How to choose the toilet?

It would seem that with this choice of toilets that can be found today, the problem with this case will be approached, assessed, sat – comfortable? All! You have a new “white friend” – as often called the toilet people. But, it appears, choose the toilet is not easy.

In this case, too, has its own quirks and secrets, which we will gladly share with the readers of women’s website ““.

Before you choose the toilet, be sure to check the descent system in your home. Most often in the homes of Soviet buildings oblique descent, in some houses the pipe goes directly in a half – suit toilet with direct access, and there is a sewer system with a vertical descent – pipe goes parallel to the floor from the wall.

There are no marriage?

Not to run into marriage in the production, advise you to go shopping with…a small mirror. Yes, you are not wrong to choose the toilet, we will need the mirror.

To make the first check the quality of the toilet, hold the mirror to the inside of the back wall under the rim, where the drain water.

If you notice in the reflection of the plastic sleeve (grooves), it means you are trying to cram a faulty product. Usually order water when flushed washed the whole toilet, it should be distributed around the circumference of the entire toilet. If the water does not reach a certain place – often to the front wall, then unscrupulous manufacturers put a “sleeve” — lengthen the path.

So the tube is not present? We continue to learn more on how to choose a good toilet.

Key selection criteria

With dimensions, we think you’ll have to determine for yourself, given the dimensions of your bathrooms, but to choose a good toilet that will suit all members of your family, it must assess such parameters:

  • Outdoor or suspended;
  • Separate or joint;
  • The shape of the bowl;
  • Material.

What kind of toilet it is better to choose: outdoor or suspended?

In the choice of shapes: convex, rectangular, round and oval – you decide independently about the material we’ll talk later, but about the design now.

If earlier all models of toilets were outdoor, today there is a wall-mounted toilet. Many do not know how to choose a toilet bowl, so avoid this model, but some doubt the reliability of this design – will she survive? For the doubters of the strength, will immediately reply design wall mounted toilet designed for the weight of a small elephant – for 400 kg!

So a man like this toilet will stand clearly and do not disappear.

The Cup wall mounted toilet can be called a visible part of the iceberg, the total resistant area falls not on him the entire burden falls on the hidden installation design, which hides behind the wall. A toilet is mounted on a special sturdy frame-the frame.

Installation flat mounting system is used for durable wall, surround system, for more brittle materials which cannot withstand the load of drywall, for example.

The quality leader in this matter are the Italians and the Germans – they are suspended becomes long-term, but expensive. So the reviews about hanging the toilet tell you a little trick: buy the toilet from other manufacturers for a budget price, and the design of the tank and all pipes and hardware from brand name manufacturers.

The advantages of wall mounted toilets not only to their stylishness but also functionality – the height of the toilet seat can be greatly adjusted, they allow you to allocate area in both a small and a large dressing room and hidden behind falshstenu cistern maximum hides the sound of water.

Separate bowl or joint?

  • If the cistern is attached directly to the toilet, it is a joint model. This toilet easy to install, noise when flushing not heard much since the tank is at low altitude.
  • A separate toilet and the tank mounted separately at any chosen height. From the point of view of hygiene this option is more profitable, since the flushing water velocity will be higher. But the noise and complexity of installation make this option a bit inconvenient. Although, if you think that will set it once, then there’s only one drawback – the noise when flushing.
  • Focusing on reviews, how to choose a toilet, it is impossible not to pay attention to positive opinions about compact toilets. In such models, the hidden drainage system – the tank is not visible, and on falshstena only the buttons and levers.
  • There are also models without the sideburns. But experts advise not to take the toilets, where water is supplied directly from a water pipe. The disadvantage is that the supply of water for flushing the toilet there is a sharp pressure drop in the system. If someone in your family, or neighbors, if you live in an apartment building, this time taking a shower, the water will be very hot – burn yourself very easily. This very well tells the story of how one man praised the toilet without the tank. To the question about the neighbors, he said, that he agreed — before you wash, he loudly knocks on the pipe, so the neighbors had to turn off the water in the shower or jumped to the side. For this reason we do not recommend taking the toilets without tanks.

So, what better drain system in the selection of the toilet, we decided, we continue on.

The shape of the bowl

Determined by the shape of the bowl, which is produced in three types. Not the most hygienic – disc, more successful, if you examine the reviews, which toilet is better to choose a funnel and kozlikova form.

  • Disc bowl is a raised platform that prevents the appearance of spray – most often these were old Soviet toilets. Perhaps the lack of spray is one of the most remarkable aspects of this kind of toilets. Disadvantages of this form of bowl is more obvious: poor hygiene, the bowl always remains water, which causes the formation of limescale. How to deal with it, we have been told on the website
  • Toilets imported (European) you will not find a disc shape, almost all models have a funnel bowl. The inner surface of the bowl narrows towards the back. Choosing a toilet with a funnel bowl, be sure to pay attention to “splash”. In simple terms, is when the hole at the bottom has a slope and a small depression – 3 – 4 see This feature not all the bowls with funnel-shaped bowls, therefore, to increase the hygiene of the toilet, again note that the funnel-shaped bowl was sloping.
  • The most successful design of the bowl – kozlikova. It combines the advantages of the two previous forms – in the Cup there is no platform, which would collect water but the back wall is made at an angle that protects from splash products of human activity fall into the drain, leaving a splash. So for those of you who are looking for how to choose a good toilet, I advise you to look for a model with kozyrkov bowl.

Of what, of what, what made our toilets?

The most popular materials that manufacturers use today for the manufacture of the toilet – the porcelain and faience. The main component of both material is clay. But in the porcelain bowls of clay is less, besides the composition of the added quartz. Therefore the bowls made of porcelain are not afraid of cracks and moisture, while on the porcelain the toilet may eventually rupture.

To care for porcelain, the toilet is also easier to clean from dirt is not difficult. Read more about tools for the care of toilets read in another article on the “Beautiful and Successful”.

To distinguish on the eye pottery from China you are unlikely to work, so in this matter it is better to trust the documentation.


The price of the toilet depend on the country of manufacture, material and design. You can buy a platinum toilet seat with diamonds of over 5 thousand dollars, on which you can sit, but to use for its intended purpose is impossible, but it is better to choose the toilet is more practical considering the price:

  • Squat toilets are cheaper suspended;
  • Porcelain toilets three times more expensive (15 000 RUB) from faience counterparts;
  • The most expensive and high-quality Austrian, Swedish and German plumbing, a little cheaper, but lower quality Czech, Finnish and Polish, but also among domestic producers is also today, you can find and choose a good toilet.

No wonder people say that the best thoughts come to my head in a toilet. And when you consider that according to statistics we spend 5 years of my life to “white friend”, that you should choose carefully.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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