How to choose sports clothing: suits, swimwear, underwear for sports

Sportswear is the part of the wardrobe which is least subject to the vagaries of fashion. Principal of clothes for each sport have already been developed – is that change colours and materials. How to choose sports clothing not to get lost in the assortment of specialty shops – read tips for women website ““!

Sports clothing: General requirements

Whatever you sport may be doing, there are a number of General requirements that must be met clothing:

  • The ability to quickly evaporate the moisture. Sweat should not accumulate under the fabric, so the material must be sufficiently hygroscopic. Ideal – natural fabrics. But not all types of sportswear can be 100% natural – the manufacturers often just sewn the insertion of hygroscopic materials in the “risk zones”.
  • Moisture should not be noticeable. You don’t want to go with dark spots in the armpits, barely breaking a sweat? When choosing sports clothes run the same test – hold for a few seconds water-dampened sponge or cloth to the shirt – you will immediately see how changing the fabric color in this space and how quickly the stain will disappear.
  • The lack of solid elements (buckles, brooches, crashing into the leather drawstrings, etc.). When moving such items can simply break away, and at worst, to hurt the one wearing the clothes or partner (in contact sports).
  • The reliability and quality. Choosing clothes for sports, look at the quality of welds, material strength tensile, elasticity, etc.


Remember school lessons of physical education. Chilly morning in late September, the first lesson in the school yard. And we rank even sleepy high school students, dressed in this wonder of textile industry (sports suit) regardless of gender and physique. Why then, boyish and girly tracksuit did not go to anyone – they have saggy knees, but a special style of jacket provide the illusion of a running scoliosis.

Since then I have instinctively disliked traditional sport suits, the wearing of which is demanded from us by the teacher – these same pants with the “knees” and the jacket on “lightning”. And then I started to watch sports channels and came to a surprising discovery – there is not a single sport that are engaged directly in this costume! Jackets with logos of the teams wear before and after the speech (match, race, jump etc.), they give interviews, watched from the bench over the course of events…

Therefore, what we are accustomed to understand under the phrase “sports suit” for Amateur sports you may not be necessary. Except for Jogging in the Park.

But you should choose such outfits for the sportin which you can really train:

  • Sweat pants and t-shirt/tank top for running, fitness and sports outdoors.
  • Knit shorts and tank top (shirt, top) class at the gym, aerobics, tennis, badminton, etc.
  • Tights (leggings) and a t-shirt (top) is clothing for those sports that are associated with stretching of the muscle – gymnastics, aerobics, yoga etc. If on top of leggings to wear a skirt, this costume is perfect to dance (ballroom dance skirt need a long, Latin – short, and to the East you can do a belt with tinkling “coins” or tied to the hips with a handkerchief).

Sports swimwear

Women’s website “” already wrote on how to find a swimsuit on the figure. But when we are talking about how to choose a swimsuit for sports, then the requirements for it are exhibited completely different!

Sometimes two kinds of swimsuits: swimming and gymnastics. In both cases, the closed bathing suits (one-piece).

In the gymnastic swimsuits do not only gymnastics, but also many kinds of dance as well as yoga, Pilates and other sports where maximum flexibility of the body. Sometimes they wear combined with leggings, gaiters, shorts-“velosipedni”, skirts of various designs.

Swimwear for lessons in the pool may vary in design depending on the particular sport (e.g. swimming, synchronised swimming or swimming). But for fans, these features are insignificant. The main difference sports swimsuit from the beach – the absence of strings, strap, locks, etc., which cut into the skin when moving, and at times, threatening to come loose at the time of the establishment of a record!

Underwear for sports

In addition to choosing clothes for sport is very important for the selection of underwear. It must be sufficiently flexible and soft so as not to disturb the movement, but at the same time – supporting and, if necessary, tighten.

Wearing under sports clothing is best to choose either classic cut “Tanga”, or (if not too wide hips) – shorts-panties. At least they should cover the buttocks at least half (or more) – otherwise it will be uncomfortable. Thongs will not work!

The main function of a sports bra – support the breast with active movement. But, since the standard “bones” will interfere with or even compress the breast, bras for sports usually do in the form of top of a dense, but flexible tissue. If the size of your bust is greater than 3, then choose a sports bra with sewn in foam “cups”.

Clothing for winter sports

Winter sports are those that you can do on synthetic ice all year round (e.g., skating), and requiring the most of this winter (skiing, snowboarding, etc.).

Ice skating on a private rink in sweat pants and a warm sweater or turtleneck. Don’t forget about a warm (wool or mohair) socks – used skates (especially rented) can RUB his feet! But outerwear will not need the temperature in these areas rarely fall below -2-3 degrees, and the motion in the jacket will be hot and uncomfortable.

For “street” (or rather, “mountain” or “forest”) is a winter sport outerwear, of course, necessary. A generic version of the jacket-the jacket length is below the hips. Choosing the top clothes for sports, look at its design is very useful if the trigger has detachable parts — insulated lining, hood or collar.

Pants for winter sports often are made of the same material as the jacket. They are warm, comfortable, have water repellency, but if the fabric is “top” of poor quality, then prepare to darn the holes after each drop.

Comfortable and nice looking sports wear may become an additional motivation for regular exercise, so don’t be stingy and buy a set of clothes for your favorite sport – then you will want to find a reason to flaunt them!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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