How to choose the best vacuum cleaner for the house?

Today women’s site “” will help readers to choose a vacuum cleaner, in fact, given the huge number of these appliances available in shops, it is difficult to come by – look at first.

To understand what the best vacuum cleaner for home need to know the following:

  • What type are they?
  • What area will you clean?
  • How often are you going to use it?

General criteria in the selection

To know how to choose vacuum cleaner for home, discuss the characteristics of important parameters:

  • The quality of dust filtration;
  • The power of operation, which depends on the quality of cleaning surface – simply put, like a vacuum cleaner pulls the dust;
  • Price;
  • The ease of use.
  • Focusing on these 4 criteria, as well as examine reviews about good vacuum cleaners for the home that you will find in the article, you can’t go wrong with the choice.

    Quality dust filtration

    We will not in this article to talk about robotic vacuum cleaners, as with this miracle of technology women’s website previously introduced its readers. Discuss the characteristics of the vacuum cleaners, which today are most in demand.

    The type of dust collection can be divided into the following types:

    • Vacuum cleaner with a bag;
    • Vacuum cleaner with a container;
    • Vacuum cleaner with aquafiltering;
    • Vacuum cleaners.

    Vacuum cleaner with bag

    Choosing what is best vacuum cleaner for home, we’ll start with the characteristics of traditional vacuum cleaner with a bag. The dust they collect in a dense fabric bag, which after a certain time should be removed, and that is the inconvenience of their use.

    Today, this model sold bags of heavy paper, which after filling with garbage, you just throw it away, but the cost of 5 of these bags will cost you the sum of 120 roubles.

    Also many say that while cleaning this vacuum cleaner smell dust in the air. So many people today are looking at how to choose a vacuum cleaner without a bag, i.e. with the container.

    Let’s see whether this will solve the problem with getting rid of dust?

    Vacuum cleaner with container

    Instead of a bag for gathering dust the vacuum cleaner has a plastic container. At first glance, it is much more convenient than a shake out cloth bag – dust exposure is minimal: getting into the container, the dust break into lumps and distributed throughout the walls of the container. The only thing that remains after cleaning — take and shake out the crumbs in the trash.

    But now attention! The container for dust collection equipped with a filter through which passes the dust. Manufacturers recommend to change it every six months, and its cost is equal to one third of cleaner!

    Think, is it profitable?

    • In the vacuum cleaner Vitek VT-1822 the dust collection container is used for 2 liters. The cleaner overheats quickly — 15 minutes on high power it just shuts down. In addition, the filter is quickly clogged. Wanted to replace, went to the center, the price is about 1000 rubles. Considering that the cleaner I bought for 3,000 rubles, what’s the benefit? Benjamin.

    Vacuum cleaners with aquafiltering

    The dust is collected in the container and is redirected to the internal container of water. Odour and flying dust at all – this is the main advantage of these models. The filter is well washed and cleaned, so buying new is not necessary. They are soft and absorb everything like a sponge. Again please note, despite the Aqua-filter (water filter), this vacuum cleaner is intended only for dry cleaning.

    Many positive reviews you’ll find on a vacuum cleaner Samsung SD 9420:

    • For those looking for a cleaner with Aqua-filter, be aware that after cleaning you must clean all filters and water tank. It is quite easy and convenient. Fine filter after 6 – 7 cleanups, and the rest after each. Hope.
    • Very powerful. Not stroking the carpet and pulls the dust. The downside, I think that it is not suitable for quick cleaning, a broom is easier to collect garbage. By the way, it is not much buzzing. Natasha.

    Also many praise the vacuum cleaner with Aqua-filter Kärcher DS 5600.

    • Very good pull all the trash, does not dry the air and moistens it. And adding essential oil into the water, you can refresh the whole apartment a pleasant aroma. Amin.

    Vacuum cleaners

    The dust cleaning cleaner is the same as the models for your home: getting into the vacuum cleaner, the dust break into lumps and moved in a container of water. The difference is that further a vacuum cleaner equipped with a system for wet cleaning. With it, you will not only clean the room, but also will wash the floors, clean the carpets and furniture with clean water or detergent.

    To choose the right vacuum cleaner of this type, you will feedback, which it is desirable to examine in detail before buying.

    Basically, all models of branded firms has justified the trust placed in them. One of the drawbacks that are found in all the reviews – dimensions.

