How to choose surname?

Alas, not every woman is able to self carry and give birth to the baby. Women’s website “” will tell about modern alternative is surrogacy.

We already wrote about its features in the article the Problems of surrogate motherhood. Here we will show you how to choose surgamu where to look and how not to fall for the tricks of swindlers.

Where to find a surrogate mother?

Usually, the future candidate must meet a huge demand, and for good reason. But besides the fact that it must be healthy, a woman needs to be credible. There are several ways to find a surrogate mother:

  • Among the familiar. It is the most viable option. There are cases when a child is nurtured girlfriends, sisters, mothers. First, you can be sure that your loved one will not deceive, will close and most likely will not charge you for money for childbearing. You will have to pay only the costs associated with the examinations and childbirth. Of the disadvantages of this method is the possible inappropriate behavior after the baby is born. For example, the surrogate mother may overestimate their future role in the life of a child in the future to mislead him stories about his birth. Because this man is not going anywhere from your life, then it may be psychological attachment to the baby that is fraught with psychological disorders.
  • On the Internet. Want to save money this method will like it, but we decided to add a fly, telling you of possible fraud with the pregnancy. But talk about that a little later. The main problem of such way of finding a surrogate mother for the birth of a child is that you know nothing about the woman, and the payment she wishes to receive in the first stages of your acquaintance. She needs funds to come to you, for example, or to undergo an examination to prove that she is healthy. Do not be gullible!
  • Intermediaries. Find an honest broker even more difficult than choosing a surrogate mother via the Internet. The risk of running into scams is very large and guarantees these entrepreneurs do not give. You might think that such cooperation will facilitate the search, but it usually only leads to losses.
  • Legal company. When you need a surrogate mother, biological parents are looking for health centers for IVF, hoping that there they will recommend a suitable candidate for the role of a surrogate mother. But the legal side of the question is as important as medical. Moreover, these firms are highly specialized. The contract included all the nuances down to the place of residence mommy for 9 months. If there are controversial issues, to solve them you will be with the company, not surmame, which is very convenient.
  • How to find a surrogate mother for the birth of the child and not to fall for scams?

    There are malefactors who profit from the future parents. Not to be trapped before to find a surrogate mother for the birth of the child, suggest to get acquainted with the most likely scenarios of cheating, compiled by the feedback of applicants.

    • Irina we found on the Internet. Talked on Skype, she said she was ready to pass the examination and to come to us, but it would require 15 thousand. We understood the risk but decided to go for it. The day before arrival she wrote on Skype that he was sick, asked to postpone the meeting for a week, and then just disappeared, removing Skype. Eugene and Ivan.
    • Met Cindy at the medical center, talked with her about what I’m trying to find surname without a mediator, she said she just wanted to be surmame, arrived in Moscow to do. Complained that the people who caused it, changed her mind, and she now has nowhere to go. I brought her into the house. She lived with us for about 2-weeks for free. And one day came home and said she found a boyfriend and decided not to be a mother. Lisa.
    • Paid survey is one such lady. It turned out that she was sick, she needed a full body scan, and it is expensive. When I saw her whole “bouquet”, was in shock. Of course, no refund and surrogacy were not discussed. Pauline.
    • To find a surrogate mother in Russia, has applied to the Internet. Removed for Olesya apartment, once visited there, and saw bottles of alcohol. She tried to get away, that this friend came, and she didn’t. Asked her to move in with us, at least before you get pregnant, she refused flatly. Decided not to risk it and refused her services. I think she just needed someone to pay her rent. Natalia.
    • Became friends with Irene and her husband quickly. They lived in our city, so to pay for housing was not necessary. Through to birth everything was fine, we paid and surrogate motherhood, and childbirth, and surveys. But the test showed that the baby is not ours. Mother was Irina herself, and the father of her husband. They just had a baby at our expense. Olga.
    • Tanya was from the provinces. Came to us, passed the examination, did IVF. The test showed that she was pregnant. And after that informed about the disease grandmother and urgent departure home. A month later, said that the doctors won’t let her fly, we decided to visit her. And in the day of our arrival, she reported that she had a miscarriage. We parted the young lady. Vasilisa.

    Choose surmame and law firm tell me how to select a law firm that is committed to use the services of surrogate mothers and to enter into a formal contract.

    Shouldn’t be bright advertising. Trust cause only those organizations that are several years old. Don’t be afraid to ask for the registration documents of the legal entity.

    Must meet with the Director of the organization. If you stubbornly refuse because of his employment, look for another firm. You have the right to know to whom to give their money.

    A good sign when a Director works in the company, not come there only for the sake of meeting with you.

    Read reviews about the company, if possible, talk to people who went through this procedure that they have.

    While in the office, pay attention to its equipment, number of employees and their behavior. One-day firms do not “settle” their workplace, there is only the office equipment, which will help to create visibility of their work.

    Low office cheap computers and furniture, is practically absent brochures and posters should alert you.

    Your questions should be answered calmly and fully. Prevarication, irritation, the translation of the theme is unacceptable. You pay a lot of money and have a right to know about all the nuances.

    But excessive flattery and diligence to serve also alarming. If I offer to do the “quick” or allude to the fact that the procedure can be spent “agreeing with the right people”, don’t settle.

    Qualified specialists are once again reinsured, before to start searching for the surrogate mothers, the most suitable for you. And this takes time.

    Be careful what is written in the contract, and that is not there. The more guarantees to you, the better. But the contract is obliged to protect law and mom. Conditions must be real.

    Conceiving the first time to ensure not nobody. The presence of such a clause means only one thing – the presence of pitfalls, because of which you may lose your money. If in doubt about any of the conditions, it is better to consult an independent lawyer.

    Should be a material warranty. If the surrogate mother refuses to give the child, if she fails to get pregnant if she gets pregnant and disappears – all this is reflected in the contract.

    Serious companies that help those who need a surrogate mother, can afford to offer credit.

    Payments made to the Bank account. If you offer payment in cash or for payment through the Bank you see that the recipient is not the company that provides you with the services, immediately leave.

    The company cannot insist on choosing a clinic. It is entirely your decision. The prescription of this clause in the contract means that the hospital company’s agreement.

    Don’t let the pressure

    Since the examination before IVF and ending with the transfer of surmamy you child, you have a right to know where the surrogate mother. If this information is not present, it does not communicate or does not attempt to meet, it’s a red flag.

    If you do not know how to find a surrogate mother forum where women discuss their problems and together search for answers will become a good help. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to learn more about the service, weigh the pros and cons.

    But remember what you have read on the forum – this is just food for thought, the final decision should be taken judiciously.

    Author – Lydia Karant, site

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