How to comb?

Brushing most of us take a mechanical procedure for adjusting their hair in order. She stands out no more than a minute, while the technique of brushing we have no attention don’t pay at all. And, incidentally, absolutely nothing. After brushing plays such an important role in making our hair healthy and shining. Therefore, if you are wondering how to comb, the website “” will gladly share with you a couple of secrets.

Useful than brushing?

Combing hair, we therefore carried out a scalp massage.

As a result of prolonged exposure to a massage brush or comb improves blood flow to the hair roots, the hair is nourished with oxygen and nutrients. In addition, this massage allows you to activate previously dormant bulbs of the hair, which will make our curls markedly thicker.

And in the process of combing, we still scrub from the hair of the remnants of the dust and desquamation of the skin.

Knowing how to properly comb, we also distribute the secretion of the sebaceous glands along the entire length of the hair, which protect our strands from the cold, wind and mechanical damage.

How to comb?

The first thing you will need before you start brushing is a good comb. They come in various types, made of different materials.

What kind of comb suits your hair and what to look for when buying it – read our article “How to choose a comb for your hair?”

Once the tool is decided, you can go directly to the combing procedure. To give it attention at least twice a day for 5-10 minutes minimum.

Before brushing tune in a good way – let your hair rest and fill ourselves with positive energy with you.

Answering the question of how to comb, most experts recommend performing the procedure lying. And you knew about this?

In this situation, the maximum blood rushes to the scalp and in the hair dermal papilla begin to accumulate nutrients. As a result of such manipulations, hair becomes stronger, slows down and stops hair loss.

To properly comb lying, you must take a comfortable position on the couch so that the head hung from its edge. Comb the hair you need from the back of the head in different directions. If you do not want to meet on the sofa, you can comb hair also sitting or standing – for this you just need to tilt your head forward.

Sebaceous glands located under the skin of our head is not just. Excreted secretion protects hair from external environment and makes them maximally elastic and shiny.

In order to distribute the natural oil along the length of the hair to swipe several times comb from root to tip and then smooth hair with his palm.

And remember – do not comb hair sharp movements not to damage the hairs. On the contrary, your actions should be calm, soft, even.

A few simple secrets

  • One should not comb wet hair. They start to split and become more brittle. If simply no way out, it is best to use a wide-toothed comb.
  • How to properly and gently comb hair without damaging your hair? It all depends on the length of hair. If short hair can be brushed right from the roots. But long you should start combing from the tips, gradually moving to the roots.
  • Use brushes and combs made from natural materials only.
  • Do not use other people’s combs. And don’t let anyone on his own.
  • How to take care of not only correctly, but with benefits for my hair? We suggest you try the procedure aromamassage, which has already been described ““. You will enjoy the flavors of your favorite oils, and your hair will become healthier and more beautiful.

    Here are a few simple rules that must be followed in order for the brushing brought your hair the maximum benefit. Now you know the answer to the question how to comb your hair.

    The website wants your hair under any circumstances, remain beautiful, silky and healthy.

    The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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