for you a list of the best 5 houseplants to clean the air. Most of this list is used to filter the space stations and recommended a national space Agency NASA of the USA.


It is believed that this house plant cleans the air better and prevents allergic reactions to dust. Surely you’ve seen it in various public establishments, offices and office buildings.

This is not surprising — Chlorophytum removes formaldehyde vapour, and neutralizes the harmful exhaust gases. Because if most of the furniture around you is made of particle Board (chipboard is applied to the adhesive based on formaldehyde) or if you live near a motorway, few of Chlorophytum in the room you just need.


At first glance, the Chlorophytum is quite common, its leaves are long and thin, unremarkable.

But there are several ornamental varieties of this plant, purifying the air in the apartment, including interesting white stripes all along the green sheet (although the leader of cleansing is still the most common Chlorophytum with full green leaves).

One of the main advantages — absolute unpretentiousness and fast growth, moderate need for watering and the ability to survive in almost any conditions.

Potted palm chamaedorea

But these plants, purifying the air, is much more attractive and can decorate any interior. A small palm chamaedorea, which are often called bamboo that looks good in an elegant pot, and when it will grow large (usually reaches 1.5-2 meters), it can be transplanted into the tub and put on the floor.

Remember: the larger the plant, the better it copes with the purification of air.

Palm chamaedorea

Chamaedorea loves abundant watering, its soil should always be moist.

Due to the “consumption” of large amounts of water she is very good moisturizes the air, therefore ideal for those rooms that are constantly dry (do not place it under direct sunlight and carefully watch for regular watering).

Besides, palm chamaedorea neutralizes the toxins that can be released from plastic furniture and products.


Varieties of figs can be many, but which plants clean the air best?

The most effective are two varieties: Ficus Benjamina (with an abundance of small green leaves, decorative white or yellowish rim) and Ficus Elastica (elastica ficus, with large thick dark green leaves). Despite the fact that these two types of the same flower mulberry family do not like each other, they are equally well-suited for removing from the air the abundance of waste CO2 and toxic substances.

Ficus Benjamin

Ficus benjamina can grow from a small Bush in beautiful tall tree (to do this, he must be a big pot). As for the rubber plant, it is usually lower, but more branched.

Warm spring and summer are encouraged to bring adult plants to the air. But if the ficus is still very young, best to keep it indoors, away from wind and drafts. These flowers love the sun and moderate watering.


Some indoor plants, cleaning the air in the apartment, can additionally also to neutralize disease-causing microbes and viruses. These plants are called antiseptics, and to disinfect the air.

In particular, the geranium (or pelargonium) is allocated to the air volatile compounds are volatile, which kill viruses and bacteria.


Just like the smell of Pelargonium plants, it is quite specific, but the stronger it is, the more volatile is released into the atmosphere.

Besides, this fragrance relaxes and relieves irritability, is able to eliminate headaches (and even a severe migraine attack).

When geranium blooms, it can brighten any area in the house. This plant is fairly undemanding, loves the sun and abundant watering.

Experts recommend to place the geranium in the kitchen or the nursery.


Pay attention to the Spathiphyllum is at least for two reasons.

  • First, the Spathiphyllum is very beautiful, its flowers resemble Calla lilies.
  • Secondly, this house plant cleans the air and neutralizes the impurities extracted from plastification and paint coatings, as the same formaldehyde as well as trichloroethylene, benzene, and many others.

In the process of purification involves not only the broad leaves of the plant, but the flowers — they are able pick up mold spores from the air.

Spathiphyllum is recommended to put in the room with high humidity to prevent the emergence and spread of mold is for flower the most favorable environment. It is recommended abundant watering and lack of bright light.


By the way, experts suggest to use for the most effective cleansing one Mature plant per 10 square meters. If the bathroom or kitchen you have in 20 squares, place two beautiful Spathiphyllum for the two corners.

Now you know what plants are good to purify the air. Room all five colors listed above are recommended by NASA. And even if you are not going to the space station, we recommend you to get these natural filters in your apartment or office.

Author – Tatiana Maltseva, site

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