How to choose the color of the dress?

If a girl wears a dress, it just sets the mood and creates the image! Of course, each of us in the wardrobe is not one dress, but how to choose dress color for a particular case and how to choose from the variety of shades, purchasing new clothes? This will tell the website!

As the selection of colors of the dresses affects the perception of the image?

It is no secret that different colors of clothes are associated in humans with certain human characteristics. There are shades of “vzroslaya” and “Molodaya”, there is a strict and cheerful, have a romantic and aggressive…

This is not to forget, choosing a dress! And the website “” help advice – how to choose the color dress to impress!

  • Tenderness, femininity – all pastel colors, white color.
  • Sexy – black, red.
  • Comfort, peace, serenity – beige, sand, walnut, chocolate, grey, terracotta, herbaceous hints of green (not bright green!).
  • Positive attitude, energetic, bright warm colors: orange, red, yellow, fuchsia, lemon, lettuce.
  • Rigor, seriousness, responsibility black, grey, white, dark blue, pale blue, brown.
  • The solemnity of the red, white, black, blue.

  • Creativity, creativity, originality – yellow, orange, purple, sky blue, sea green, bright green.
  • Adulthood – Burgundy, wine, deep blue, black, grey, brown, other dark rich shades. They are not always old! Young girls these colors a little vzrosleet and older women just do elegant ladies, looking to your age!
  • Youth pastel and bright colors. But there is an important balance – if a woman of a certain age attempt to look younger and fresher, it is best to choose pale shades, and dress in flashy colors, in contrast, will emphasize real age!
  • Modesty is all muted shades (Nude, olive, pale blue etc.).
  • Leadership – black, red.
  • Elegance – Nude, grey, white, black, red, dark blue.

Naturally, we do not seek to impose strict standards – it is also important style, fabric, a combination of dresses with other clothing items and accessories, etc. But the associative array of most people in relation to flowers like that!

If you have a task to create an image with a specific character, it is a sin not to use this trick!

By the way, the choice of color dress not only affects other people, the audience but also for yourself! So if you feel a desire to strengthen any quality or feel a certain mood, put on your dress the “right” colors and the right state of mind will come as if by itself!

How to choose the color of the dress? Some more recommendations!

Of course, there are many other factors that can affect thee choice of a dress. For example:

  • Dress code. For classic business dress code bright dresses on weekdays are not welcome.
  • Season. In the cold season seem more appropriate dark color and summer – bright.
  • Your favorite style of clothing. There are styles where the colors of the clothes plays a crucial role.
  • Color type appearance. On the selection of clothing according to color type can read on our site.
  • Your figure. A dark dress is visually slimming, and light fat – well known fact!
  • Folk omens and superstitions. For example, it is believed that a girl who wants to get married, must often wear in everyday life white dresses. But then, of course, only you have to decide to believe the signs or consider them superstition!

But if you find it hard to match the color of dresses like, then maybe it makes sense to pay attention to a variegated multi-color prints?

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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