How to choose the best coffee grinder?

More Honore de Balzac called coffee ally, “which writing ceases to be flour”. Not even a drop of doubt that great classic knew that the invigorating coffee you can get from just-ground beans.

The website “” dare to assume that the writer in those days was the best manual coffee grinder.

Today every fan of strong flavored drink has the ability to buy a good grinder is not only manual but also electric to treat yourself to real coffee. Today we’ll take a quick glance and tell you how to choose a coffee grinder for the home, what to look for when purchasing this appliance.

What are grinders?

It tells the story before all of the grinders was not. Grains were soaked or just pour boiling water over.

The first way to grind grain for coffee, came up with the nomadic Arabs. Although they are quite satisfied with coarse grinding of grains with a conventional mortar, the true connoisseurs of the taste of the coffee you know that for the preparation of different types of it required a different grind.

So, in order to brew coffee in Turku, you need to grind the grains almost in powder, but the coffee in the French press is suitable for the coarse fraction — the size of the particles, which becomes coffee beans after grinding.

What grinder to choose – rotary millstone or take the most simple – hand? It will all depend on what kind of coffee you like.

  • So, good manual coffee grinder will grind grain and coffee in a French press is a special teapot with the press, which we’ve talked previously on the website Grains are crushed between the disks, which are driven using a knob. Particles after grinding in a coffee grinder differs in size – they have a volatile fraction. So for coffee in the East this grinding method is not suitable.
  • Rotary (knife) grinder is excellent for grinding coffee beans for coffee in the Turk. Crushed coffee beans with blades that are built into the grinder housing and rotate with tremendous speed. Simply put, grains are cut very sharp blades, turning into a mass, like powder or flour.
  • Zhernovaya grinder is the most advanced household appliance of this group. Grains are ground between the millstones (disks), as in a manual car, but it does not need to stand and grind all will make an arrangement after the pressing of a button. Fractions obtained of uniform size — one enters the wonderful coffee, which you can cook in the coffee maker and the French press.

Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of each type to decide which is better to buy the grinder.

Manual coffee grinder

All types of grinders differ from one another not only grinding grain, but the drive with which they operate. Naturally, elektrokofemolke will cost more than manual. What is the most simple hand grinder and how to choose?

A history of manual grinder of the type are from the 15th century, when there was a tradition to prepare coffee is for which we need a very fine grind of bean.

The most popular coffee grinder manual type is a square box, on top of which is attached to the handle. It can also be a fine grinder.

In the box (compartment) filled grains that are ground with the friction discs, hidden inside. The distance between millstone drives adjustable – they can bring each other to prepare a very fine grind, and push, then coffee will not crushed so finely.

Disks can be made of ceramic and metal. For those interested in the best coffee grinder, manual type, you should pay attention to models with ceramic discs. They better retain the taste of coffee, whereas metal is more durable, but can leave an undesirable taste.

Disadvantages of manual coffee grinders of the type:

  • It is not quite convenient to operate – we have one hand to hold the body, the other to turn the handle.
  • If you need to prepare fine-ground coffee, the distance between the discs is reduced and the grinder is hard to scroll – it goes on the surface, the hand gets tired.
  • Quickly grind coffee with manual coffee grinder does not work, so the drink quickly coffee in the morning before work this option not suitable – after all, to grind the beans for coffee in the rules immediately before cooking.

Proven hand grinder Gipfel KS 833 BP and Peterhof PH-12721.

Coffee Grinder Peterhof

Rotary electric grinder: how to choose

The majority in the house, you can meet this kind of coffee grinders, although the true coffee experts consider grinding method in a rotary coffee grinder mockery. As we said above, the granules are filled into the casing and are crushed with sharp blades that resemble a propeller – they spin with great speed and crushed grain.

This option is great for those looking for how to choose an electric coffee grinder for the house, to cook coffee in the Turk. Choosing a coffee grinder of this type, the purchaser should consider the following nuances:

  • The capacity of the device. The duration of operation of the grinder depends on the size of ground particles. That is, if you want to get a very fine grind, you just need longer run the car. If you need a coarser grind – it must be stopped before then, or grind grains in the dust – in the truest sense of the word. The average power is 180 W, the grinder is more powerful – 270 W, and there are more slow to 100 watts. They all cope with the task, just for a less powerful grinder of time it will take a little more, and the grinding power is not particularly affected. No, the reviews say that the powerful rotary grinder sometimes very milled grains, podplyvaya them, which gives the coffee bitterness.
  • The capacity of the container. Of course, if you drink coffee alone or a small company, there is no need to take a big grinder rotary type. Store ground coffee still, that to buy in the package. So for home use is quite suitable option where the capacity of 40 g (average 6 cups of coffee). There are grinders with a capacity of 120 g (hence, on 18 cups of coffee).
  • You should also pay attention to the material of the housing of the grinder. It can be plastic or metal. Naturally, the latter will last longer.
  • Most modern rotary grinders are equipped with additional functions such as dual blades for better grinding, tilt the bottom of the bowl, pulsing the rotation system. As they say, the reviews about good coffee grinders, rotary-type, grinding type, these functions significant influence, but at the price – Yes. So choose a rotary grinder without extra features. Importantly, the capacity was about 180 W bowl capacity up to 40 grams, the case of steel, and the knives are metal – that’s the most important criteria.

Also strongly recommends to not use the grinder for grinding spices, powdered sugar and other “not coffee” products. It is noticed that the smell of these products is firmly retained in the housing and passed on coffee.

Good reviews you will find about rotary grinder BOSCH MKM-6000, A 591 Moulinex, Tefal GT-30083 E, BOSCH MKM 6003.

Grinder Bosch

Zhernovaya electric grinder

Unlike rotary, and similarity with the manual in that the grains are crushed, falling under the pressure and friction discs. They can be conical spinning slower but last longer, or a cylindrical spinning faster but the service life is less. The distance between the disks, where coffee is governed. Best zhernovaya grinder can be called the best solution for those looking for this device for the house:

  • A distinctive feature of the millstone coffee grinders is the evenness of the grind. Ground coffee prepared in the millstone coffee grinder, suitable for making different types of coffee: espresso, cappuccino, mocha – for which the average degree of grinding; coffee is very finely ground; coffee in a “French press” — coarse grinding. That is, having at home a good zhernovaya grinder, you can prepare different types of coffee.
  • Conveniently, all models are equipped with millstone grinders program, which allows you to choose the degree of grinding coffee. It may be a touch panel or dialog box.
  • If you purchase to consider the material from which made the disks themselves, it is better to choose a ceramic (more expensive), not steel. Ceramic gentle with the grains retain their taste.
  • If a rotary grinder uses one container, which filled the grain and where to get them, in the millstone grinders in one capacity grain poured, from another get ground coffee.
  • To all this, the grinder chooses how much to take beans for making a specific number of servings. It is very convenient as possible in front of the tank to fill all the grain, and not to fill up each time before cooking.
  • Buying zhernovaya grinder, be sure to pay attention to the density of the closed storage container of beans.

Good reviews can be found about such a millstone grinder: DeLonghi KG 79 and DeLonghi KG 89, DEX 12 DCGM.

Coffee Grinder DeLonghi

Don’t forget that it is important not only to know what is better to choose a coffee grinder, but to have a quality coffee bean and be able to prepare this drink. And then, as he said again, a true connoisseur of coffee, honoré de Balzac: “After a Cup of coffee thoughts begin to crowd as the battalions on the battlefield”.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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