How to clean the Windows and select the wash?

In today’s article on the website “” we want to share with their readers how to quickly clean the Windows. With our tips on how to wash Windows without streaks, you can choose the way you like best. Well, what is? Start!

We need to wash Windows?

So, the whole process is conditionally divide into 3 steps:

  • Remove dirt from the surface of frames and glass detergents;
  • Remove those detergents with which we clean a mess in the first stage;
  • Polishing glasses.
  • For this we need:

    • Foam sponge;
    • Detergent;
    • A piece of cloth (microfiber, cotton, suede), Newspapers.
    • Well, if you have a connector for window-washing, which is also called scraper;
    • Containers for water.

    Select the tool for washing Windows

    To wash dirt and dust from the window you can take the finished products for washing Windows (good reviews have Henkel Clin, Cistina, Mister Window, Briz lux) or use people’s advice and prepare the means themselves. By the way, is much cheaper, and sometimes the effect is better than from the purchase of drugs. We’ll show you a few recipes. Some of you heard, but there are those which will learn for the first time, in the future, perhaps they will choose as the best way for washing Windows.

    • Ammonia, which is added in warm water (1 tablespoon to 1 liter of water);
    • Soap (plain, brown commercial). It rubbed on a grater and mix well in warm water;
    • Chalk or tooth powder. From them prepare a homogeneous mixture, then stir in 1 Cup of water 3 tbsp of crushed chalk or powder;
    • There is another way how to wash Windows without streaks. To 1 liter of water, add a tablespoon of starch or the wipe the Windows cut raw potatoes;
    • Our grandmother loved to use vinegar. About 2 tablespoons per liter of water, and tarnished glass will Shine.
    • You can drop a few drops of liquid dishwashing. Just do not overdo it, as it is very foamy.
    • Many consider potassium permanganate best way for washing Windows. It is added to the water to become pink hue. Say that after you wash the window with water with potassium permanganate, divorce is never.

    Means for washing Windows, which you purchased in the store, greatly facilitates the process of washing Windows. All of the funds are identical:

    • Water;
    • PAV. These active substances are well break down dirt and separate the dirt from the glass;
    • Alcohol or acid.
    • Adds Shine to glass ammonia, which is part of the not all funds.
    • Also, the composition can be a silicone and antistatic — they help to preserve the purity of glass.

    Dishwashing plastic Windows

    Be careful when choosing a detergent for washing of plastic Windows:

    • First, the composition must not include gasoline, acid and solvent, which can not only change the color profile, but to damage it. Choose tools on the basis of alcohol.
    • Second, do not RUB the sills and frames of the cleaning products – they are scratching the plastic.
    • Carefully use water with potassium permanganate if you have opted for this method of washing plastic Windows. Try to handle them only the glass and the frame is better to wash with a solution of soap or liquid for washing dishes.

    Today you can find a comprehensive set for the care of PVC Windows, such as the company Edel Weiss.

    • It includes a cleanser for frames and sill, which does not contain alkalis and acids.
    • The means for care of rubber seals, which makes rubber elastic.
    • The grease that lubricate the fittings.
    • Cloth for cleaning glasses. Although the glass in the plastic Windows can be washed in any means for Windows.

    Removal of dirt

    Important advice that wants to give hostesses – don’t wash your Windows in Sunny weather! It from bright sunlight may remain divorces. It is for this reason that washing liquids are composed of alcohol, which dries out faster than we have time to wash off the remedy.

    Begin to clean the Windows from their frames. To do this, pass around the perimeter of detergent and rinse the frame with clean water.

    For wood and metal frames also have their own methods of washing – they are well washed with detergent or soap and water, but the lacquered frame is best to wipe the cold tea.

    You need to wash the window surface dirt before polishing to perfection glass. Start to wash the window from the inside. Detergent it is best to apply a sponge. To do this suggest so:

  • The resulting liquid for washing of glasses can be an atomiser, which can be applied directly to the window. But some advise to apply the product on the sponge, not on the glass, using a system of push-pull – liquid is not sprayed, and follows. Say, more economical. How do you decide.
  • If you use the tool for washing Windows, homemade, apply it with a sponge. It should be moist, but the liquid needs to drain out.
  • Distribute the tool with a sponge on the entire surface of the glass – so we dissolve all the dirt.
  • Again, soak the sponge in the bucket and applying a little effort, walk around the perimeter of the window, stopping at the junction of glass with frame, here it accumulates dirt.
  • Now you need to banish all the dirt down. If the inside of the Windows, this step can be missed, for external glass make it a must. This is best suitable scraper. This is a special device for washing glasses, which greatly facilitates the process in all phases of window cleaning, if it to be able to use it. Reminiscent of the scraper shovel (spatula) with rubber hems at the edges. To banish the dirt from the window, you need a coupler to hold the top down. You do not need to pay attention to the left strip – at this stage, it is permissible.
  • Instead of ties, you can use cloth. Do the same – just wash off the liquid with the Windows down.
  • Then again, put on our glass detergent with a sponge and begin to clean the glass.
  • By following these recommendations, you can wash the plastic window, but don’t forget about the choice of for profile.

    Window cleaning from detergents

    • Should not be allowed to completely dry on the glass. Windows need to start to wipe the top using a dry cloth, newspaper or squeegee. This motion should only be horizontal – that is, from edge to edge to the side in one direction. So we pass to the end of the window.
    • If you use a scraper after each pass, it must be wiped dry with a cloth. Walked once the glass is wiped. To keep the screed must be a bit of an angle, and each subsequent stripe, you are going to make should overlap the previous one, as if overlapping.
    • To change Newspapers and rags should be often. It is better that they were dry — here is the answer to the question of how to wash Windows without streaks.
    • After you have washed off the cleanser, again with a dry cloth will Pretoria the surface of the glass in areas where there is strip and walk around the perimeter of the frame.
    • If you have used a soap detergent, the glass should be cleaned again the same way with clean water, changing it several times, then the window will be streak free.

    Be sure to clean the Windows at this stage, as bad been washed in the fluid under the influence of ultraviolet radiation cloudy, and the window gets dirty easily. Besides, poorly washed Windows attract dust.

    For the best Shine is recommended to wipe the window with a mixture, which is water – 30 ml glycerin – 70 ml liquid ammonia and 20 ml. If you want to give the glass a greenish tint, add water, a little copper sulfate, and blue – blue.

    Polishing window surfaces

    The final stage that will make your Windows Shine with cleanliness – polishing. RUB the glass to a Shine using such materials:

    • Purchase cloths for polishing Windows;
    • Suede fabric;
    • Crumpled newspaper;
    • Nylon pantyhose.

    Polishing is easy. It is necessary to intensively RUB the already clean glass in a circular motion.

    That’s all the secrets how to wash Windows without streaks.

    Oh, by the way, we’re still not inspired this time-consuming job, tell you a secret that the Windows can not wash! Yes, you heard right. Just buy Samovodene glass. Today there are.

    The glass composition contains oxide of titanium. The sun formed organic compounds that break down all the dirt, and glass can destroy the dirt that it gets. Particularly well cleaned such a unique window in the rain. After him the glass glisten, and to look for ways on how to clean the Windows, do not have.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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