    About this option will be discussed later in the article, but before that check out some reviews about which vacuum cleaner is best for home:

    • Vacuum cleaner Thomas Twin Tiger is the best vacuum cleaner for relatively little money, a little more than 7000 rubles. Good instructions, detailed description of how to collect. A little bit noisy. Luba.
    • Zelmer Aquawelt 919.0 ST saved me from the smell of dust, which remained after cleaning, the usual vacuum cleaner. It already 4 filter that I can see. The air is filled with freshness after harvest. I was not mistaken in their choice of cleaner for the home. Julia.

    Vacuum Cleaner Thomas Twin

    The quality of the cleaning

    Next, we’ll talk about the quality of cleaning all types of vacuum cleaners – that is what vacuum cleaner better cleans the apartment?

    In principle, vacuum cleaners with bags and garbage containers clean well, but sometimes it is necessary to pass over the surface a couple of times to finally collect the garbage on the floor.

    In addition, the more filled bag or container for dust, the lower the suction power debris. Therefore, these vacuum cleaners must be regularly freed from debris.

    Definitely a leader in the quality of cleaning are vacuum cleaners with Aqua-filter and vacuum cleaners. The difference of cleaner from the previous model is that in addition to the Aqua-filter has an additional water tank. With this cleaner, you can make not only dry, but also wet cleaning. It is well not only supplies water for washing the surface but also collects it. So the quality of service preference is given to washing vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaners with Aqua-filter.

    That’s one of the reviews:

    • Before you choose a vacuum cleaner with Aqua-filter, I was looking into a cleanser. But then I realized that I would be enough for your home. Well, how many times am I going to do wet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner? I don’t think my employment often. So I bought a Samsung 9420 with Aqua. He is excellent in all respects. It is especially necessary for those who have a family has Pets. After cleaning breathe easier. Lena.

    The issue price

    The cost of the product also plays an important role in the choice of a good cleaner.

    • Of course, the more affordable vacuum cleaners with the dust bag – from 800 to 2500 roubles.
    • It is also possible to buy a cheap vacuum cleaner with a dust container – from 3000 rubles, but do not forget about the filter that needs to be changed every six months, and its cost is one-third cleaner.
    • If you opted for the cleaner with Aqua-filter, not getting on a Chinese fake. The price of this vacuum cleaner with Aqua-filter can be even 2 – 3 thousand But a good model will cost from 7,000 rubles and above.
    • For anyone looking for a good vacuum cleaner for your home, count on the sum from 10 thousand roubles.

    Vacuum cleaner Philips FC 9071

    Ease of use

    In an earlier article we talked about the fact that an important parameter in the choice should be a factor, what area you need to clean with a vacuum cleaner and, in fact, after one you need to remove?

    If you have a small living space, you have to clean very often, your house is no Pets, you will be happy with the purchase of the common vacuum cleaner with dust bag.

    More important it is not to be mistaken with the choice of the firm.

    The good reviews about the vacuums with bag have model 9071 Philips, Samsung VC-5853 Samsung SC-5482, LG V-K71189H.

    Meet negative reviews about models Scarlett SC-088, Bork VC AHN 8818 BL, Maxwell MW-3222R.

    Vacuum cleaners dumpster is also convenient, mobile, easy to operate. Good reviews you’ll find on Samsung models SC4520, Samsung SC 6570, LG VK75204H, etc.

    • For its price Samsung vacuum 4520 – excellent maneuvering assistant. Maria.
    • Disadvantage – it is recommended to change the filters regularly, I just after each well was washed mesh, and the filters washed. Milan.
    • Container vacuum cleaner LG VK75204H is enough for several cleanings. Particularly easy to use crevice tool. Folk.

    That is, if we talk about the mobility Assembly, the best vacuum cleaner for home — with bag and container. They are the most comfortable. Detergents and with Aqua – heavy. Their weight is 7 kg. But if you consider that to drag over the hose, they are used to many of us when cleaning, do not, in mobility such vacuum cleaners inferior.

    • Hoover Vitek VT-1833 G/PR/R with Aqua growls when working and shifting hard, and everything is fine! Nice.
    • Everything is cool in the vacuum cleaner Kärcher DS 5600. The only downside is the weight! Me, petite fragile girl, to carry the aggregate weight of 8.5 kg is very difficult, and for the hose to drag behind him, as was the case with my former assistant – not! Lena.

    So, to summarize, on how best to choose a vacuum cleaner for the house, the women’s website I would advise not to discount a good vacuum cleaner with the collecting bag and the dust model with the dust bag.

    A light cleaning!

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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