How to choose the right hair accessories?

I think many of us are faced with such a situation: at the store eyes run from a variety of all sorts of barrettes, ribbons and other cute stuff in hair, but… in everyday life all this beauty lies unclaimed, and hair daily going favorite worn gray elastic…

All because to choose hair accessories that will really complement the task difficult! But the site “” will help to cope with it!

Color type and color palette of the accessories in the hair

Female site repeatedly wrote about how to determine your color type and pick up things according to it.

And accessories for the hair this is especially true, because they are perceived in combination with the face, eyes, hair color… Poorly-chosen accessory in the hair, for example, may look alien, or just cheap and ugly!

So, our advice:

  • “Winter” (dark hair, light skin, brown or gray-blue shades of eye). Suitable accessories any cool colors, including pale. Can be worn and warm, only then will the bright colors! Very good – the metal under the silver.
  • “Spring” (hair blond, light brown or reddish, bright and warm tone skin, light eyes). Choose from a whole range of pastel shades, don’t be afraid of the white, also nice clean bright colors, especially warm! Avoid black, dark brown, gray, dirty and dark shades – it’s not yours!
  • “Summer” (dark hair, inclined to sagasti skin, brown eyes). All the bright colors. You can experiment with deep, dark colors – Burgundy, blue, cobalt… White is good! And you should go metals in gold and shiny things with strazikami!

Of course, the hair accessories, you can choose not strictly according to these guidelines, and under the clothes, for example.

But if, say, some small hair pins the “wrong” color decatastrophize, a wide cloth bandage or wrap is already a reason to think to look in the mirror, try on…

What accessories are suitable for long and medium length hair?

Long hair is so beautiful! But often girls don’t know how and what to decorate them, but the banal rubbers…

What can you come up with, what accessories to choose?

  • Long studs (“chopsticks”), hairpins with the hairpin. Useful for creating a variety of bundles, but only if the hair is not too thick and heavy – a big shock stud can’t hold!
  • “Crabs”. With the help of the hair crab, you can quickly collect hair in a bun or hair type “Princess” (chopping the top of the hair, leaving the rest loose).
  • Hair machines. Comfortably hold hair is medium thickness, so you can make a low ponytail.

  • Headbands. There are wide tissue and very thin cords, with different decorative elements, lace, etc. They need to create Greek hairstyles and can be worn over loose hair of any length is the hippie style.
  • Decorative scallops. A comb kept in the hair if the hair underneath is braided or chipped, otherwise it may fall out. Comb to draw up the top of the beam, the “shells”.
  • Hair clips-flowers. The optimum position is slightly above the ear (though it depends on the haircut, hairstyle, or styling and your imagination!).

With any length and density of hair is to have a set of Bobby pins, ordinary pins, small rubber bands neutral color.

How to choose accessories for short hair?

We live in the 21st century, and have long beautiful hair is not only a braid to her waist, but and all short women’s haircuts. However, holders of these hairstyles often make the same mistake – think that any hair accessories they do not fit! But this is absolutely not true!

We offer korotkoplodnyh beauties possible range of accessories to choose who they probably should:

  • Invisible. They can stab back the bangs if it prevents or tired, strands near the temples, and you can still stick hair behind the ears, sides of the head – get something like a Mohawk: this hairstyle is worn by many stars!
  • Small clip, and alligator clips. Again – you can use them to stab the front strands of the haircut.
  • Headband. This stylish accessory can be very interesting to look even on the cut “under the boy”!
  • Hair clips with artificial flowers. Even a short haircut flower can give a romantic and feminine look!

Of course, the accessories to pick up in one-size-fits all set impossible! You can (and should!) to pick up some items for different outfits, different looks! At the same time will always be a reason to visit the store and indulge in some nice stuff!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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