How to choose olive oil?

The website “” no doubt that olive oil has already become indispensable to almost every modern housewife.

And though all of us in one way or another use it in cooking, few people really know how to choose the right olive oil. But the quality of this product is directly dependent on how it taste and use.

How to choose olive oil?

You want to know how to choose a good olive oil? Then you should, first and foremost, to understand its varieties.

Unrefined oil

If you need a really healthy and natural product, then buy unrefined olive oil. Get it by pressing without adding any chemicals.

So you get olive oil — how to choose a quality?

In fact it’s quite simple — its label will indicate the word virgin. It means the oil was obtained mechanically by cold pressing of the olives.

In most of local stores we can find mostly oil Extra virgin, which is not so bad, because from other types of olive oil it is characterized by the lowest acidity.

So, for example, in oil Extra virgin, the acidity level does not exceed 0,8%. And this is a very good indicator. If you want to choose a delicious olive oil, you may prefer the options, the acidity of which is 0.4 — 0.6%. This oil is its mild taste and pleasant aftertaste. If the acidity is lower, the oil is too neutral. If the above is too acidic.

Unfortunately, most bottles of olive oil the acidity level is not specified. Experts recommend not to trust such producers, as it creates the impression that they are hiding something.

By the way, crude oil can not be used in cooking, as under the influence of temperature it becomes carcinogenic. But this product is a great choice olive oil for the salad.

Refined oil

Refined oil should be bought in cases if you plan to use it in cooking. The formation of carcinogens in this case, fear is not necessary. Other advantages of this product include affordable price and long shelf life.

However, for the present olive oil connoisseurs do not consider as the taste is too neutral.

The country of origin of olive oil

On the labels of olive oil cold pressed Extra virgin can often find the following abbreviations: DOP, IGP and PDO. With their help, you can get information about the origin of the product.

For example, the elevation of the IGP means the oil was produced, for example, Italy or Greece, but were Packed outside the country of origin. But the acronym DOP suggests that the oil was manufactured, and packaged in one country.

Traditionally this kind of product we associated with Italy, but is highly valued oil, which is produced in Greece and Spain. It is noteworthy that Italian olive oil is slightly perceptible smell of herbs — rosemary or oregano. Product of Spain can boast even a bitter and peppery taste. But olive oil in Greece is produced mainly for domestic use with a “old-fashioned” tricks and secrets, and therefore has a rich taste with fruit and honey flavors.

What should be of good quality olive oil?

The website happy to share with you a few secrets that will help you become a true expert in the field of selection and use olive oil.

  • Be sure to pay attention to the expiration date of the product. And this is very important to remember if you want to know how to choose the olive oil in the store.
  • The color of olive oil is absolutely not important, as they can range from Golden to deep green. The thing only is, what kind of olives were used to make it.
  • The “right” olive oil has a deep, pronounced flavor. It is sweet, salty, bitter and even sour, but under no circumstances should not be watery. Cheerleaders also have the taste of metal or vinegar. Please note that do not confuse the bitter oil rancidity.
  • To check the quality of the purchased oil is possible in the house. Just place it on a couple of days in the fridge. If the oil is natural, on the bottom of the bottle appears a slight white precipitate, and the oil will become slightly turbid. By the way, you simply need to put the butter in a warm place, and the precipitate will disappear without a trace.

How should I store olive oil?

If you don’t want the olive oil has lost its properties, then pay attention and proper storage.

  • Do not place this product in the refrigerator. In addition, keep oil away from the hot plate. The optimal temperature for storage — 10-15 degrees Celsius.
  • Olive oil does not like direct sunlight. That is why traditionally it is sold in bottles of dark glass.
  • And don’t keep olive oil open for a long time. In contact with air it oxidizes rapidly.

So, if you need good olive oil — what to choose, you now know. Now you only have to start to actively use it in cooking to enjoy great taste and aroma of this product dropped as often as possible.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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