How to choose sheepskin?

Sheepskin is the kind of outerwear that from winter to winter is not leaving our wardrobes and ready to save us from the winds and frosts even when all the latest trend, the coats are totally unsuited to our harsh January!

Therefore, whatever was offered on the Milan catwalks, in our conditions, so be sheepskin! And since this thing is not for one season, you must first know how to choose a sheepskin coat.

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Which skirt is better to buy?

Genuine sheepskin very warm and durable thing.

Sew the shearling from sheep or goat skins, respectively, the upper part with the fur is inside, and the inner, suede outside, to the front of the unit.

There are several technologies for processing of hides, allowing you to get coats of different quality – the thickness, warmth and softness.

Fur velour, dublas (actually, processed under cutting and sewing material coats) is thick and dense. From such a sew Russian coats, as well as British and Australian. Its advantages – warmth, high wear resistance, that is real material for winter.

And the cons – less plasticity (so that a model of sheepskin from this material are usually simple in cut) and the more weight things. If you think about what is better, a fur coat or a sheepskin coat, these options can beat the heat!

Spanish fur suede is more delicate, soft, tender to the touch. Sew from it Italian and French coats. These products are more varied in styles and cover details.

However, if the question is how to choose a sheepskin coat for the winter, it’s hardly appropriate outerwear, because this sheepskin is pretty thin, and will wear out sooner.

The most expensive and high-quality Tuscan shearling. How to choose a sheepskin coat from Tuscany?

The Tuscan lambs wool with inner part of coats – long, soft, slightly wavy. The product itself is lightweight and plastic. The pile should not come out – it’s definitely a marriage. Sometimes Tuscan material used to sew parts of the coats – this in itself is not a defect if the seller warns about the combination. Well, the price, of course, in this case below.

Other materials Kansas and crack it when the top coats is impregnated with a special composition, making suede-like leather. The advantage of these products – they are not impregnated with the moisture in the rain or wet snow, increased resistance to wear.

However, they cannot be taken to the dry cleaner.

How to choose a quality sheepskin?

When buying coats, pay attention to the following:

  • As it sits. Should sit well! Not to warp when lifting the arm or turning to the side! If a little move hands and in the armpit armhole is low, i.e. a lot of free sleeves – most likely, you need to try a smaller size. But to buy sheepskin “slinky” is also not necessary – even under it you can wear a warm sweater and wrap a scarf.
  • Wrinkled? The real sheepskin coat (no fur or velour upper part) does not crease at all. If there are creases, traces of folds is a poor quality product. When buying is hand to crush any part of the product – it should straighten itself without any consequences!
  • What to touch sheepskin? Soft, smooth, without Sheremeta and sites with some other texture? That’s as it should be. Defect – any spot (barely even noticeable), roughness, stiffness.
  • The fur inside. It needs to be all the same – that is the same length and texture of hair. The pile should lie on one side. How to choose a shearling, to fur was a quality – check the lack of “bald spots”, short cropped plots, they’re not even supposed to be, even at the seams and armpits!

  • The larger part of which is sewn sheepskin, so it is more expensive and better. Cheaper coats are sewn from a rectangular flaps.
  • Water-repellent properties. Good quality sheepskin not become waterlogged (of course, if we are talking about walking in the snow, not of heavy rain or soak items in a basin). A drop of water falling on a sheepskin coat, needs her to sink.
  • Seams. Even without defects, double. A weak spot or poor artisanal factory sheepskin – divergent sutures (most often this happens in the armpits).
  • The quality of the staining. Check this. It is necessary to take a white fabric, wet and RUB the sheepskin. In any case the cloth (a handkerchief, for example) should not be painted! You also need to look at the painted fur: if the partings between the hairs, you can see the white base is a low – quality painting-spray, which can irregularly go to the dry cleaners or in the wash.

Sometimes girls have a dilemma – which is better, a down jacket or a sheepskin coat? Both things can be quite warm and comfortable for winter, but sheepskin is undoubtedly looks more feminine, more luxurious and more expensive!

And for the defenders of animals our affordable faux shearling that can look better than natural!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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