How to choose the best humidifier?

Dry air is one of the main reasons many colds. Therefore, such household appliance as humidifier, choose which can help today women’s site “” must be in the house, especially where there is a small child.

Why is it important to humidify the air in the room?

In the nose of the child on a daily basis gets a lot of germs. If the nasal mucosa sufficiently hydrated, the harmful microorganisms are killed, if the nose is dry, the microbes multiply and make our way further into the respiratory tract — hence the many diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

According to Dr. E. Komarovsky, the child will not be afraid of colds under the following conditions:

  • clean the air in the room (common ventilation);
  • the optimum temperature 18 – 22 degrees;
  • humidity – 60%.

Therefore, in addition to the thermometer on the wall in the nursery must be in possession of a device that will make the air moist air humidifier, a device that will monitor the condition of humidity – hygrometer.

There are a few ways that help to humidify the air in the room:

  • Next to an electric heater you can put a container of water;
  • Sometimes the batteries are placed wet towels;
  • Some rooms have aquariums or decorative fountains;
  • And someone conducts a wet cleaning several times a day.

All these methods help to humidify the air in the room, but it is best copes with this task specifically created for this purpose humidifier. It helps to raise the humidity in the room to the desired level – 50 – 70 %.

How to choose a humidifier, talk to you later in the article.

The types of humidifiers

There are several types of this appliance:

  • The first humidifiers – traditional (porous): the fan is run through a cartridge air, which is saturated with water.
  • Nozzle: the air is sprayed in different directions through the holes of a nozzle.
  • Steam humidifiers: air is humidified with steam.
  • Ultrasonic: ultrafine droplets of water are formed using ultrasonic vibrations and into the air, increasing humidity.
  • The first two types of humidifiers have a number of shortcomings: the hydration is uneven throughout the area, and droplets of water are deposited on furniture and household appliances, creating a white bloom, and the air can become very humid, which is not good for health and can cause bronchitis.

    So we we will not dwell on the characteristics of the injector and porous instruments, and will talk about what humidifiers are the best. We will focus on the most popular at home – steam and ultrasonic devices.

    We will understand how to select ultrasonic and steam humidifier – most effective device to increase humidity.

    In addition, you need to be sure to search for reviews about the best humidifier for the room to determine the choice of a particular model, it is important to know some of the technical characteristics.

    The main parameters

    When choosing a device, be guided by the following indicators.

    The area that is able to humidify the instrument

    Better to give preference to this, which covers 40 square meters, and put it in a small children’s bedroom than to buy a humidifier on a smaller area and put in a big room. Therefore, guided by the average is 40 squares.

    However, note that in many of the reviews on the best humidifiers users mention that the technical data indicated a large area it is able to humidify the instrument.

    Here’s how to talk about it in the review:

    We have in the nursery humidifier is a brand of Orion in the form of a tiger. It is designed for 20 square meters, but really hydrates up to 15 – 16 squares. Overall, the device is very good, but there is a small flaw – slightly flowing water (up to 20 ml per day). Christina

    By the way, for children’s rooms humidifiers are available in the form of animals or fruits that work well in the interior of the nursery.

    Our humidifier WILD WIND WWQL-UH-300-crocodil in the form of a crocodile copes with its functions, but it is only for a small child’s room, and besides, it’s a little inconvenient to add water, you have to disassemble completely. But I’m basically happy. Nellie M.

    Auto power off

    It is desirable that the device was equipped with a failsafe that would trigger when the water tank ends or achieving the desired humidity level.

    • My humidifier Polaris PUH 4545 is a function of cutoff, which is very convenient. The humidifier is very convenient, the steam comes out is not hot, it’s safe. I’m happy with the purchase. Milf


    Some devices have a built-in hygrometer (humidistat function). But as the reviews say, for this feature when buying is not necessary to navigate. Typically, this device shows the percentage of moisture near the device, where the humidity due to the evaporated air will naturally be higher.

    It is better to buy a hygrometer separately and hang it away from the humidifier.

    A very good humidifier Electrolux EHU 3510D/3515D (is positive). The humidistat itself calculates how much moisture to the room. Also, this humidifier has several modes of operation and the function of heating the pair. For me an acceptable price and quality. Carisch

    The volume and power

    The volume of the container (tank) for water is also better to take a medium (3 – 5 liters). Too large or small volume are not welcome. For example, 6 liters of water in the tank plus the weight of the device make it virtually unaffordable, and small humidifiers will often have to add water.

    With the capacity of the device linked to the consumption of electricity and water consumption. All reviews of good moisturizers say that this appliance consumes very little power – not more than normal bulbs.

    Additional features

    Some steam humidifiers are equipped with an aromatherapy function. There is a special compartment, which is poured oil and the air is saturated with steam with the smell of oil that is good for colds. A kind of steam inhalation (also suggest all interested to read our article about inhalers -nebulizers — with their help, you will be able to regularly do yourself and your child inhalation, if the cold is still will come to you).

    Many moisturizers also perform the function of night light have soft light.

    Ultrasonic humidifier with ionization function

    If the ultrasonic humidifier is equipped with an additional function such as air ionization, it is very good. However, this humidifier will have a different name – cleaning the air.

    Suggest you read the reviews on the best humidifiers:

    • When I came for the humidifier, that was, in my opinion, invaluable advice from the consultant. It is strongly recommended to buy a humidifier with ionization – air washer. Price, of course, scared me. But perhaps this is one disadvantage. The rest of the sink wins in front of the humidifier. I have a sink “BONECO” Air-o-Swiss:
      • Pair in the air, so the coating on the furniture there;
      • In the air not hovering salts of calcium, magnesium.
      • Dust with which the room was always much, do not!!!
      • The humidity at the right level always.
      • By the way, I bought a hydrometer at the pet store for pennies.
      In General, those who are looking for how to choose the best humidifier – my advice is to look for ionization. Will not lose for sure. Katya.

    Indeed, humidifiers ionization have a lot of positive sides:

    • This device not only allows you to adjust the humidity in the room and cleanse the air of dust, particles, pet hair, fibers.
    • Dust in the room where the sink or air humidifier with ionization, in fact.
    • In addition, when the ionization in the air emitted negative air ions, which are deposited on the mucous membranes and moisturize it. The air is becoming identical of the sea.

    Positive reviews on the most popular models of humidifiers you’ll find on devices from these brands:

    • Vitek
    • Polaris
    • ORION
    • Electrolux
    • Supra
    • Boneco
    • Elite

    Negative reviews of humidifiers can be found not very often. Usually they relate to those who are hearing from consumers: Maxion CP-809, Tarrington House AH7000 Sakura SA-34, Zelmer 23Z030.

    Also readers of women’s website “” should remember that moisturizers not only effectively moisturize the mucous membranes and are an excellent prevention of various diseases, but care about hydration.

    Moreover, as noted by virtually all who have chosen the best humidifier, room flowers on the eyes transfigured and pleasing to the eye as exuberant flowering.

    Good buy!

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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