How to choose Wallpaper for the bedroom?

The website “ knows how crucial is the choice of Wallpaper. Especially if we are talking about the Wallpaper for the bedroom.

It is in the bedroom we are resting after a hard day’s work and restore power. That is why the design of this room should not only delight the eye but still have to complete relaxation.

Choose Wallpaper for the bedroom — the material

The choice of Wallpaper today. However, not all of them suitable for bedrooms. That’s why female site recommends that you focus on the following four types:

  • Paper wall. Are cost-effective and low price. In the store there is a huge palette of different colors. Their main drawback is a short lifespan, as they quickly fade in the sun.
  • Vinyl Wallpaper. Due to their density they will easily hide any bulges and irregularities of the walls. Glued vinyl Wallpaper quickly and easily without forming bubbles, and therefore they are easy to handle even for a novice.
  • Non-woven Wallpaper. Are more expensive than paper and vinyl, but can boast of a long service life. Them whenever you want to paint, thus creating an individual design to your bedroom. Standard non-woven Wallpaper easily withstand up to 15 paint layers.
  • Fabric Wallpaper. Look stylish and impressive. Their main advantage is the environmental friendliness. And unlike paper cloth Wallpaper is able to last for a really long time.

Choose the color

Since the bedroom is primarily a place for rest, it is better to give the preference to the Wallpaper bright colors — beige, olive, peach, blue. They will not tire the eyes and will not cause irritation.

In addition, if you purchase bright Wallpaper for bedroom, then can easily pick up the furniture and curtains that are in harmony with them.

Of course, when choosing the Wallpaper of a particular color to better focus on their own taste preferences. However, even the creative and daring natures psychologists recommend to avoid bright colors, since they can overly stimulate the nervous system. Moreover, their attraction to flashy colors, you can always meet with interesting accessories.

By the way, choosing the tone of the Wallpaper in the bedroom, it is useful also to pay attention to the other side of the light where the Windows open. If it is South or East, it is better to buy wall coverings cool colors. If the Windows face North or West, and the Wallpaper, respectively, should be more warm colors.

Select the picture

If plain Wallpaper seems too boring for you, you should look for products with the figure. Today in the market you can find them in a wide range — from geometric patterns, floral prints, abstraction. In some situations it’s beneficial to look also and Wallpaper.

Want to know which Wallpaper to choose for the bedroom? Then don’t forget the following points:

  • large patterns are overwhelming, especially in a small room;
  • small patterns will make small room visually even less.
  • vertical stripes will make the room more high;
  • horizontal stripes visually “stretched” bedroom.

Also you can pokleit Wallpaper in the bedroom of two types. This will allow correctly zonirovat space and even arrange the necessary accents.

Quite popular lately are also Wallpaper panel type. Their characteristic feature is the division into two parts — upper and lower.

Choose design

If you want to decorate a bedroom in a certain style, to achieve the desired result it is also possible thanks to well-chosen Wallpaper.

  • Provence or country. Fans of these design directions have to look at the wall surfaces plain and bright. In addition, a great option would be the Wallpaper pattern which simulates brickwork.
  • Empire style involves the wall of dark shades. If you are looking for the perfect Wallpaper for bedroom in this style, pay attention to the color Bordeaux. A good idea to look also large, causing the Association with the Royal chic bedrooms.
  • Especially popular lately are the styles of minimalism or hi-tech. If you want that your bedroom look as simply, purchase the Wallpaper white or gray. If you just think through the design of Wallpaper for bedroom, combination products can also be a great option. You can combine, for example, white and black colors. You get a very stylish and original.
  • Antique style involves the use of solely light-colored Wallpaper. The same requirements before wall covering puts and ethno style. The main advantage of such products is that under them you can easily pick up the necessary furniture and accessories.
  • Japanese design bedroom can be realized by using a Wallpaper that mimics wood or bamboo. If you find such in sale you can not just purchase a light beige, and as an accessory use a vase with a sprig of Sakura.

Thus, choosing wall coverings today are quite broad and to find a suitable Wallpaper in the bedroom sometimes is not easy. However, if you try, you will be able to choose the perfect option that will make your place of rest and sleep is relevant to your preferences.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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