How to choose mascara: review all types

Mascara — a mandatory attribute of a cosmetic of any woman. The range presented in shops, amazing variety, and sometimes a bit misleading. How to choose a mascara that will accurately answer the requirements, understand our article.

Types of mascara composition

Modern range of color cosmetics for eyes huge, especially mascara. Manufacturers offer not only a decorative ink. Urgent care mascara.

Depending on the composition used and the brush can achieve amazing results, turning the modest lashes length and volume in a seductive “webs”.

In composition you can select the following types of mascara:

  • Creamy with a high degree of fat and wax. This is a mascara to increase volume. More oily it is tight on the cilia, enveloping and enhancing the volume. A great option for hairs soft texture.
  • Ink, within which there is a high percentage of water. This type has a more viscous consistency. It rests on the eyelashes in a thin layer, not gluing them. This mascara dries quickly, but can flake off during the day. Perfect for stiff cilia.

The choice of brush

In addition to the composition, when choosing a mascara, consider the shape of the brush. In fact it helps to achieve the desired effect.

  • Classic brush with fibers of the same length provides uniform distribution of funds. It does not add lashes length or volume, but only stained them, making silky. Great in order to emphasize the natural beauty of your eyes.
  • Brush, which has bristles arranged in a spiral, intended for the staining and separation of hard lashes.
  • Silicone brush is a unique design, which can be used to increase the length, volume and to ensure the perfect colouring of hairs.
  • Brush conical shape with dense bristles traditionally used in the voluminous mascara. Irregular shape of the brush ensures the perfect painting and separation of the lashes. The thicker hairs on it, will be more carefully dyed eyelashes and bigger eyes.

Brushes differ not only by shape but also by the length of the bristles. Options with long fibers good to stain the eyelashes and increase their volume. Short bristles necessary for a perfect coat each small hairs located in the corners of his eyes.

Double effect has a brush that combines short and long bristles. Traditionally, such options equipped with no mascara. Reviews say that using this option is easy to create perfect volume and curl all the lashes.

Purpose or cosmetic effect

Choice carcasses must be implemented depending on the effect you can achieve with it.

  • If you wish to increase the length of eyelashes, you can not do without option with a lengthening effect. It is composed of the finest silicone or nylon fibers, which are in the process of applying stick to the hairs by increasing their length. The downside of this type is that excessive application of the villi clump together, much heavier eyelashes.
  • Incredibly popular mascara with false lash effect. Extending and increasing of the cilia, which gives them a beautiful curve, which can be achieved only with the help of special pliers no. To achieve a false lash effect allows the presence in the composition of the carcass of oils, wax and microfibers, and brushes with bristles of different lengths.
  • Water resistant — ideal for those who wish to stay armed even at the beach or in the pool. The mascara contains special water-resistant pigments, allows you to stay your eyes are beautiful even in extreme conditions. The downside of this type can be considered as only that to wash it you can only use special cosmetic products for waterproof makeup.
  • To increase the thickness and length of the lashes will help the mascara to increase the volume. Its constituent fibers and silicone wax tightly envelop the lashes, making them shiny and bouncy. To create additional volume contributes to a brush with dense fibers.

Special care

In addition to variants with a decorative effect, there is also a treatment mascara that combines Wellness and decorative qualities. Depending on what components are included in the composition, we can distinguish the following types:

  • Firming. The formula of this mascara is enriched with natural oils, extracts from herbs, protein, lanolin, natural wax and carotene. The tool allows you to make eyelashes more strong, long and smooth.
  • Mascara with vitamins. The name speaks for itself — the product includes vitamins, protein, keratin, melanin, and substances that provide UV protection to lashes. Ink ensures gentle care and protection to lashes from the negative effects of the environment.
  • Hypoallergenic. A great option for people with allergies to cosmetics. Mascara for sensitive eyes contain no preservatives that cause allergies, redness, itching and inflammation of the mucosa.

Advantage of cosmetics with therapeutic effect is that it is suitable for women with sensitive skin, prone to allergies and for those who use contact lenses. The use of such tools can become part of the comprehensive treatment of Allergy to mascara.Test in the store

I asked the question, what mascara to choose, spend the store a little test: make a sweeping smear brush at the back of the hand. If the smear is smooth without crumbs and clots — before you a quality product that will help you create a charming look!

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