How to choose shrimps, how to choose frozen shrimp

Treat yourself and your family shrimp periodically we all love. And no wonder — because they are relatively simple to prepare and it is very useful. In addition, the shrimp is able to brighten and freshen up almost any meal, but the seafood, despite their availability, still are perceived as exotic. That’s why the question of how to choose shrimps, its relevance is not lost. And a couple of secrets on this topic with your readers decided to share the website ““.

How to choose prawns: tiger, Royal or regular?

In the world there are over 2000 different species of shrimp. But they can be divided into two main types — warm-blooded (southern) and cold blooded (Northern) shrimp.

The first of these are all costly giants that we often see on the shelves of stores — tiger and king prawns. Northern shrimp are those little “seeds” that we all love to sometimes eat in the evening.

As you consider how to choose shrimp, you should also decide with which of them you need.

If you need seafood, to use them effectively to decorate the food on your table, buy a large and beautiful southern shrimp. But if you have an important taste quality and, moreover, has the value of the use of the used product, then give their preference to small and nondescript shrimp cold blooded.

King prawns are much more expensive than their more modest relatives, however, you should think twice before you buy them.

  • First, they are grown in special nurseries by adding their feed growth promoters. To say that the antibiotics through the meat of the shrimp get into our body, the extra time is not necessary.
  • Second, under the guise of prawns often sell shrimp vannamei. They look a bit similar, but the taste does not even reach the simplest krevetsky.

Of course, why pay more?

But even if deciding how to choose shrimp, not to think about the different methods of fraud, cold-blooded shrimp is still much to gain. And all because they live in the Northern seas, of ice-cold water which do not give this marine inhabitant to quickly reach large sizes, but are the most natural and healthy place for their habitat.

Such krewetki fresh feed on plankton and move a lot, but because their meat is supple, aromatic, with a strong taste.

Unlike the mild and almost tasteless meat prawns that appear in special pools, move a little and get processed kibble.

So, how to choose the right shrimp? Choose grown the most natural way.

How to look healthy shrimp?

Here’s tips on how to choose healthy shrimp.

  • The “correct” shrimp should be neutral gray without any spots or cloudiness on your shell. Often you can find shrimp on the head and back which have white spots. This means that when transporting this product repeatedly violate the temperature regime, which means that the shrimp is already a bit damaged.
  • If you notice that the head of the sea dweller in black, it is best to leave it in the cooling tray store. This color means that the shrimps while still alive was sick.
  • Also doubts you should call and deployed in a straight line shrimp. If their tails are not preloaded so that the shrimp are almost collapsed in the circle, it means that they were already frozen not fresh.

That’s why seeing one of the above symptoms, it is better to buy for dinner some other treat. Because now you already know how to choose good shrimp.

Advice from not to be confused with black shrimp head and shrimp with brown.

Since the second option is a sign that shrimp is pregnant, and this makes it particularly useful for our health. Although many people have no special love for such shrimp as well. Wondering how to choose shrimps, draw more on their own tastes – which is more like you personally.

What should I watch for when selecting shrimp?

Shrimp by nature are absolutely not bright and not orange. Their natural color is dull gray with a slight pinkish tinge. We we see daily packaging with bright pink or even orange seafood.

It is all a Ruse manufacturers. They tint the product to make it delicious and, accordingly, to sell quickly.

Also avoid shrimp, frozen method of glazing. If the shrimp is hidden under three layers of ice, this does not mean its bad quality. But that means you pay more for the ice than for the product, when defrosting do not receive the expected number of shrimp. How to choose frozen shrimp? The best option is to buy shrimp, dry-frozen.

What to look for when choosing shrimp?

  • When buying shrimp, it is useful to understand from which country was brought to us this product. Cold blooded shrimp come, as a rule, from such European countries as Denmark, Lithuania, Estonia and Norway. King and tiger prawns imported from Asia — China, Thailand, Vietnam and others. Of course, it is better to give preference to European shrimp, as they will almost certainly have passed quality control. You can not say about Asian. So buy shrimp of European origin.
  • The shrimps can be sold in the shell, and without it. If you need the shrimp to then use them in cooking, then clearly there is no point in wasting time to clear them from the shells. But you have to remember that the taste of untreated shrimp — more intense.
  • Choosing between Packed and bulk prawns, prefer the first option. So you in any case will remain on hand information about the product manufacturer. You must choose shrimp trusted manufacturer.

Now you know how to choose shrimps. And I understand that enough to give quite a bit of time choosing the shrimp, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the result.

Correctly chosen and well cooked shrimp will invariably delight you with amazing aroma and rich sweet-salty taste.

Serve the shrimp in garlic sauce or just a sprinkle of lemon. They will be combined wonderfully with many dishes on your table and will bring you lots of pleasure in themselves.

The website wishing you an easy choice and Bon appetit!

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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