How to choose machine for manicure and pedicure for home

How to choose machine for manicure and pedicure? What capacity and with what features? Should you buy a car “expensive” or to pay attention to home appliances?

To do pedicure at home by yourself, without visits to beauty salons — the solution is incredibly attractive. In addition to the benefits and relative simplicity of the procedure, there is another plus — savings! To spend the money on a machine for hardware manicure and pedicure will have only once. And then you can enjoy it in full, getting salon care. Is it really so?

Difference home hardware pedicure from a professional

In fact, they are no different. But only if you respect 2 conditions.

  • Mastering the technique. We recommend that you carefully read the instructions that are attached to each set of equipment for a pedicure at home. You can learn from it many useful: for example, at what speed should you render those or other sites, what tips suitable for nail, buffing of the heels and calluses. It is useful to watch the video of how I perform the procedure in salons, to get acquainted with the experience of the masters. The more theory you will gather initially, the more useful will be the instrument for pedicure at home.
  • Buying additional cutters. None of the unit for a pedicure, which reviews describe him as an effective, do not contain full set of required attachments. Since all models universal, that is designed for a wide range of consumers, they are equipped with universal attachments. Basically, it’s a couple of cutters to stop, and the same for the hands. So do not be stingy to purchase additional cutters: for heels it is better to use diamond for corns — ceramic, and do nails it is necessary to Polish the silicon.
  • 7 rules of choosing

  • You don’t need a high performance salon machine (not to be confused with the professional). Are always large in size, due to the increased body include a vacuum cleaner, suction of the skin and nails are protected from overheating. But these features are important if this unit works from morning till night, and every day serves dozens of clients! You will approach a household apparatus for manicure and pedicure professional. How to choose it? Pay attention to compact models from reputable manufacturers. Among these brands ROWENTA (e.g., model Mr-7010 F0), Vitek (device VT SPA-2209), Zepter (device Vital System). Well proven machines Victory, Strong.
  • The device should be easy. Cumbersome to handle will be awkward, hands are tired. Optimal weight without power supply unit should be 150-200 g.
  • The diameter of the handle is small, so it could tough to lie in the palm of your hand. It is important to control the intensity of the impact on the feet, as excessive pressure can injure the skin and nails.
  • A convenient cord is of medium length. It will not be confused during use.
  • Note on devices with power from 35 Watt. Less powerful devices will cope well with nail Polish, but when you try to Polish the rough skin of the feet are quickly overheat and shut down. Good machines rotate the cutters at a speed of 35 thousand revolutions per minute, which provides quality cleansing and convenience in the treatment of nails. A more powerful device (50 W) perform approximately 50 thousand revolutions per minute. Such prefer to work with an experienced pedicure, practicing customer service at home.
  • Verify the ability to control the speed of rotation of the nozzles. This is extremely important while you are just learning to do a manicure. In order not to hurt yourself on the “first” use of sparing modes. After mastering the technique you will be able to work professionally enough.
  • Specify mount type cutters. Wizard choose the device in which the shift of the nozzle is made as quickly as possible. In such enough to turn the crown mills, and it is easy to remove. In the budget models to change cutters you must use a special key. The work is not affected, we are talking about convenience. Of course, the cabin is extremely tedious to change cutters with a key (after all, one procedure is necessary to use 5-6 nozzles). But for home it may not seem so important…
  • Rules for the use and care of the machine

    When the question of choosing cars for a pedicure solved, it should take care of its proper use. To serve for a long time, observe the following tips.

    • Avoid pressure on the foot during the work. You can damage the skin and the device itself. Most often bends the pen head, which makes extremely difficult its use. As each device is designed for gentle and effective influence, physical force to make you should not.
    • Carefully replace the nozzle. Be sure to use the key if it is provided in the kit. Try not to damage the attachment, otherwise the instrument will have to part.
    • If you are using a machine for a home pedicure with a vacuum cleaner, clean it is not required. If blowing dirt there, be sure to remove skin and nails with pens and cutters.

    A high-quality device for manicure and a pedicure in house conditions, for reviews, very convenient to use. Choose it properly and take care of the legs with pleasure!

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