How to choose jewelry in the jewelry?

Jewelry – jewellery or jewelry present in the box almost every woman. Today women’s site “” let’s talk about how to choose and buy jewelry.

Know jewelry

Not to be mistaken and not to be trapped when purchasing jewelry, you should remember a few simple rules:

  • Buy the decorations you need in branded jewelry stores. Needless to say, bought in the transition or in the market of earrings or a bracelet is unlikely to be of the highest quality.
  • When you purchase expensive items, especially with precious stones, ask for a quality certificateconfirming that it is really a diamond and not a piece of glass.
  • Carefully check a sample on the product. Don’t be shy to ask the sales assistant a magnifying glass. On gold jewelry most often is 585 (on the inside). By the standards of the Federation put the stamp “girl in the kokoshnik” and the stigma of names is a distinctive sign of the manufacturer. If the stigma is fuzzy, blurry, then it is better not to buy as it is likely a fake.
  • Meticulously examine the labels and seals on the product. On the tags often indicate where and when it was manufactured decoration. If you have any doubts, you can look on the Internet, is there such a manufacturer.
  • Articles of precious metals are hollow and cast. Of course, the best time to buy jewelry cast, as they are stronger, more reliable, whereas empty can peretiraetsya, easy to bend, raspalsya etc.

  • We we recommend you to specify the characteristics of precious stones. For example, the value “bulikov” is defined in terms of: cut, clarity, color and weight. Namely, the more faces, the whiter and more — the stone more valuable. In addition, the diamond can be fully transparent and to have different shades, the most expensive pink and black diamonds. The product can be as large rocks and debris, of course, depends on the cost of decorations.
  • Promotions and discounts – not “fooled” by them. Because neither the entrepreneur or the state plant will not operate at a loss, it in 99% of cases – “divorce”. Often price just inflate, then cross out and write the supposedly “lower”. To avoid falling into this trap, find out the price of the metal per gram, and then calculate (even with calculator) the real value of the product. Of course, you need to take into account the presence of drag.stones and margin for the work. The cheapest are usually wedding rings as they are the most simple to manufacture.
  • Check. Don’t forget to take and keep, as it confirms that the product was purchased at a specific store. This is necessary for warranty service or return of jewelry.

Buying products via the Internet

“Merchandising” through the Global network has become an everyday process for many of us. Not uncommon is the online store of jewelry. One who believes that you can run into a fake or substandard products, in its own right. But, actually, bargain is possible. Just need to follow the rules of choosing jewelry. Plus, choose from trusted manufacturers, whose offices are located in your town, and upon receipt of the goods required by the certificates of quality and check, and full details of the company. This will provide you with the opportunity to exchange and return the product in case if it is not of good quality.

Buying through the Internet may be much cheaper and easier, because the entire range of products you can review and choose from the comfort of home. And the prices are usually in online stores is lower than in conventional offices, jewelry factories and industries.

The author – Natalia Degtyareva, site

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