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Many men like to say that a woman’s place is in the kitchen. Women’s website “” not going to argue with this statement, because in fact this room may be the most comfortable in the entire house. And today we’ll talk about how to choose the kitchen and how to make it, to make it truly Paradise.

When you make kitchen, you must first take into account the size and shape of the room and its natural light. It is also important to take into account the nature and preferences of the hostess, which will depend on the style of kitchen units. It is also desirable to immediately determine the color.

What color to choose kitchen

A good color selection of kitchen furniture is the key to its style and coziness. Therefore, to treat this question should be most seriously. Before you make a concrete decision, it is advisable to read some recommendations of designers.

  • Kitchen in warm shades such as red or orange will stimulate appetite and to lighten the mood. It is more suited to people who love bright colors.
  • Blue or green the kitchen is has a calming effect. Such tones are perfect for Housewives who love to sit in the kitchen in complete privacy, enjoy the tart taste of black tea and to indulge in pleasant memories.
  • Soft pastel colors will make the kitchen visually more spacious, so this decision it is recommended to take for a small kitchen, and also for dark areas.
  • The answer to the question of what color to choose the kitchen, if it has a lot of light will be cool colors. Very advantageous in the bright kitchen will look gray, rich blue, dark green, blue.
  • The best colors for kitchen cabinets are a natural color.
  • The website recommends that when choosing colors of furniture set for the kitchen immediately to think about what Wallpaper to choose for the kitchen. To consider should be water resistant and are light fastness options.

    The owners of a small kitchen can easily afford to buy expensive Wallpaper made from natural materials: bamboo, wood, cloth. Such models can be called the most beautiful, strong and durable. Budget option is a two-layer washable with a latex coating. Might live up to expectations and cheap vinyl Wallpaper with a pattern.

    When choosing Wallpaper for your kitchen is important not to be mistaken with color. It should harmonize with the shade of the furniture.

    Identify with what color to choose for kitchen, you can think about choosing a material for the housing and facade of kitchen furniture.

    The materials used to make kitchen

    For housings used kitchen cabinets:

  • Natural wood. The advantages of this material is eco-friendliness, beauty, solidity and high quality. The disadvantages include the fear of moisture and the price and complexity of care.
  • Multiplex. The material is a multilayer sheets of natural wood of several species. The multiplex can be a decent answer to the question of what good cuisine to choose from. It is subject to deformation and less resistant to moisture than natural wood. At the same time, he refers to the natural materials, beautiful looks and durability.
  • DSP. This material is the most common. Therefore, deciding which cuisine to choose, it is possible to look at the functional models of DSP. They have a wide selection of colors, practicality, resistance to moisture and cheapness. Disadvantages of DSP is that it is not a panel and does not bend.
  • MDF. This material allows you to create beautiful, environmentally friendly, affordable furniture of any style, convenient to use and clean. The MDF helps to produce flexibility of these plates furniture very different configuration. Unfortunately, the material cannot be called durable. Over time the surface can become scratched. Can also start to peel off the veneer.
  • For the facade of kitchen furniture can be used the same materials as the hull. Most often, the facades are made of laminated chipboard. It is resistant to moisture and temperature, and also easily cleaned of any contamination.

    The facade of MDF can be laminated, lacquered or matte. This high strength and flexible material allows you to create furniture of any design, so, too, is in great demand among buyers.

    As for natural wood, the facades are made of it are mainly foreign manufacturers. Looks like this set is very good but care for him is not easy.

    The choice of material of the façade will depend on the style of the cuisine.

    Styles of kitchen design

    A modern housewife in kitchen design often give preference to the following styles:

  •  Classic. Kitchen design in classical style is natural wood, heavy and beautiful furniture. This expensive option will be the perfect answer to the question of how to choose the furniture in the kitchen, if the ceiling in the room is high and the Windows large. The atmosphere is classic cuisine is characterized by solidity and tranquility, so this style often choose mistress for whom the most important value in life is family.
  • Modern. Kitchen design in modern style is simple, crisp lines, a wide variety in terms of color selection. These dishes prefer energetic young mistress, keeping up with the times. The kitchen in modern style reigns cheerful atmospherethat awakens the appetite and improves the mood.
  • Minimalism. This style involves the use of only the most necessary furniture and denies the necessity of the decor. Cuisine in a minimalist style characterized by the abundance of space, free from furniture, the straightforwardness of the design and moderation of color design. Often for a kitchen of this style is often used built-in furniture.
  • Country. This style is also called rustic or Provence (in the style of “” has devoted a separate article). Kitchen design in a Provencal style characterized by the use of sun flowers, bright colors, wooden furniture with clear geometric lines, forged parts. In this kitchen is soothing atmosphere, and more comfortable it will feel good Housewives, loving needlework.
  • Hi-tech. This urban laconic style, which is dominated by metal, plastic and glass, better than others combined with modern kitchen appliances. The high-tech style is very close to art Nouveau and minimalism. It differs with its originality and use of the newest, most modern building materials. In this kitchen every woman will be able to feel very comfortable.
  • Japanese style. Kitchen design in Japanese style is not very popular. However, such a compact, mobile solution is ideal for spacious and small kitchen. The main difference between Japanese style is the lack of kitchen atmosphere and the presence of Japanese symbols. Housewives who want the kitchen to feel as comfortable as in the living room, this style will fit perfectly.
  • From the foregoing it can be concluded that the choice of a kitchen is not an easy process. However, knowledge of the characteristics of the materials of construction for modern kitchen sets, as well as the advantages of different styles, much easier to find stuff.

    Having defined the question, what to choose the kitchen in terms of style, material and color, will only apply to good company engaged in the manufacture of furniture, and to present to its employees its wishes. The main thing is to entrust the work of true professionals with an excellent reputation.

    Author – Pelageja, site

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