How to choose womens fashion watches

Today we will focus on how to choose a fashionable ladies watch. A definite answer to the question of which watch for girls the fashion no, because the fashion for watches, things are a little more complicated than fashion in clothes. Not enough to prefer one or the other fashion watch brand, it is important to understand what and where these watches you will wear. The complexity of choice due to the fact that the watch is usually bought not for one year. Buy fashionable women’s watch that for a long time does not lose its relevance, will help the advice from the “Beautiful and Successful”.

Fashion tips

  • If you are a nature romantic, choose a watch with big case: this accessory is very touching looks great on a feminine wrist. But a business suit it is better to choose a classic timepiece of small size. And that, in either case the metal should be in harmony with the rest of your decorations, i.e. to match the color.
  • Ladies with a curvy shape should opt for a watch with a rectangular case. Miniature same watch with round case shown only the owners of fine wrist.
  • Fashionable great watch for those who don’t need to wear to work formal suit, but rather want to emphasize their individuality. Feel free to choose a stylish women’s watch brands such as Armani, Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, Fendi, or more democratic in terms of price brands Swatch, Diesel, Police, Guess.
  • Watch a rainbow of colors for those who prefer to paint your life with bright colors. And don’t worry that in the future season accessory with a colored dial, case or strap is no longer relevant: in the same way as you, designers all over the world choose bright colors.
  • Speaking about the most fashionable women’s watches, some of them implied frivolity. In this regard advises to pay attention to watch with an unusual bracelet. Watch with interchangeable straps or a long, several times oborachivaetsya around the wrist strap, the model in transparent plastic wristbands will make your look even more stylish.
  • Those who are to such an accessory, like a watch, indifferent, it is enough to have the same model for light, the other dark strap. Not sure that both models were classic, and one of them may be casual. Let the classic watch complement your look only in the course of the week, but on Saturday evening will change to strict classics to fashionable ladies watch.
  • If you do not know what brand to prefer, pay attention to watch celebrities – they are always in trend! This means that buying the same accessory as your favorite actress or pop star, you will always wear it on your wrist most fashionable ladies watch.

General recommendations on the selection of hours

When choosing a watch, consider the thickness of the wrist. Even the most elite, but miniature the product will “look” on a large hand. So with a small wrist: watch the impressive size will look ridiculous on it.


Decide in advance how mechanism – quartz or mechanical – must be your a fashionable watch, after all that, and the other its advantages and disadvantages.

Mechanical watches are very sensitive to external influences, have a greater in comparison with quartz movement accuracy, they need to constantly establish and periodically adjust. No need to buy batteries – the main advantage of these hours.

Quartz watches do not need special care, sensitivity to external influences and the error of the minimum. The main drawback – you need to change the battery every 1-2 years.


Can be mineral or sapphire, and in very expensive watches use real sapphire. As an example, can be called watches A. Lange & Sohne Tourbograph: in addition to this sapphire they are notable for the fact that is made of platinum and crocodile skin. If you can’t afford the accessory at a cost of approximately 500 thousand dollars, choose a watch with a sapphire crystal. Artificial sapphire for all its fragility is almost impossible to scratch, but watch so the glass is also pretty expensive.

Good value for money and quality a watch with mineral glass, the main characteristics of which are strength and reliability.

The Golden mean may serve as a mineral glass with a sapphire dusting on close to sapphire at a price – to mineral.


Watch case made of aluminum are cheap but they will last long, it is better to choose a model with a plastic casing.

Watch case of titanium alloys is characterized by its lightness, high strength and high price.

The enclosures of steel alloys is the best option in terms of price/quality.

“” hopes that our tips and advice will help you choose the most fashionable ladies watch.

The author – Tatiana konopacka, site

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