How to cook cake in the microwave?

The website “” will tell you how to cook cake in the microwave. It turns out that the process of making this already simple dish can be further simplified.

Well, his taste is absolutely no worse than a traditional pie, and sometimes even will exceed it.

Why is baking cakes in the microwave?

If you are interested in how to cook cake in the microwave, then you probably know already that in this respect, the microwave is almost not inferior to the classic the oven. With it you can bake cakes and casseroles, pizzas, puddings and muffins, pies with apples, cabbage, cottage cheese, fish and not only.

Of course, Golden brown, they will not get, but will be very gentle, soft and lush.

Well, the main advantage of using a microwave oven is speed cooking. The cooking of any pie it will take a few minutes, which will greatly save time.

In addition, you may open a microwave door and check if the pie’s ready, without fear that the dough will fall.

If desired, the dough can be kneaded in advance and keep in the freezer. This will allow you the right time to quickly bake a cake and immediately apply it to the table hot.

By the way, you and cooked cakes can be kept in the freezer before use and only warm them all in the same microwave.

Basic rules

If you wondered how to cook a delicious cake in the microwave, you should learn some rules. It should be adhere during cooking.

  • Pies should be prepared only in special dishes and containers intended for use in a microwave oven. They are characterized by high margins, as in the microwave the dough rises more than in the oven.
  • Flour a baking dish sprinkle not worth it. Enough to put her greaseproof paper.
  • When baking cakes in the microwave must be thoroughly mixed dough, as lumps of sugar, for example, can easily burn.
  • Mixing the ingredients for the dough, add a little more liquid than the recipe. The calculation should be as follows — tablespoon milk or water for one egg.
  • Many people know how to cook cake in the microwave, but do not know how to check if he’s ready. The fact that the cake might look crude in appearance, but to be dry on the inside. To help in such a situation comes a regular toothpick.
  • After cooking the pie, take the time to remove it from the mold. Let him stand in it until slightly cooled.
  • When making a cake in the microwave there is no need to bake each cake separately. You can make one wide the cake and cut it lengthwise into two or three parts.
  • Suggest a recipe for a cake in the microwave

    Microwave allows you to cook any pastries. Therefore, if you need a quick cake in the microwave recipe find will not be a problem.

    However, the website offers a couple of proven options for how to cook in a microwave oven is really tasty pie.

    Pie apples

    If you love Apple pie, the recipe in the microwave allows it to cook quickly and without hassle. To do this, simply mix one Cup of sugar and flour, 3 eggs, 3 tablespoons of milk and half teaspoon of baking powder.

    On the bottom of the form put sliced apples and pour the resulting dough. At the highest power in the microwave oven and the pie will be ready in 8-10 minutes.

    Chocolate pie

    This recipe involves the following ingredients — a bar of dark chocolate, half a pack of butter, half Cup sugar and a half Cup of flour, teaspoon of baking soda and 3 eggs. First, melt water bath chocolate and butter, let them cool slightly. Whisk sugar with eggs. Combine the chocolate and egg mixture, add flour and soda. By the way, quenching soda is not necessary. Pour the batter into the pan and put in the microwave oven. At high power this cake will be prepared not more than 6 minutes.


    If you are interested in the most simple cake recipe in the microwave, this cake you will definitely be pleased. To prepare it you can mix right in the baking pan a Cup of flour, half Cup sugar, half Cup milk and baking powder.

    To prepare the cake we need the average power of the microwave for 10-13 minutes. Once the cake is cooked, you need to cut it lengthwise into two parts and soak any jam or marmalade.

    Thus, in various baking microwave is not inferior to the traditional oven. If you have a microwave oven, uncover its full potential and begin to use this device for cooking a delicious and quick pie.

    The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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