How to cook a fondue?

The website “” invites all the Housewives to pay attention to this delicious and tasty dish like a fondue. It is easy to decorate a festive table, and will create unique atmosphere during dinner. If you don’t know how to make fondue, we will help figure it out.

What is a fondue?

Fondue came to us from Switzerland. Translated from the French word “fondue” means “melted”, which very accurately reflects the essence of the food.

Originally fondue made of cheese melted in wine. The ingredients were placed in a special pot, under which was located a continuously operating burner. She supported the cheese in a molten state throughout the entire lunch. In the stringy cheese was traditionally macalis bread, pieces of meat and vegetables.

Fondue was invented by Swiss shepherds who climbed high into the mountains, and therefore was not able to constantly eat fresh and especially hot products. In order to bring back to life some dried pieces of cheese, they came up with this method of melting.

Today, fondue is very popular all over the world. Not only cheesy, but also kind of dessert — chocolate fondue. People are attracted to the pleasant taste of these products, and original way of serving.

How to cook a fondue?

Fondue you will need a special pot in which you melted the products. Its correct name — camelon. Though most people just call him a fondue pot.

In the respective app stores you will find them in extremely large range, and therefore will easily be able to pick up the fondue set that best suit you in terms of appearance and price.

As a rule, the volume pot are special forks and fondue stands on high metal legs.

All forks differ either in form or in color. This is to ensure that every visitor had a chance to use his individual fork and not confused it with others.

Immediately with the fondue you need to buy and special combustible means.

Once you have got the special tool, you can proceed directly to cooking.

So, how to prepare fondue at home?

Cheese fondue

If you want to make cheese fondue, you will need cheese, dry white wine, starch and a little lemon juice.

Choice of cheese and wine should be based solely on your own preferences. The website invites you to experiment a bit with different options until you find the one that you like the most.

Place the fondue pot on the stove. Heat it in a half glass of wine, and then add about 400 grams of grated cheese. To make fondue uniform will help starch, pre-diluted in wine.

Once the fondue is ready, transfer the pot from the stove on a special stand. With fondue you can eat almost anything you want — dried pieces of bread, chips, zucchini, bacon, pickles.

Chocolate fondue

Make chocolate fondue is also very easy. The only rule is that for its preparation use only high-quality chocolate the content of cocoa powder in which not less than 72%.

In addition to chocolate you will also need cream, and a couple of tablespoons of brandy. 400 grams of chocolate will take about a half Cup of cream.

Want to know how to make chocolate fondue? Heat cream in fondue pot, then add the chocolate and cognac. Stir until then, until the mixture becomes homogeneous. After that serve.

From spices to chocolate fondue perfect vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg.

With chocolate fondue you can eat a variety of fruits — apples, kiwi, pineapples, bananas and, of course, strawberries.

Fondue without a fondue pot

If you want to prepare a fondue, but you have neither the time nor the desire to buy a fondue pot, it is possible to do without it.

Help you to understand how to do fondue without a fondue pot: for this you need to install in a water bath for a regular bowl of porcelain, metal or glass.

Prepare fondue the recipe and just pour the cheese or chocolate mixture in a separate dish for serving.

Couple of useful tips

  • To cheese fondue has acquired the zest, RUB the inside of pot with garlic clove.
  • Stir fondue is better at infinity — so the mixing of wine and cheese and chocolate and cream will be more uniform.
  • Dipped in fondue piece of bread or fruit, try to simultaneously carry out a mixing movement. This will allow the dish to preserve its homogeneity.

Thus, to prepare fondue at home is easy. This dish is original and the method of submission will surely decorate your table.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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