How to clean kitchen towels?

Towels in the kitchen is an essential thing. With plates that ran away, on the table, something was sprayed and the plate smeared towels always at hand. To get rid of stains can be very difficult.

Many Housewives have their little secrets, how to wash kitchen towels in the home. By bringing together our own experience and comments on women’s forums, we decided to tell about the best ways for our women’s website ““.

The basic rules of washing my aunt

My aunt always towels in the kitchen look perfect. Which she does solely their hands and says what to do it’s quite simple, if you follow a few rules:

  • First, you need for the kitchen to choose a linen or cotton towels. They best cope with the contaminants absorb moisture, and wash them easily. But towels it is generally not recommended to use for the kitchen and the stains are difficult to clean, and they dry longer.
  • Secondly, she changes the towels very often. Says it’s better to do it every night if you spend much time in the kitchen, pampering their loved ones daily culinary masterpieces. And so 2-3 times a day so the towels were moderately polluted.
  • That for different purposes it is necessary to use different towels, I think our hostesses remind will not.

    It is self-evident: one polotenechko – to tack, the other for dishes, the third one for Desk, one for hands etc. get Used to it their loved ones, and to wash kitchen towels you will be easier.

    • Also my aunt advises to boil the towels for disinfection, and iron them. Says so they remain fresh longer and last longer.
    • Well, the most important recommendation from her – be sure before you start the washing – rinse the towel in warm water and soak.

    My aunt makes it this way:

  • Gaining in a basin of warm water and sostarivayut with towels dust clean water. She says that this has to be done necessarily in lukewarm water as in hot — dust just eats into the fabric, and wash the stains will be more difficult.
  • Then she drains the water. Gaining in return a warm and zamachivaem towels with soap and water.
  • She Soaps them in the most ordinary soap and leaves in water with soda ash for an hour. Soda softens the water, towels, good lather.
  • After that she washes towels soap.
  • All wash out very well, stains are left.
  • The best ways

    Those who are looking for ways on how to wash kitchen towels without boiling, it is important to remember about their pre soaking. The quality of washing will only improve.

    You can do it, as did my aunt (with soda ash and soap), and you can use other ways:

    • Towels wet in warm water and RUB with bar soap. If you use soap “Antipyatin”, the quality of the wash will only improve. Towels, not polaskova, put it in a plastic bag and tie it up. Through the day send towels in the washing machine. The wash result will surprise you. On the forums the hostess say that this “soaking in a bag” helped to cope with the problem, even those who didn’t know how to clean greasy kitchen towels.
    • Soak dirty towels in salted water. In a liter of water dissolve a tablespoon of salt. Towels leave not less than 8 hours, after which wash either in the machine or by hand.
    • Dirty kitchen towels can be soaked in water with addition of ammonia (a tablespoon per 10 liters). Such preliminary preparation for washing, will help to wash the dirty tea towels.
    • Perfect for soaking dirty kitchen towels, detergent for dishes. It is especially effective for getting rid of oily stains.
    • If on a towel there was mold, soak it in water with vinegar and peroxide.

    Advice from soak towels in specially designated for this purpose dishes – the bucket or the pan. Phosphates contained in detergents, are deposited on vessel walls and can get into food.

    To wash kitchen towels: the best ways

    To cope with the problem of dirty towels may be machine intensive. You can use Laundry bleach powder or stain remover. Choose a stain remover without chlorine and oxygen.

    Usually, such washing is sufficient to heavily soiled towels were clean.

    If you failed to wash the dirty tea towels in the machine, to offer you other alternatives which are widely discussed in women’s forums.

    • To your towels well washed out, I advise you to use the most popular recipe is to wash tea towels with vegetable oil.

    Pour into a pot (5 liters) water, allow it to boil. Add in very hot water, vegetable oil, dry bleach (1 tablespoon) and 100 grams of washing powder. Dry towels down in the pan and leave to cool. When the water has cooled completely, rinse the towels in warm water.

    Everyone who tried to wash kitchen towels with oil, this method odes to sing and say that disappear stains of berries, coffee, grease stains. It does not require additional washing or in the machine or by hand.

    Besides, they write that white towels are bleached and color the picture becomes more vivid.

    • Also good feedback about those who tried to wash kitchen towels mustard. Suitable for this purpose dry mustard powder. Tablespoon of powder for 0.5 liter water. Depending on the number of dirty towels calculate the amount of required water and add desired amount of mustard. Dirty towels should be soaked in this water with mustard, and then wash. If the spots are gone, make of mustard slurry, apply on the stains for a few hours, then wash the towels. The spots should disappear.
    • A more time consuming way is to bleach kitchen towels with potassium permanganate. In very hot water dissolve a few crystals of potassium permanganate so that the water became saturated pink. Add in a solution of gall grated soap and soak the towel for the night. This method will not only help to remove stains and refresh the towels.
    • If your kitchen white towels, then wash off stains on them you can use silicate glue. Add the warm water, soap, powder and a spoonful of silicate glue. Place the container on the fire and boil on a slow fire. Towels Shine with pristine purity.
    • To wash greasy kitchen towels, boil them. Take the saucepan to boiling, dissolve in it the Laundry soap, add soda ash, you can pour the stain remover, and white towels will suit even the White. Lower back dirty towels and put on fire. Towels boil on a slow fire for about 15-20 minutes. If grease after boiling has not disappeared, to continue to fight the stains in the washing machine on intense mode. For white towels, use boiling, as for color mode with a temperature not exceeding 60 degrees.

    The smell

    Sometimes even freshly-laundered kitchen towels may come an unpleasant odor. To avoid this, before you wash the dirty tea towels, they should be rinsed in clean warm water, and after rinsing, soak in water with soda.

  • Add water to some powder (soap) and pour the soda (you can take ash, it will soften the water).
  • Washed away towels immersed in this water for some time.
  • After that you can take on the Laundry of kitchen towels in the manner which you are most interested in.

    As you can see, to wash kitchen towels in the home can be safely and effectively. All the spots on there own justice. Just do not forget that to change the kitchen towels as often as necessary, then wash off easier, and they will last longer.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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