How to choose remedies for body tanning effect?

The summer is over, but I really want longer look like the vacation is over just yesterday! This will help for body tanning effect, that combine skin care and give it a light brown tone.

About the different bottles and jars with care cosmetics tanning effect will tell more website ““.

Body lotion with tanning effect

A simple way to obtain artificial tan varying degrees of saturation, which can last for several days – is to use a special cream.

Creams are good for their rich texture, hydrating the skin (especially dry in the summer sun). Harm they, according to the producers, do not bring the substance dihydroxyacetone, which gives a false tan only reacts with dead epidermis cells, not harming the living skin.

To get an even tan, you need to take a shower, dry the skin, then gently massage movements put the cream is first on the torso, back, legs and arms, then neck, wrists, ankles, and feet.

The knees and elbows layer of cream can be more generous – there leather different structure.

During the procedure several times to wash your hands with soap and water – that you have not appeared suspicious brown palm. When you apply the cream on whole body, don’t dress for about 15 minutes, letting the product soak in and dry and then another few hours try not to wear tight clothes and sweat.

Lotions with tanning effect

The website advised to buy body lotion with a light tanning effect to those who do not want to get radical “bronze”, and a gentle Golden gleam on the skin. Some lotions have a cumulative effect after a few days after the application of the tan will be brighter, but then, of course, is gradually washed away (for example, such property of the lotion from Dove Self Tanning Lotion Energy Glow).

Light tan for light skin provide lotion Yves Rocher Hydration Sunshine Skin, Nivea Sun Kissed, Mary Kay Suncare Subtle Tanning Lotion etc.

The instant effect is quite bright bronzer give lotions Avon Sun+ Magic Tan, Dior Huile Somptueuse Eclat Naturel Bronze, Oriflame Sun Zone Self-Tanning Mist Body, etc.

Most importantly – apply the lotion evenly, otherwise there will be unsightly stains.

Body lotion with tanning effect

Milk is an remedy that will not give you the desired tan in one application to see the result you need within a few days to put it all over the body (after a shower).

Most brands that produce milk with tanning effect, there is a version of the tool for dark, medium and fair skin – carefully read the explanations on the package and choose your only option, otherwise the result may be unexpected.

Body lotion with tanning effect

Balms also provide gradual tan: most brands of balms should be applied within 5 days on clean, dry skin.

If you need a tan not for one night, and you would like to support it continuously for a certain period (for example, before the first autumn frosts, when you have to change into a chastely), then repeat the procedure applying the balm 2-3 times a week. Balms have a good nourishing effect and bring no harm to the skin.

Choosing to body tanning effect you can hear and read different opinions and reviews about different tools, but, hand on heart, alien experience in the use of such cosmetics may be useless to you.

The fact that the effect very much depends on the initial shade of your skin and its individual characteristics: the fat, sweating, the layer of dead skin particles on it, etc. So don’t rush to abandon the lotion, which your girlfriend was like a spotted leopard – it is highly likely that you will have a great even tan! Better carefully read the labels on packages, and pick up the tool that you like it!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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