How to choose the best air purifier: reviews

To bring linen “to the condition”, that is, to a comfortable, comfortable state, today with the air conditioning which is also referred to as conditioner or antistatic for clothes. Justified its use in everyday life?

Let us today on the website “” we will understand what tasks performs the softener, and also refer to the collective mind and will listen, it refers people to this means of household chemical as a softener – reviews, examine and determine the softener is better?

What is included in the composition of the softener and why you need it?

In one of the reviews about the fabric softener, we met the phrase: “I don’t understand the difference between conditioner and rinse…”.

Do you understand? If not, then we can help, air conditioning, and rinse is the same.

The latter name more accurately refers to the time use this tool — they rinsed linen added during the last rinse. That is, after the application of linen in clean water rinse.

Many consumers believe that air conditioning is not the right tool, without which you can do. The website will give their own definition, calling air conditioning additional tool that will help to make Laundry a more high-quality, linen is a softer, color more persistent, and smell pleasant.

To understand what substances make the clothes after washing so, let us briefly consider the characteristics of the composition of the softener.


Most “soap-rylnye” household, be it the best baby safe fabric softener, detergent, hair shampoo, most toothpastes include surfactants, which are indicated by three letters – PAV. Those that are part of the conditioning, and cation, they create a fabric of a thin film, causing the effect of slip and protection. This achieves a number of functions:

  • First, the softened tissue. This is especially noticeable on bath stuff (towels and bath robes), clothing, wool products.
  • Secondly, to create antistatic effect (things are not electrified, “don’t shoot”). This is very important, especially when you consider that it is now often used synthetic compositions.
  • Thirdly, things that are processed by conditioning, iron easier, smell good and stay clean for longer — that is, there is a dirt-repellent effect.
  • Well, as promised by the manufacturers, the use of fabric softener increases wear resistance of things and helps them to keep shape.


If a surfactant is the main active ingredient, the silicone can be seen in every air-conditioner. What is his task?

Silicone also softens the fabric, but also perform other functions depending on what specifically air conditioning:

  • So, for Terry products, children’s items developed a special formula that makes fabrics water-absorbing (hydrophilic), soft and fluffy.
  • In other cases, with silicone on the fabric forms a water-repellent and dirt repellent film.
  • In addition, the silicone reduces the formation of pellets, helps preserve the brightness of the fabrics.

Additional substances

Also, the air conditioner includes special substances that facilitates Ironing, provides antistatic effect and gives the Laundry a pleasant fragrance. The characteristics of these components, we will not stop in detail, as are additional functions which under the force only air conditioner.

Safe fabric softener?

No one will deny the fact that the surfactant is a dangerous substance. But! They are dangerous in 100% concentration.

For the production of air conditioners is taken to be the safe concentration of these substances. The same applies to child softener.

Given the fact that for the production of household chemical goods (powders, air conditioners) need a special permit, they can be considered safe for the health of children not prone to allergies, the amount of chemicals taken in a strictly defined concentration that does not exceed the boundary standards.

The debate about whether you need air conditioning, especially for children’s things, never subsides. There will always be those who are “against” and who is “for”.

Use the conditioner for baby clothes or not, is decided by the parents themselves. Our task, studying reviews, and studies by independent experts, to determine which detergents are the best and are most popular among consumers.

What to look for when choosing?

Quality conditioners can even be called useful for the Laundry:

  • Cationic surfactants neutralize and break down those dangerous to the health of the surfactant contained in the washing powder they wash them with fabrics rinse.
  • Choosing a softener, pay attention to the percentage of surfactant. There should be at least 5%.
  • When you purchase shake well the container of conditioner. If a lot of foam is bad, ideally it should not be at all. Choose a conditioner with no more than 5 components, and better if their will be 3:
  • Surfactants
  • Silicone
  • Natural perfume for the smell, not strong smelling.
  • In the composition of the softener is undesirable to detect these substances:

    • Chloroform. It can cause allergies.
    • Benzyl acetate. It is used as a solvent for resins and lacquers.
    • Terpineol. It is added to the air was more dense and had a strong floral smell.

