How to choose the color of the dress to prom?

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Prom dresses red color

Red is the color for those girls who are not afraid to be the center of attention and become Queen of the prom!

The color of the dress is suitable for both blondes and brunettes, and brown. But graduates with the hair bright-red and reddish-yellow shades is carefully to treat a red dress: two bright warm colors will “drown” each other, and this is not good.

If the redhead wants to emphasize nice hair, it is better to do the opposite – to choose cold bright contrast color, such as blue, turquoise or purple.

The red fabric of the dress is perfect on tanned skin. But even if you don’t have time to sunbathe, spending the first warm days of study, you still don’t give up on the red dress – just pick a cooler shade of scarlet that perfectly combines with “porcelain” skin.

If dresses of pastel shades for prom?

Of course, Yes! Light, subtle shades of gorgeous young girls!

If you want an elegant airiness, look to beige, pale lemon, pale peach and pale blue dresses.

And if you are willing to “Barbie image”, then choose shades of pink, mint, lilac or yellow. Just remember that these “puppet” colors require appropriate additions, for example evening handbags with bowknot, beautiful faux flower in your hair or updo with ribbon, etc.

Don’t forget the competent and appropriate makeup! But the “wise” with hair and make complex “tower” is not worth it to “girls-Barbie” fit a simple blow-waves, or neatly aligned Ironing hair.

White prom dress – Yes or no?

White is a controversial color dresses for prom. On the one hand, it’s a wonderful color that highlight the beauty and youth graduates. The other in white dresses many people strongly associated with the wedding…

Of course, the wedding of the Association at the graduation inappropriate. So try to do without lush, long skirts and corset dresses.

If you want to wear a white dress pick a style “box”, or dress with a fluffy skirt above the knee, or stop the choice on the cut “Greek” of light fabric.

Is it appropriate with a black dress to prom?

Traditionally a black dress is not the best solution, how to choose the color of dress for prom a young girl. However, the actual graduate for a couple of decades and then violate this rule and choose black color!

Black has its advantages: it is a girl with any good looks and hair color, to the black you can wear as gold and silver jewelry, this color is best corrects the problem figure.

In addition, solemn black and elegant – and indeed, many a young lady, who yesterday were considered children, “shkolotoy” tonight I want to create a grown, beautiful and feminine!

If you tend to choose in favor of black, then watch a short elegant dresses. Very good looking black dresses with lace inserts, layers of translucent fabric, with embroidery rhinestones or sequins…

But long black dresses, especially with skirts, and really too dark for a fun prom. Leave them for later – in adult life will have the opportunity to wear a black dress “on the floor”!

Some advice for what color to choose prom dress

Guess what colour prom dress to choose? All bright colors (blue, green, purple, raspberry, etc.) are perfect for prom.

However, to combine several rich colors in a single evening way not worth it – better take one and Supplement it with jewelry and accessories in the “silver” or “gold”.

Deep dark colors (Burgundy, purple, dark green, dark blue) give a maturity and seriousness. If you want to emphasize these qualities – then you can pick up one of the darker shades.

Muted shades (grey, olive green, sand, coffee or Nude) is a non-trivial solution, what color dress to choose for prom night. But these soft natural colours too, it is possible to effectively beat!

  • First, spirituality can impart fabric (velvet, layered chiffon, draped satin, etc.).
  • Secondly, the modest color of the dress is an occasion to focus on the beautiful delicate accessories and jewelry.
  • Thirdly, gray and beige dresses can be supplemented with colorful accessories, footwear and jewelry (e.g., red).

So, if you decided in a similar way the question, what color dress to choose for prom, then you are not threatened with the fate of the “gray mouse”!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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