How to choose Turku: hints for true connoisseurs of coffee

Women’s website “” has already told his readers how to choose a coffee maker for your home. But real gourmets of this drink, not without reason, I assure you that real coffee can be brewed in a cezve or, as they call this dish for coffee we have in Turku.

Today we will talk about the Turk for coffee how to choose the best for your home.

Who came up with Turku?

Africa – that’s the ancestral home of the Turks, not Turkey, as erroneously suggested by some. First special utensils for making coffee used by the African nomads. It was a small copper pot with a spout – dalla. They were convenient for transportation, and for cooking small portions of refreshing drink.

Turkish nationals at the time appreciated the convenience of this container, and in order that no coffee spilled into the coals, narrowed the neck, as well as extended handle. So there were the first pots, which we have called Turks because of the popular way to prepare coffee “Turkish coffee”.

Those who are looking for what Turku to choose, you know that the taste of the coffee will largely depend not only on varieties of selected coffees, but also from the vessels in which he will be prepared.

Let’s see what the taste of coffee affects directly the Turk.

  • First, the taste of coffee depends on its strength (density). This property affects not only the amount of coffee used for brewing, but also the time of preparation of the drink. And the cooking time coffee depends on the material from which the container is made, in which he will be prepared.
  • Second, coffee is important to maintain the foam. It helps to keep fat coffee oils and make the drink taste more intense. Thanks to its narrow form Turk is ideal for preparing coffee. When cooking in a narrow container of coffee slowly rising, stopped at some level where the foam is formed. Formed foam of coffee covered with a “cap”. The taste of the drink under the hat is saved, so it is important to choose the right Turk for brewing coffee.

Thus, the most important criteria when choosing the Turks, on which we will focus – is the material and shape of the Turks. They affect the cooking time and allow to keep the foam on the surface of the coffee.

The material of the Turks and the strength of the drink

Today the range includes Turks of ceramic, metal and the Turks of the quartz group (rock crystal). Turku what to choose? Which one is better?

Ceramic Turks

Ceramic Turkey can be made of fireclay, porcelain, clay. They are very popular among lovers of rich strong coffee that have chosen a good arrangement for cooking. What are the advantages of the Turks from clay, porcelain?

  • They have a high conductivity, that is, allow a long time to heat the coffee and simmer it after you remove the capacity from the plate.

Therefore, get a good density of the drink, which is important for strength (density, density) of coffee.

For those who decided to choose Turku for cooking ceramics, you should consider the fact that they are quite fragile.

Metal Turks

If you’re a fan of the not-too-rich taste of coffee, you should look at the Turks of copper (metal). They can be made of Nickel silver, copper, bronze and other copper alloys.

  • The Turks of this group heats up faster than ceramic, that is, the warmth is not kept as long as ceramic. For this reason, coffee from copper Turks inferior in the density of coffee prepared in ceramic containers. It should be considered for those who are looking for tips on how to choose copper Turku.
  • Inside the Turkish metal producers are treated with a special alloy (e.g., tin), the metal did not affect the taste of coffee and not oxidized. Choosing Turku from metal, be sure to check that the coating inside is not damaged.

The Turks steel, stainless steel

The Turks, stainless steel look attractive. Coffee they cook more quickly, but also cools down instantly. Besides, the taste of the drink made in steel Turk, worse than in ceramic and metal the Turks.

Therefore, those who want to choose a good Turk for coffee, we can’t recommend this option.

Hot spring Turk

Today, you can also choose a hot spring Turk for brewing coffee. It consists of two parts. One poured coffee into another typed water. As the water pressure rises and the coffee is brewed. No need to stand at the stove and make coffee. The volume of the hot Turk big, allowing you to cook multiple servings of coffee at once – useful for offices.

Quartz Turks

Today you can also buy from Turku mining quartz – crystal Turku. It is suitable for making coffee in electric and gas stove. Mining quartz is very resistant. It is made portholes in space rockets and ships.

Quartz Turk has advantages over ceramic and metal by the Turks.

