How to choose the phone to the child?

Today the site “” will talk about whether to buy a cell phone to children and what better to buy: new or used.

Every family has a different perspective on education. Someone’s child is always under the watchful eye, and someone gives him complete freedom. But those and other parents are always concerned about the question: “what is he doing now? Is all well with him?”

And in moments like that mom and dad are thinking about buying a phone for their child. It is possible not only to speak but also to learn its location.

And at what age should give him this device, each family must decide for itself.

If he all the time looked after by grandparents, the purchase of a mobile device can be postponed. If the child goes to school, visits the clubs, and you’re worried about whether he came to the destination, ate Lee, in the early grades without the phone in any way.

Which phone is better to take: a new and expensive or simple and used?

Many children want a phone with all the modern built-in games and other apps. Used a simple device they are not attracted. “Cool” phones are helping to establish themselves among peers.

But remember that in the early grades children are still scattered. They can lose your gift, drop and break it.

And if you have a lot of games, all free time the child will be busy with them. Even during lessons, the kid will be distracted on the phone.

But in high school it is already possible to buy a more expensive device. Teenagers do not care what kind of cell phone in their pocket.

Headphones, Wi-Fi, apps, touch screen — all this will please a high schooler.

Used devices are cheaper new, but the warranty they only have about two weeks. After this period, no you already the phone will not fix it.

Selection criteria phone for students

The concept “student” can be divided into 3 categories: primary (1-4) average (5-8) and senior (9-11) classes. The website talk about what criteria must have device for every school age.

For children younger classes need to take the phone based on the following criteria:

  • low price;
  • the big screen will help keep vision;
  • housing;
  • the most simple function, then the baby will not have problems with the device.

For the middle classes will fit phones with the following features:

  • large screen;
  • few games;
  • strong body able to withstand falls;
  • Bluetooth, enabling the child to share files with peers;
  • color screen;
  • polyphony.

For pupils of 10-11 classes to have these criteria, you can add the following:

  • touch screen;
  • headphones;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • a large memory card.

A responsible attitude on the phone. How to achieve this?

Long you call the baby, and he’s not picking up? This situation scares many parents. But do not immediately panic. Maybe he just overworked, and left the phone in the bag, but still stands in silent mode.

Such a situation is not repeated every day, is to talk with him. Explain to him that you worry when in the tube can only hear a phone ringing.

You can even come up with a small “punishment” for this, for example, to go to bed early for half an hour. The child must understand that he has very big and have to answer for their actions.

To purchase cell phone for the student should be taken seriously.

Find out all about its preferences. If he wants a very expensive phone, and the family budget does not have such means, it is necessary to explain it. Take a look at other models. Tell me that now you can buy a simple model, but if he will carefully look after him, then it can be sold at a good price. But if to this sum add the accumulated, it is possible to overpower the phone that he wants.

In the store, give the child the right of choice, limiting the agreed amount. Let him choose what he likes. So will be the responsibility for their choices. And after buying a house can have a little celebration.

No matter how many years was your student, he should know that a cell phone is needed for calls and messages, but not for games. Accustom him to respect the machine.

Show me how to put cell phone on silent mode so that it suddenly rang in class. He must understand that in any case, you cannot call someone during lessons.

If the child learns to use a cell phone, then you will be calmer, and he didn’t have any problems with the device.

The author – Nadezhda Stepanova, site

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