    Independent expert opinion: best fabric softener

    On the Russian market range of air conditioners is huge. In the laboratory of personal hygiene, which is located at the research center of household chemicals, tested the most popular conditioners. We assessed the following parameters: softness fabric, easy iron, antistatic effect. Also considered the efficiency of use is an important criterion for those who are looking for what the softener better.

    We won’t talk about how tested rinses, and will acquaint you with the insights provided by the experts:

    • All air conditioners tested and tested 10 popular brands, showed high efficiency and coped with all the tasks that need to run the softener (reviews on the specific brands you will find below).
    • Since the effectiveness of the funds was high in all grades, laboratory experts has made its choice, taking into consideration efficiency of use – how much does using the air conditioner for 1 wash? The leaders were Polish softener “E” and the Russian “Vernel” — these softener dryer best reviews about them that we met, confirm this.

    Tips for those looking for some air conditioning best by smell, the following:

    • Help – neutral scent, that is ideal for those who don’t like linen after washing, had a peculiar flavor.
    • Frosch – the smell resembles the scent of male perfume.
    • Lenor – very strong pungent smell.
    • E – in the same way as Lenore, perfect for fans of floral scents and citrus.
    • Eared nannies – gentle pleasant scent without a strong fragrance.

    User reviews of the conditioners

    Basically, all the conditioners meet positive reviews. Disputes are conducted only about the smell, but as they say, on taste and color…

    These are the reviews about cleaning it seemed to us the most “eloquent”:

    • I use baby fabric softener “Eared nannies.” Buy the big bottle of 1.2 liters. Linen is soft, gentle. Although it is designed for baby clothes, I add in any Laundry. Kate
    • I in full delight from Lenore (for kids) is the good and safe fabric softener, reviews of my friends confirm this. Light
    • I use Vernel. Much better than Lenore. Linen beautifully ironed and very soft. Olga
    • And I have to use conditioner Vernel, only when washing synthetic products. So they don’t become magnetized. Galina
    • I use the conditioner: after washing is over, I pour conditioner into the compartment for powder and put “rinse.” Much better effect, especially noticeable on towels. Natalia
    • I used Vernel, Dosa, Frosch, but stopped at Lenore. The best softener for our water. Be sure to stick to dosage. If for the price will have little effect is not the same, but if his much – too bad. Svetlana Pavlovna
    • I like E blue. Great smell, not bothersome, like Lenora. Julia
    • Long studied the reviews on the conditioner for baby clothes and stopped for Eared nanny. Suitable for all parameters. Chose the aloe Vera, but they have 2 flavors. For those who say that it is dangerous to health, I will answer as linen is in contact with the skin, and the skin is a reliable protective barrier, so I’m not afraid to use it for baby wash. Mommy 2D

    Prescription safe softener

    And finally, for those who are still afraid to use even the best softener, offers cook-it-yourself mouthwash at home. Make it very simple, and the reviews about it there are only positive.

    So, we will need baking soda, vinegar (9%) and water and plastic container.

  • 1 Cup of baking soda quickly mix with 0.5 liters of boiling water. Wait until soda is dissolved.
  • To the mixture add a Cup of vinegar. Everything starts to bubble and rise. Therefore, for the preparation of the air conditioner in the home, choose high plastic container. It should be noted that as a result of chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar produces carbon dioxide, which softens the fabric fibers, so the baking soda to a home air conditioner is not dangerous to tissue, and the vinegar helps keep the color bright.
  • If you want your air was fragrant, add in the last stage of cooking a few drops of essential oils. Well cope with this task oils of citrus and lavender. If you don’t like fragrant conditioners, adding oil is not necessary. Despite the fact that there is in the vinegar, repulsive smell from underwear will not.
  • The mixture turns a nice white color. Home air conditioner are stored in plastic containers (you can use a bottle of the purchase of the air conditioner where there is a measuring Cup), add the softener at the last rinse. Suffice it to 50-60 ml for a full load of machine 5 kg Before use, the bottle is shaken. Use your health!
  • Now you know everything you need about the best conditioners and can make the right choice.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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