How to choose the right pants: buy women’s panties by size

But enough about the bras – there are other underwear. For example, the cowards! Connected with them a lot of questions: how to choose underwear, how to choose underwear to the underwear, what are all women’s panties?

One article to respond in detail to all these questions is impossible, so today women’s site tells how to select underwear. And the following articles will touch on other interesting questions.

Panties – creators of the women’s mood

Probably all you heard almost anecdotal story about a woman who wore nice panties, just when we went somewhere in a taxi. “What if I get into an accident, and I will deliver to the hospital?”. No, it’s not funny because a lot of women is doing quite well!

Many of us choose panties according to your mood – and it persists for the whole day! “I want adventure wear frivolous. Like loneliness – will wear old, stretched. I want to take, finally, this damn report – wear cotton, practical.”

But few people think about that with trusikov you can adjust your mood.

  • Not enough sleep – choose bright pants – wow, look alive! I want to like it! There were even flirting!
  • The mood to relax and have a report to finish – chose the boring and practical briefs. Became a workaholic.
  • The self esteem gathered together all his old, faded and stretched panties and threw it away! Put preslie and went shopping to buy a new one!!!

What are the perfect panties?

About the ideal bra we have already spoken. And what about the panties?

  • Pants should perfectly perform its protective function – to protect our tender spots from friction of clothing.
  • The hygienic function of underwear — to allow the skin to breathe.
  • Invisible under clothes panty is a dream! In any case you should not see their contours, and especially they should not Shine through.
  • And of course, we don’t have to feel them. That is, they should not press, to interfere, to gather in folds and to get you know where.

Perfectly matched panties don’t have you anywhere to press, but the bag should not sit. If it’s not a Thong and not the Thong, the buttocks must be covered.

Signs that you are not like cowards
Panties small

Gum panties too tight or tucks, and worse still, sticks the back in the buttocks, forming on the priest “bags” (this is tastic even skinny!). Besides, removing such underpants, you’ll see deep marks from the elastic.

Panties are great

There’s nothing worse than cowards, sitting too loose and dangling on the priest, why she looks thicker than it really is. No, it wasn’t draping, and the fact that these panties you are great!

Try to choose panties of a smaller size or another model.

How to choose the right size underwear?

Usually we do not even think about what pant size we desired, often choosing a shop more familiar. However, as the size of the chest, waist and hips is constantly changing!

It’s very simple! To choose the perfect underwear, we take the measuring tape and measure the circumference of waist and hip girth.

  • Waist – slimmest part of the waist
  • Hip – place the measuring tape on the most projecting parts of the buttocks and connect it to the front.

And then looking for the results in table sizes of women’s underwear.

To measure the pants before you buy it or not?

Most of us buy the briefs, selecting them by size. Tie in hand and think “Yes, like my size, should sit well.” And – to the checkout.

But Laundry experts suggest before buying to try on panties. Otherwise, how will you ensure that the selected model fit you perfectly, which is not given in a crucial moment where it is not necessary? No way!

Of course, the pants in the store it is necessary to measure not on the naked body, and his own linen: as more hygienic. And of course, when fitting make allowances for those cowards who down.
Therefore, going to the store for underwear, put on his most petite Thong panties!

In the following articles we will continue to choose the pants on the figure. Stay with!

The author – Olga Sympaty, site

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