How to choose the freezer?

It is convenient to have at home the refrigerator side Bay side, where the freezer and refrigeration division adjacent to each other – about the features of this model of refrigerator we have already told the women’s website ““.

But not everyone has the desire and the ability to have a unit at home. Many argue that it is much easier to buy a separate freezer and refrigerator.

About how to choose the freezer, we will tell our readers.

Before you go shopping, answer the following questions:

  • What size do you need a freezer?
  • Where will it install?
  • How much are you willing to purchase a household freezer, which to choose today as among the most expensive and budget options?
  • What technical aspects you should pay attention to?

Let us more detail on the characteristics of each criterion that you will be able to choose a good freezer for the home.


  • Convenient for city apartments will be freestanding or built-in vertical freezer, which looks similar to a normal refrigerator. The door they opened. Inside in the form of shelves or drawers within several departments. Dimensions vertical freezers can be different – there are plenty to choose.
  • Many praised the freezer of the horizontal type. Call them gel, and the feedback is quite capacious national title – mobile cellar. Externally, they resemble the chest – door chest freezer opens up. If the vertical model is equipped with shelves and pull-out boxes, the inside of the horizontal freezer chests fitted drawers-mesh dividing walls. Them more practical to buy for larger kitchens, but many have adapted to put the gel in the corridors, to insulated balconies and garages.

Which is better?

  • Speaking from an economic point of view, the horizontal freezers to buy more profitable – they are more roomy.
  • If approached from the practical side of the issue – vertical freezer more convenient to use.


For those who are looking for what size to choose the freezer, it will be useful additional information about the vertical and horizontal freezers.

Vertical freezer: capacity

Vertical freezer are standard European size. Their width and depth 60 60, and height is different. The lowest freezer vertical type – 85 cm, the highest up to 2 meters. The height of the camera depends on how much it will have shelves and drawers.

  • So, the lowest freezer has 3 compartments. Many companies that produce small-sized camera installed drawers, but firm Nord makes it more practical models of freezers height 85 cm equipped with a shelf (it is convenient to freeze the product) and 2 boxes (they will be convenient to store frozen foods). If you are looking for how to choose a small freezer for a small apartment, stop your choice on this option.
  • Freezers height of 1 m inside 4 compartments: 3 drawers and shelf. Those who are looking for how to choose a freezer with a height of 1 meter, you should know that their releases only firm Indesit.
  • In freezers from 120 to 150 cm, there are 6 offices. The combination of shelves and drawers may be different.
  • In freezers from 150 to 170 cm, the volume is larger, therefore, shelves and drawers, too. High freezer would be handy for those looking for how to choose and buy a freezer for the house to store a large number of products.
  • Manufacturers, such as Gorenje (Gorenje) and Liebherr (Liebherr), produced very roomy camera height of over 180 cm. in such cameras, typically up to 10 offices. It and boxes, and shelves with hinged doors.

Freezer gel: dimensions

  • The height of such freezers are the same for all models – 85 cm
  • Width of these freezer chests depends on the internal volume of displacement. For average families of 2-4 people enough to buy chest freezer, 100 litres for larger families and more smart folks, the manufacturers have freezer gel horizontal loading up to 400 liters.

What the reviews say about horizontal freezers? During a power outage, these models retain the cold longer and accommodate more products.

In the reviews mentioned that there is a kind of disadvantage when it comes to frozen products. Small berries, fruits may Wake up in the bottom of the basket. To avoid this problem on the forums suggest to freeze the food in small flat containers, such as those remaining from the purchase of semi-finished products, and then pour the frozen product in plastic bags and store.

So the inconvenience in the use of horizontal freezers are quite solvable.

Most popular camera with a horizontal door that have positive reviews, release Gorenje (Gorenje), Whirlpool (Whirlpool), Beko (BEKO), Ardo (Ardo).

Specifications and price of freezers

Price of freezers, which you can choose from a variety of manufacturers, depends on which company you liked the model, its technical characteristics. Let us discuss this in more detail.


If defrosting of the camera, we have some idea, due to the fact that considered the criteria in article How to choose a refrigerator?, then how much will be stored frozen food, you need to understand.

  • Freezing capacity is determined by the number of pounds that are ready to freeze the camera for a day (from 5 to 20 kg). Perhaps, to choose a freezer with a high degree of freezing is necessary only for those users who prepare products on an industrial scale. For an average family enough to choose a model that freezes 8-11 kg per day.
  • The “stars” on the door will tell you how many products are stored in frozen form. What stars more, the longer.
  • Each star is minus 6 degrees (the substances can be stored for a week);
  • ** Give already minus 12 (month of storage);
  • * * * at minus 18 (up to 90 days);
  • **** — below 18 (under 1 year).

Models with floor cold is more practical in each Department, you will be able to select the desired storage temperature.

Fast freeze

A very handy fast freeze function. Include it in approximately 5 hours prior to freezing, the camera dials the desired temperature, you dip the foods and switch to the “storage”mode.


Defrost camera can be automatic (the system “no frost”) and manual. About the features of each in more detail in the article How to choose a refrigerator?

  • If you stay in the freezer with the function “No Frost”, you won’t need to defrost the freezer. But the products in the chamber with such a system must be stored in polyethylene or in tightly closed containers.
  • Manual freeze 1 time per year will need to unfreeze the camera. Agree, not so often. So comfortable are those and other models.

Climate control

Climate class indicated by English letters SN – N – ST — T. This parameter indicates the maximum allowed temperature in the room where it will be freezer.

  • Models marked with SN and N designed for environments where the temperature is not above 32 degrees. They are suitable for use in our climate.
  • Freezer marked ST and T are suitable for areas with a higher temperature to 43 degrees, that is, for countries with a hot climate.

Energy saving

  • Choose a model with a class energy consumption a and A+. Such a freezer is more expensive in price, but they use much less energy than the model marked b, C and D.


On the question of what better company to choose the freezer answer: give preference to trusted brands that specializiruetsya in the production of refrigeration.

  • Positive reviews of freezers, you can choose from expensive models, you will find companies Liebherr and Bosch.
  • Freezer average cost – Samsung (Samsung) and Indesit (Indesit) also have a lot of good reviews.
  • From inexpensive cameras to select the best company Atlant, Nord, Biryusa, Stinol. Among the shortcomings in reviews, cheap freezers note the noise in the work, tightly hinged door, the inconvenience of drawers.

Those who can not decide what better to take model of the freezer, I advise you to read reviews and get advice in the stores.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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