How to cook chickens from sugar?

The website “” knows that many of us males on the coli cause a pleasant Association. And even those who in childhood did not catch the peak of the popularity of this delicacy, certainly would not refuse the chance to pamper yourself today.

And though the sale to find these tasty and harmless candies is not so easy, you can always cook them yourself at home.

You need to prepare your cockerels?

Before you begin cooking your favorite candy, you should get the necessary utensils. You will need the following items:

  • Molds. In them and will freeze your chickens. The main requirement is the ability to withstand temperatures of 160 degrees, as it is the process of melting sugar. That’s why an ordinary plastic molds for ice in this situation you will not do. It is better to buy tins of metal, silicone or heat resistant plastic.
  • Sticks. The market today they are represented as made of metal and wood. In a pinch you can take and floss.
  • Utensils for cooking caramel mass. The perfect solution is a small saucepan or metal ladle.

How to cook chickens on a stick?

After you prepare all the necessary tools, we can proceed directly to work on the candy. There are several recipes for this delicacy, but because the site offers your choice of the main ones.

So, how to make homemade end of the line from sugar?

Classic transparent Petushki

Take a Cup of sugar, teaspoon of Apple or wine vinegar and five tablespoons boiling water. Place all these ingredients in prepared pan and send it on a slow fire. Do not forget to stir the caramel a lot, so she doesn’t overheat. As soon as the mixture will acquire a rich brown tint, you can remove it from the fire.

Pour the caramel in a greased with butter form and stick toothpicks. A couple of hours at room temperature sufficient to lollipops frozen. After that they are ready to eat.

Creamy milk cocks

Another recipe for homemade cocks made of sugar. These candies will be a nice milk flavor and an interesting creamy. This time you’ll need a Cup of sugar, half a Cup of milk or even cream, 30 g butter, vanillin.

Mix all the ingredients in the appropriate pot and gradually heat the mixture until then, until it becomes explicit brown finish. Then exactly the same as in the first case, spread the prepared mixture on the forms and insert sticks.

Multicolored lollipops

Also a great recipe — rooster sugar at home thanks to him absolutely will not differ from the store. Take half a Cup of sugar, 3 tablespoons of any juice to suit your taste and a teaspoon of vinegar.

Further, it is necessary to operate the old fashioned way — cook on low heat until thick mass and pour the mixture over prepared cake tins.

Males from sugar without pans

You already know how to make cocks of sugar in the molds. But what if the appropriate devices at hand?

First, your goal is perfect for silicone or metal mold of the cookies. Secondly, it can be prepared and independently from the regular foil, folded several times. Well help out in this situation, and waffle iron for the production of “nuts”.

In extreme cases you can use tablespoons. Let these lollipops and would not be much different aesthetic appeal, but will still bring a lot.

Useful tips

  • To check the readiness of caramel, can, dropping it in cold water. If she instantly froze in the water, then the mixture can be safely removed from the fire.
  • As quickly as possible to remove the Cockerel from the mold, pour it with hot water. So the top layer of caramel will melt and you will be able to retrieve the candy.
  • If you wish, you can always diversify your Goodies by adding caramel, citrus peel, cocoa, coffee, various powders and not only.

Lollipops with medicinal properties

Males of sugar may not only be sweets. So, if you add in the caramel boiling different herbs, roots, honey, candy will become more and medicinal properties. For example, chamomile can help relieve stress and relax. Eucalyptus and honey will be indispensable for throat problems. Mint and lemon balm freshens breath. Well, ginger will give an opportunity to strengthen the immune system.

Now you know how to make a cock out of sugar. Moreover, you have realized that there is absolutely nothing complicated. Just a couple of effort and the minimum of ingredients necessary in order to get a really delicious and, most importantly, absolutely harmless treat.

These lollipops will appreciate all your family members. Yes, and you are such candy for sure will be delighted.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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