How to choose sunscreen for children?

In summer, a doting mother trying to use every opportunity that the kids walked in the sun. Therefore, in this period each parent cosmetics sunscreen for children selects more thoroughly than any other means to care for baby skin.

Women’s website “” I decided today to create a virtual mini-Cabinet to advise on the selection and use of children’s cosmetics for the summer.

The prudent mothers for this reason you may receive a few questions.

Than sunscreens for children are different from cosmetics for adults?

The natural barrier of the skin protects it from sunburn no more than 10 minutes in direct light. If the baby will soak up the sun without using UV filters, it will surely get burned.

For reliable protection of baby skin dermatologists recommend to choose funds with a increased SPF from 15 to 30. But adults sunscreen can have and lower the indicators, especially for owners of dark skin.

In cosmetics for adults very often contain chemicals, especially in low-cost funds with a high SPF factor, while any sunscreen for children should be hypoallergenic.

On sale you can often find protection from the sun’s rays marked “family”. Such creams are allowed to use the child aged 3 years, if the detergent indicates that it is suitable for sensitive skin.

How to choose sunscreen cosmetics for children?

The cosmetics of this kind is huge. Not to be mistaken with the purchase, should adhere to the following criteria:

  • In addition to UVB filter which protects the skin from sun rays type b children’s means must also contain a UVA filter, protecting from the rays of type A.
  • Sunscreen should be appropriate to the age of the baby. For a newborn you need to buy the tool, the packaging of which is marked “suitable for newborn skin”, “0+”, “birth”. Cream marked “children” allowed for children from 3 years.
  • Sunscreens for small children are available in different forms. To choose a particular form of release of funds should be based on the skin type of the baby. Children with dry, prone to peeling skin, is more appropriate cream. If the baby skin is not dry and sensitivity can be purchase a tool in any form. The website advises moms moveable fidgets to buy sprays that are easiest to apply to the skin of the child. More diligent kids suitable sunscreen in the form of mousse, gel, milk or foam – they usually are slightly cheaper sprays. To protect the sensitive skin on baby face it is best to purchase a stick or lipstick.
  • Of course, it is necessary to pay attention to the sunscreen cream or gel for children. Such remedies shall not contain added fragrance and alcohol – substances that can irritate baby’s skin.
  • Regarding the choice of brands of sunscreen, many mothers prefer to trust the proven manufacturers.

    The best sunscreens for kids: what’s more likely to choose?

    Mother of our country often choose several major brands.

    • Lotion Mustela Bébé sunscreen SPF 50 applies to pharmaceutical products, manufactured by the French cosmetics company and considered one of the best lotions. This sun lotion for children up to one year. Its main advantages include the naturalness, hypoallergenic, contains no perfume and alcohol, good water resistance and efficiency of protection from sunlight types A and B. the disadvantages funds can be attributed to the price – about $ 20. However, this disadvantage kompensiruet efficiency of the lotion and high quality.
    • Cream French production Alphanova Bébé – sunscreen for children up to years with a high degree of UVA and UVB rays. The product has a natural composition, light, non greasy texture, does not contain parabens, fragrances and other allergens. Cream can be safely used by children who are prone to allergies, which is why many mothers consider it the best, despite its high price – 1500 rubles.
    • Sun milk for babies and children La Roche-Posay has a high level of protection PPD39 and SPF50. The tool can be used for infants from six months. Does not contain perfumes and allergens. Comes in a convenient jar with dispenser. The cream consists mainly of synthetic filters that makes many moms to treat this tool with caution. The cost of the bottle is about 1200 rubles.
    • Sunscreen spray for children Avene SPF 50 is also created in France. This tool with a light texture contains natural screen that protects baby’s skin from the rays of type V. Suitable for newborn babies. Unfortunately, protection from the rays of the second type on the packaging has no information. So the cream, despite its natural composition, cannot be called the best among similar funds. However, many moms this spray is really like and they have no regrets pay a considerable sum of money – 1300 rubles.
    • Sunscreen Biolane SPF 50 mineral can be used from the first days of a child’s life. This tool contains the filters from the rays of type A and B. Based on mineral filters. The cream is not cheap – about 1800 rubles, and to find it in our pharmacies is not easy, but those who can afford it, buy the cream without hesitation.
    • Lotion Nivea Sun Kids for children SPF 50. This German brand has centuries of credibility among consumers of cosmetics in the world. The lotion contains mineral filters UVA and UVB rays. Has a light pleasant smell, is characterized by high resistance, effectively protects baby’s skin from sunburn. The disadvantages of lotion users will take its sticky texture, which complicated the process of its application. Is the bottle means about 500 rubles.
    • Sunscreen the SPF 40 for kids also have great respect for modern parents. The product contains both organic and chemical filters that protect the skin of babies from exposure to rays of types A and B. the Cream has a thick texture but easy to apply. As practice shows, the allergic reaction to it does not happen. The disadvantages funds can be attributed to the lack nor its packaging information on the age of children who can apply the cream, and the presence of chemical components in the composition. Most likely, this sunscreen for children under one year is not suitable.

    A huge plus of this cream is its democratic price – about 200 rubles.

    How to use baby sunscreen?

    Even the best sunscreen for children will not perform its functions if used incorrectly.

  • Apply sunscreen before leaving the house, because they all, with rare exceptions, take effect in half an hour after use.
  • It is impossible to think that applying sunscreen helps prevent sunburn throughout the day. The layer of cream should be upgraded approximately every 2 hours. Apply the cream on the skin should also again each time after bathing, despite the fact that most of these funds are considered to be water resistant.
  • Mothers should remember that babies under direct sunlight can’t be even when you use high-quality means of protection from the sun. Their skin contains a lot of water, is not able to produce melanin, so the little one can not only get sunburn, overheat, and as a result become seriously ill.
  • Well, another should be taken into consideration that for a casual walk around the city you can use creams, gels and other sunscreen for kids with SPF 15-20. For a beach holiday in the resort need more powerful tools with an index of not less than SPF 30.

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