How to choose thermal underwear for winter womens?

Today in this article on the women’s website “” we’ll talk about how to choose underwear.

After all, if before it was considered a prerogative of professional athletes, but today get it for everyday wear. How to “work” underwear? From what it is sewed? How to pick up women for him for future use?

The answers to these questions are looking for below.

How to “work” underwear?

To start is to understand how women’s underwear. In itself it is, of course, not warm. No material, even the warm cannot heat up our body.

Heating the actual body, skin, and clothing is designed, primarily, to keep it warm and give it out.

If you are engaged in physical activities — skiing or snowboarding, Hiking and long walks, sports and Jogging, will be intense sweating, causing the insulating properties of the material can be greatly reduced. Because underwear is intended not only to retain heat but also to remove moisture from the body and to resist deterioration of the insulation.

Choose the material

The main varieties of fabrics for sewing this functional apparel only two — natural and synthetic. Can meet and combined variants mixed in different percentage ratios of natural and artificial fibers.

What kind of underwear it is better to choose for fabric? About the properties of every variety will tell the website

Synthetic fabric

The most common material here is polyester and various blends on its basis (Appendix elastane, nylon, spandex, etc.). Synthetic women’s underwear is soft and elastic, extremely light, very strong and durable, easily washable and fast-drying.

But aside from these benefits, have synthetics and disadvantages, and mainly, it is an unpleasant smell.

If you decide to choose synthetic thermal underwear for women, remember that such materials do not inherently able to absorb a lot of moisture, because wet sweaty body remains closed to the penetration of cold outside (a plus), but also becomes an ideal environment for bacteria to grow (which is negative). Because after a few hours of wearing synthetic underwear clothes will be smelly and will require washing or thorough drying before the next donning.

Natural fabric

If you prefer synthetic, natural and looking for, what underwear is best to choose a natural basis, you should pay attention to the Merinos. A thin fleece of this breed of sheep is soft and light weight, and its main advantages are environmental friendliness and complete safety for humans and the environment, and the ability to retain heat even when wet.

Wool absorbs moisture much more intensively than synthetic. But the modern technology of woven fibers and the manufacture of the fabric to minimize this characteristic, as well as help wool material to dry faster.

In addition, the wool has unique antibacterial properties, and therefore, even if you strongly sweat, an unpleasant odor will not appear, and to wear natural underwear for women you several times before the next wash.

How to choose the right thermal underwear for winter: tips

There are still a few subtleties and nuances that you need to look for when buying thermal underwear.

The weight and density of the tissue

The colder the winter, the denser and heavier material must be, and Vice versa — if you are actively moving, you can choose the fabric with lower density and lighter weight. To help marking: marking micro (e.g. Microweight) speaks of oblegchenno and purpose for the warm season of the year or high loads, light — to late autumn, medium or mid — winter warm, heavy to severe frosts.


Thermal underwear is worn as the bottom layer, because it is very elastic and fits well, the seams here are low or they are flat.

How to choose women’s underwear size? It’s very simple: to try! It is necessary because in such a attached clothing you should be comfortable, it should not hamper movement. Put your hands up and sit down, do leg swings or tilts of the body. If you feel like with no clothes at all, it is a great figure!


If you are actively engaged in skiing or doing Jogging even in winter, on a frosty morning, is to choose options combined fabrics with natural and synthetic fibres at the same time. For a long stay in the cold, without active movements prefer natural wool or pure synthetics, but with antibacterial impregnation.

But for ordinary everyday wear buy more than thin underwear for women made of natural materials.

Proper care

High-tech materials, of course, very strong, durable and wear-resistant, but they require specific care. If lingerie impregnated (antibiotic, for example), it is not recommended to be washed often, it is better to thoroughly dry, and wash already, say, at the end of the ski season. Other types of this clothing can be safely washed in the washing machine, but on gentle extraction and at temperature not exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. Better to use liquid detergent and not dry washing powder.

Here are useful tips will help you to choose underwear for any season and for any purpose, and to properly care for him. Now you reliably warm even in the most severe frosts!

Author – Tatiana Maltseva, site

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