  • First, the thermal conductivity of the Turks of quartz is higher than that of the Turks of metal (hence, the fortress of the prepared beverage from them better). They are similar in this property to the ceramic of the Turks.
  • Secondly, a Turk from quartz is transparent, which allows to control the process of boiling the water. Therefore, you will not miss the boiling point of water, and coffee formed a strong foam that will keep the real taste of coffee.
  • The Turks never oxidize.
  • Turk and tolerates high and low temperatures – is not afraid neither fire nor cold.
  • Besides, Turk looks elegant and sophisticated.

Thus, quartz Turks can be called the Golden middle, for those who are looking for what a Turk for coffee is better.

Form the Turks affect the taste of coffee

If the coffee strength is affected by the material from which made the Turk, the taste of coffee is affected by the form of the vessel. The fact that the majority of Turks is high, extended downward and nipped up – not a whim of the creators, but a necessity.

  • To get a good coffee, it is important not to overcook and not to miss the moment of boiling (raising) coffee in the Turk. Best of all the process of raising the foam occurs in the Turks high form. So for those of you who are looking for what shape to choose Turku, it is important to pay attention to the high Turks. Only in such capacities, the foam rises slowly.
  • Due to the fact that the Turk narrowed upwards, the skin can not quickly rise. On the surface a ‘ cap ‘ that prevents fat coffee oils to evaporate and oxygen to enter the beverage. Foam coffee making fragrant and taste rich.

Please note those who decided to choose a Turk for coffee brewing of steel: almost all of them are available with a wide neck. This feature makes it impossible to form a foam on the surface of the drink. Coffee will lose its taste.

So choose Turku from steel we do not recommend.

What to look for when choosing a Turk for coffee?
The bottom and the neck Turks

As mentioned above, the Turks should have a wide bottom and a tapered neck – this shape is ideal for those who are looking for what is better to choose a Turk for coffee.

  • Ideally, the diameter of the bottom of the Turks should be 2-3 times wider than the diameter of the neck.
  • On the neck of the Turks must be the nozzle through which it is convenient to pour the drink into the Cup. Some manufacturers are producing the Turks with spouts on both sides, which is convenient for left-handers.

The size of Turks

  • The most popular among users of the Turks, in which over time you can prepare 150-180 ml of coffee. For such a volume, choose the Turks with a capacity of 150 to 200 ml.
  • For those who drink coffee in small amounts, as is customary in Turkey, we advise to choose a small Turku to 100 ml. In such a Turk you will prepare coffee for one small Cup of 50-80 ml.
  • The Turks of greater volume (300 ml) allow you to prepare coffee for 2-3 people. But the taste of coffee brewed in the Turks larger sizes will differ from coffee from the little Turks.

Female site advises to choose the Turks to the small size, as they can make a real strong coffee, which is retained and the flavor and density of the drink. And even better to have 2 young Turks, than a big one.

In a large coffee pot you don’t cook good coffee for one, but multiple guests can make coffee individually for each in the young Turks, given their preferences and wishes.


  • Well, when the handle is long and stays cool.
  • Also there are Turks with removable handles. They are especially convenient for those who want to take it from a Turk is compact to fit in travel bag.
  • You can choose Turku with a very long handle, which is suitable for making coffee on the grill.
  • But the Turks held high, handle is designed for coffee on the sand.

The Turks for induction cooker

It is known that the Turks of ceramic, metal or quartz is not suitable for use on induction hobs. You can choose Turku for such plates. Note, however, that it is better to choose Turku for induction cookers with bottom diameter of 8 cm.

The Turks with a wider or narrower bottom is often not suitable for induction hob: the oven does not “see” Turku with a narrow bottom and a wide heats not only the bottom of the Turks, but the surface of the plate.

Some manufacturers make special drives for Turku. Thanks to the wheels-pancakes you can cook coffee on induction oven in coffee pot ceramic, metal or quartz. The disk will heat up and transfer its heat to the Turk, and a Turk – to heat water for coffee.

Here are simple tips we recommend to consider for those who want to choose a good Turk for brewing coffee. By the way, from the remnants of coffee it is possible to prepare a useful mask, which female site told here.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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