How to clean the sofa?

The resourceful readers of women’s website “” living in the big cities, you can clean the sofa “tricky” way, which we found on the Internet.

Invite to the house of representatives of any network marketing company selling cleaning products or super-duper household appliances (e.g. vacuum cleaner Kirby, Zepter) allegedly for the presentation and invite them to showcase your product on your favorite sofa.

Will cost you this method of cleaning a couple of hours of wasted time.

The main thing — carefully observe the magical transformation of your sofa, admire, but not to yield to the entreaties of the representatives of the companies that smell a mile away a potential buyer.

With words of gratitude and a promise to consider the acquisition of goods close the door for representatives and admire the clean sofa ?

If you this method did not fit, we offer you to get acquainted with other ways on how to clean the sofa at home.

Popular methods

A small contamination from the sofa can be removed with a sponge and water, and what to do if the upholstery you can read the story of a family: to see stains from spilled coffee or juice stains from popisov little baby and traces of the paws of our four-legged friends?

How to clean your sofa upholstery from stains? We offer you several ways among which you can choose the best for you.


Armed with sponge, warm water, detergent for dishes or special means for cleaning of upholstered furniture (Vanish, Profit (Profoam), Flat (Flat) Suite, LOCKE, etc.) Some of them need to be diluted with water, and there is foam: apply on sofa, and after some time wash it with a sponge or clean with a vacuum cleaner.

All of these preparations are good because they are easily washed off from the sofa upholstery, and foam formed from them a bit. But they are not all under the force of contamination.

Besides, as often noted in the reviews, after chemo sometimes are divorces or sticky residuethat the dust settles, and over time, upholstery becomes stained.

To avoid this, recommends its readers to clearly follow the recommendations in the user, not to exceed the period of application of the drug and to sustain proportion.

We also found good advice for those who want to clean the light sofa from stains so, so as not to leave streaks.

  • I clean the sofa parts. The main thing — at the same time to wet the entire surface and dry it. For example, take one sofa cushion. Vanish breed in the foam, quickly sponge the paint to the entire surface and stain true with a special force. Then dry with a sponge dipped in cool water, rubbed Vanish. Sponge all the time rinse and wring out well. Now, the important! Take an absorbent cloth microfiber (you can take a Terry towel) and wipe the sofa nearly dry. Change rags often. Just choose the next part of the sofa and work on this scheme. This way you can clean the sofa without stains. To clean better at night, so until morning sofa has dried completely. Katya.
  • The best cleans the sofa from any stains LOC (Amway). No divorce, no smell – just super! E..

For cleaning upholstery car interior

You can also clean the sofa with a cleaner car. Rubbed all the fun! After all, this medication and is designed to remove all kinds of stains in car interior from coffee, blood, oil, etc. No streaks, no smudges.

But be prepared for a pungent odor. Although the room is ventilated, the odor disappears, and the sofa becomes as good as new.

One spray is enough for the whole sofa. And, as they say, those who cleaned the sofa this way, it is well established and the import tool, and our domestic.

But keep in mind that this method is not suitable for those who in the family has allergies or small children.


In comments that Vanish and other chemicals well clean off a spot, but soon in the place where you applied the medication can appear gray traces. Therefore, I advise you to try to use soap. Especially this method is effective if you have a baby at home, and you are looking for a way to clean the sofa from traces of urine.

Here’s how to tell on the forum how to clean the sofa soap:

  • I have a small child, so the couch is something with something! I tried the Vanish, which gave temporary results. It’s clear, but then the spots appear. And then I remembered about the Laundry soap. Do this: into a bowl put the bar of soap, add a small amount of warm water, shaken. Take a brush and foam paint on the surface. A little wipe, and then quickly with a dry cloth through. You can not trust this method, but that’s how I get to escape from Papisov: no odor, no stain remains. Besides, soap is not harmful, it is safe. Elena.
  • And I use soap Sarma. Urine washes great and no odor is not audible. Even stains from fruit puree by Sarma wash. Just take the soap does not bleach, and the stains on the sofa will remain displayed. Masha.
  • So, those who do not know how to clean couch from urine and to get rid of its persistent odor, I advise you to pay attention to liquid “From the smell of the animals 8 in 1”. Sold in pet stores, has a pleasant orange scent and absorbs all smells. Zlata.

Soda, vinegar, powder

Super tool for cleaning sofas and carpets are easy to prepare at home. Costs are minimal, the result is excellent.

Take a spray bottle, covered it a scoop of washing powder, one tablespoon of soda, 30 grams of vinegar and dilute it all with a liter of boiling water. Spray on the stain and wipe with brush.

This method is suitable for any contamination, especially appreciated by those who are looking for how to clean the sofa from dirt.

Shaving foam

To clean stains from a white sofa can shaving foam. Apply in the evening to spot the foam is rubbed into the hot spots, and in the morning pass with a vacuum cleaner or cloth and stains disappear.

The steam generator

If you have a steam generator or a vacuum cleaner to clean the sofa from stains you can use them. Just before you start cleaning a steam generator, follows the first portion of steam to blow either in a cloth or basin, as will a lot of water.
Next, pass the steam over the entire surface of the sofa like a vacuum cleaner, but the brush is not pressed strongly.

Color refreshed, light pollution disappear. In addition, the steam generator will be held and disinfection.

New! The scraper!

To clean a sofa is actually from all contaminations by using Scraper. Is a fabric that made of very fine microfibers. It is able to penetrate into the smallest pores and pull out dirt. And do not need any chemicals. Only water and a Scraper.

Upon contact with water, the Clinker will absorb all the dirt, and you will be able to remove any stains from the upholstery. So the developers promise new items.

But the feedback on the Scraper on the Internet is very controversial. Some admire, others say it’s just a cloth that, to no avail.

Express assistance

Well, if you have a leather sofa and enough to wipe the surface with a damp sponge for cleaning. But what about those who have the sofa has soft upholstery? Something to clean the sofa from stains?

We offer you several ways how to remove couch stains and dust.

  • If you do not have the opportunity to bring the sofa outside to the well to dislodge dust, do it right in the room. Pre-cover the sofa wet sheets and kick it. A damp cloth will absorb all the dust.
  • Beer spots is removed with soap and vinegar solution. If the stain is fresh, it was dried with a dry kitchen towel, then treated with a solution with soap and water after the stain has dried, it is impregnated with acidified water (per liter of water add 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar).
  • Blood stains, remove with cold water and soap, if the blood is fresh. If the stain has already dried, try to clean the upholstery in the following ways:
  • To dissolve in a glass of cold water aspirin and wipe the stains.
  • To wipe blood stains, salted water (tablespoon per liter).
    • Remove from the couch chewing gum will help a bag with ice. Need to put ice on the gum. Wait until it hardens and then scrape it off with a metal object.
    • Spots juice from the sofa you can remove, mix equal parts ammonia and vinegar. Spot wet, allow surfaces to dry.

    As you can see, how to clean sofa at home there are many. If you are tired of fighting with the stains and buy a beautiful cover or blanket on the couch. Choose any way, and let your sofa gleaming.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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