How to choose photo Wallpapers in child’s room: tips and ideas for choosing the story

Modern children’s Wallpaper is a wide field to implement the most creative and imaginative ideas. Wallpapers are not only wall decor but also the ability to zone the space, to create the necessary atmosphere and mood.
First of all, the materials used should be of high quality and eco-friendly when you print, use ink, which do not have a toxic smell, not emit harmful substances.

Another important aspect of a successful repair in children is the story and the colors of the image. These characteristics can affect the mood and General atmosphere in the room. If your children are old enough, have their own interests and Hobbies, then give the right of choice of subject in their hands. It is very important to take into account the opinion and evaluation of the child, because for him it creates this interior, and he will be spending most of the day.

For each age group plot: how not to be mistaken with a choice of image

The plot on the children’s mural must match the gender and age of the child, because every period of life need their decorations. Technology does not stand still and today you can easily print an image of any size and shape, choose the perfect plot for the age group of your child.

Children 0 to 2 years

Newborn most of the time spend in sleep, so the mural in ash bedside should be gentle, soothing pastel shades, which will promote relaxation. As the figure can be used, as large patterns and small pattern, but with one caveat, the figure should not be bright and flashy, so as not to scare the baby.

First Hobbies: children 2 to 4 years

Everything around you begins to wonder child: he begins to understand the world and the surrounding nature, has his own interests and Hobbies. For this period suitable Wallpaper natural range: blue, yellow, green tones will help to set the room a bright positive mood. As stories of perfect pictures with animals, birds, favorite fairy tale and cartoon characters.

Unbridled joy: children 4 to 6 years

At this age the child is very active, noisy and inquisitive, so bright or too dark colors are not suitable for the decoration of the walls in the nursery. Use the plots, dominated by calm colors, understated ornament: it can be various illustrations, drawings in watercolor and pencil technique. Most often, the parents in this group prefer stories with your favorite cartoon characters and books.

Junior school: children from 6 to 11 years

Eternal vanity, creative mess, and the storms which story to choose for a student that grows with every second? Approach the subject with the practical side – fill walls are not only colorful, but useful decor, for example, place a mural with a map over his Desk. Starry sky, space, pattern, stylish cars and favorite sport is ideal for the decoration of one wall in the room of the boy. Bedroom girls choose pictures with animals, fairy tale characters, floral pattern or an illustration.

Teenagers and children older than 11 years

Our advice – pick the image together, because your child is already itself generates a space around them and are able to define your preferences, select the ideal choice for your “homes”. You just have to give and to help with the selection. Passions and interests come to the fore, so often children choose what they are close and I wonder – put your trust in their choice!

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