How to cook bacon and eggs: 4 recipe with cream cheese, tomatoes and beans

How to cook bacon and eggs? What ingredients will make it taste better? How to choose a meat to the dish to be appetizing? Unveil the secrets of making classic and original dishes with cheese, tomatoes and beans.

10 minutes 1 serving. Easy to prepare

Bacon and eggs — part of a traditional English Breakfast is especially a favorite of legendary detective Sherlock Holmes. Eat it with a knife and fork and usually prepared as follows: separately roasted meat product and, separately, in the same pan, fried. The British, accustomed to a big Breakfast, I like to bring to the table fried mushrooms, fresh or canned tomatoes, and two or three toasts with butter. Wash down the meal with plenty of coffee or orange juice.

The calorie content of bacon and eggs — 239 kcal per 100 g of product. One serving will be about a third of the daily calories the average person, so the dish can not be attributed to diet. Because of the high fat content, bacon is not recommended to include in the diet is actively losing weight people. Meals with the contents of smoked meat is prepared for children and people with diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Cooking secrets

  • Choose quality bacon. Rate the appearance of the product: natural with smoked meat is quite brown, when exposed to liquid smoke, orange or yellow. Good bacon has a uniform alternating meat and fat of fat no more than 2 cm.
  • Not perezhivajte meat product. Having lost its fat content, it will be salty and hard.
  • Salt in moderation. Bacon is usually already salty, so the excess salt can ruin the taste of the dish.
  • When frying bacon, do not add oil. When heated the pan of the sebaceous layer of the product begins to release fat, which is enough for cooking and meat and eggs. Excess fat will affect not only the taste of the dishes, but also on the shape.

A classic recipe

How to cook bacon and eggs? The recipes are many: it’s the British prefer to cook and serve bacon and eggs separately, U.S. residents in one complex dish, don’t prozharivaya fried to a crisp, and stirring it with a spatula. Traditional bacon and eggs usually does not contain additional ingredients and goes well with beans as a side dish or sauce.

You will need:

  • eggs — 3 pieces;
  • bacon — 150 g;
  • spices, salt;
  • greens.


  • Finely slice the bacon. Fry the slices in a pan with non-stick coating on both sides, until they become translucent, about 1-2 minutes.
  • Beat the eggs to the bacon to the yolks remained intact.
  • Fry the eggs for 3-4 minutes. At the end sprinkle with herbs.
  • In recipe for bacon and eggs is not forbidden to add veggies (tomatoes, zucchini, corn, green peas, bell pepper) and finely chopped onions. Seasoning the dish is recommended with caution, since the bacon is already salty.

    According to research scientists, smoked bacon (with ham, bacon and canned meat) long-term use increases the risk of colon cancer. Body-safe amount of the product is only 70 g per week.Original recipes scrambled eggs with tomatoes becoems

    Scrambled eggs with bacon and tomatoes — a dish that combines and palatability, and use. Like all vegetables, they are saturated with vitamins perform antioxidant function — stop the process of oxidation of cells in the body. Tomatoes you can use regular, and cherry — only in this case 3 times more. In addition, the tomato component of the dish, you can add as tomato or tomatoes in their own juice at the same stage of cooking the dish is juicy and pleasant acidity.

    You will need:

    • eggs — 3 pieces;
    • bacon — 100 g;
    • garlic — 2 tooth;
    • tomatoes — 2 pieces;
    • cheese — 200 g;
    • onion (red) — 1 piece;
    • vegetable oil — 4 tbsp;
    • cilantro — a handful;
    • salt, pepper — a pinch.


  • Bacon or cut into small pieces, or plates.
  • Scald the tomatoes, removing the skins, coarsely chop.
  • Onions cut into half rings, garlic finely chop. Saute together with tomato and meat in vegetable oil for 10 minutes.
  • Whisk eggs with salt, pepper and pour to the vegetables. Once a protein loses transparency, sprinkle the dish with grated cheese, cilantro and cook under the lid for another 2 minutes. Can be served!
  • Together with grated cheese chefs add to the dish serving toast of black bread, diced and grated garlic. If you want to make an omelette with bacon and tomatoes, add to the eggs at the mixing stage 60 g (3 tablespoons) milk.

    Traditionally, an omelette with milk, but mixing eggs with low-fat natural yogurt will make the dish hearty, softer and will allow him to get rid of vapidity, finding a piquant acidity.With cottage cheese

    Meat and cheese — an unusual but delicious combination of ingredients in the scrambled eggs. Dish with the addition of cheese turns out very juicy, tender and useful. So the eggs are cooked evenly and was pleased with the pleasant taste of the cheese before cooking you need to grind until a homogeneous granular mass.

    You will need:

    • eggs — 3 pieces;
    • bacon — 125 g;
    • cottage cheese — 200 g;
    • ground pepper, black;
    • salt.


  • Slice the bacon in small pieces and fry in a pan for 3 minutes.
  • Eggs lightly beat with salt and pepper.
  • Pour the meat eggs and simmer for 2 minutes.
  • In a dish put the cheese and mix, bake for another 1.5-2 minutes, until the cheese gets warm. Ready!
  • Cheese can be successfully replaced by the same quantity of soft cheese and cook according to the recipe. To serve the dish recommended is laid out on a prepared hot toast.

    With beans (recipe from Jack London)

    It is considered that to combine bacon with beans in one dish came up with Jack London during the harsh winter trek to the Klondike. The Englishman mixed the ingredients and froze them in the form of briquettes, after which warmed on the fire. Traditionally, the dish used beans, but with adaptation to our time is not prohibited to replace them with green or baked beans.

    You will need:

    • canned beans — 1 Bank;
    • eggs — 5 pieces;
    • bacon — 100 g;
    • onions — 1 head;
    • salt.


  • Bacon cut into chips and fry in a pan with the finely chopped onions 7 minutes.
  • With beans drain the liquid and vysypat it to the mass of bacon and onion, continue to simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Mix the eggs with salt and pour into the pan with the rest. Cook 3-5 minutes to complete.
  • For cooking eggs dry beans, legumes requires soaking for 4 hours, pre-cooked in salted water and then cook according to the recipe. When cooking scrambled eggs with green beans, it needs to boil until tender (about 7 minutes) and reduce the time stewing in the pan to 2 minutes. This hearty and delicious dish that I love to cook for Breakfast the British, is typical for Asian cuisine, where he generously added a spicy condiment.

    Any recipe for scrambled eggs with bacon is delicious in its own way. However, each of them can boast of an extraordinary palatability, and satiety, which is enough until dinner. Try it!

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