How to clean pores on the back?

In the spring, all women begin to intensively prepare for the summer, solving a variety of aesthetic problems. One such problem is the ugly pores on the back. All those in beach season wants safely wear dresses and tops with open back, women’s website “” dedicates this article.

The struggle for beautiful skin on the shoulders and back should start with finding out the causes of defects on it.

Why clogged pores on the back

The main culprit appears on the back of an ugly broad then, is the strengthened work of sebaceous glands that can release excessive amounts of fat for the following reasons:

  • Genetics. Often with enlarged pores face the winner of the oily skin type, which is a problem inherited from mothers and grandmothers. Sebaceous glands of this skin produce a lot of fat which clog the natural openings on it. With the hole accumulated in this grease and dirt is an ideal environment for many species of bacteria. If cork grease is not clean, around them begins to form inflammation – the result of the struggle the body’s defenses to pathogens.
  • Hormonal disorders in adolescence. In this case, the problem may be temporary.
  • Stress. Because of the frequent emotional upheavals in the human body begins to produce increased amount of adrenaline. This leads to increased intensity of the sweat and sebaceous glands.
  • The wrong clothing. Clogged pores on the back can be fraught with a love of synthetic things, such as clothing allows the skin to breathe properly.
  • An improper diet. Eating foods rich in easy carbohydrates, can also lead to the formation of fatty congestion and blackheads.
  • A person such fat tubes cleaning is not so difficult, but regular cleaning of the skin on the back is already problematic. Many believe that it is impossible to do, so waiting for the moment when will be able to visit a beautician.

    But really clogged pores on the back can be removed without the help of a professional. The website found out that it is not necessary to go out of the house.

    How to clear pores on back at home

    To fight against tubercles on the back, you can resort to the following measures.

    Systematic peeling

    Oily skin is a systematic deep cleaning is necessary. As a scrub against clogged pores on the back can be used as a store-bought ready-made tools, and abrasive compounds are homemade.

    • Scrub of baking soda. For the preparation of such funds the usual baking soda mixed with shower gel or liquid soap. But it is better to combine soda with sour milk products such as low-fat yogurt. Soda scrub not only cleanses the skin to the skin, but disinfects it. However, beauticians do not like to recommend soda remedies for skin care of the body, because after all this stuff aggressively.
    • The sea salt scrub is the best alternative to soda cleansers that are more suitable for washing dishes or kitchen surfaces. Minus the salt scrub is that the salt quickly melts into a liquid solution, so to use this tool you should immediately after cooking. For the pores on the back of sea salt is recommended to grind and mix with a small amount of olive oil. In a mixture it is also useful to add an essential oil of any citrus: it dries the skin. To prepare the same scrub from regular table salt.
    • Scrub oatmeal gently cleans the skin and makes it very tender. To prepare the cleansing composition of the cereals is recommended to grind and mix with yogurt, but the shortage of time they can just take a handful, moisten with water and apply on the back. The effect is remarkable.

    Skin steaming in the bathroom

    The private bathroom can have a little sauna by simply including some very hot water. The room filled with warm steam, whereby the pores will begin to open up and they will be easier to clean with a washcloth.

    Large pore on the back: how to remove

    Sometimes on the back or shoulders is expanded only one time, the depth of which is seen a dark spot. This point can be a source of inflammation, so you need to get rid of it. But not by punching, even if it is in a very convenient location. To fight inflammation should be a different way.

    To cope with an extended, sometimes on the back, you can use several ways.

    Cleansing mask

    • Well tightens pores mask of blue clay. You just need to dilute the powder with water, lubricate the problem area and let the mask to dry.
    • High cleansing properties also has the mask of honey and salt. The mixture should be applied to skin, massage for several minutes, then rinse.
    • Lemon juice mixed with beaten egg whites and quail eggs can also be applied to the problem area of the skin to tighten pores.
  • Use products containing salicylic acid or tea tree oil. If deep time the back will become inflamed, it can begin to process special lotions against acne. They help to stop the growth of bacteria and reduce the intensity of the sebaceous glands, thus time is not so noticeable.
  • A warm compress of decoction of chamomile, sage, calendula and horsetail. To apply this remedy only in the absence of inflammation on the affected area. The compress is especially recommended in the case that the time huddled. After the compress, the contents of the pore to squeeze with clean hands and handle the area with antiseptic.
  • Coal-tar soap. It is a well proven weapon to combat all types of skin diseases copes with enlarged pores on the back and face. The only downside tar soap you can call it a persistent unpleasant smell, which many do not like it.
  • Those girls who want to make the skin of the back is delicate, beautiful and smooth, you need to take into account some General advice from beauticians.

    How to get rid of wide pores

    The best prevention appears on the back of the pores is periodic visit to the baths. If systematically steam with birch or oak twigs, the skin of the whole body becomes velvety and beautiful.

    Benefits to the skin will bring some habits:

  • Limit sweet, salty and spicy dishes. They all have a negative impact on the skin and the General condition of the body.
  • Rinsing from the hair balm so that the tool does not enter the skin of the back. He has the ability to clog pores.
  • To use for skin care argan oil. It is able to normalize the work of sebaceous glands and narrow pores wide at the back.
  • In the summer to spend more time on the beach, and in winter to tan in the Solarium. UV radiation dries the skin, making pores smaller.
  • Take baths with sea salt. And it’s good for the skin and nervous system supports a healthy nerves – the key to overall health.
  • If despite all the efforts of the pores on the back are still clogged and inflamed, you need to go to the clinic. Such a defect may indicate disorders of the endocrine system, kidneys or digestive tract. In such a case to fix the problem without the help of a doctor will not work in any way.

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