How to cook frozen shrimp correctly and tasty: beer, salad, microwaved + reviews

Hot, juicy, flavorful, and yet light and fresh – just the thought of boiled shrimp provokes appetite. The seafood much like the same as athletes and proponents of a healthy lifestyle, and fans of foam intoxicating drink. Knowing how to cook frozen shrimp, a few minutes will prepare the fitness dinner, and will treat the second half of the perfect beer snack.

5 min 1 portion. Very easy to prepare

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  • 1 Species of decapod
  • 2 Trust but verify: the 5 rules of choosing
  • 3 How to boil shrimp: calculating by the minute
  • 4 a Few recipes for every taste
    • 4.1 rapid method
    • 4.2 With lemon juice
    • 4.3 With the Bay leaf and dill
    • 4.4 Fried with garlic and chilli
  • 5 Who and how to cook: reviews

Shrimp is a popular delicacy, which is considered a delicacy in many countries. These marine crustaceans of the decapod squad capable of reaching up to 30 cm in length, and their species is over two thousand. However, on the shelves of supermarkets and fish shops are the most common instances of length 12 cm They are sold fresh, fresh frozen or cooked ice cream. And only after the heat treatment are transformed into a fragrant appetizer, exquisite dish or salad ingredient.

The answer to the question how to cook shrimp, depends on the type you have purchased seafood. To understand what the product before you, frozen or fresh, it’s easy. Just look at the color of the Goodies and use the table.

Table – How to determine the freshness of the crustaceans in colour

ColorView shrimp
Dark greenFresh large
Transparent pinkFresh small
Hot pinkCooked frozen

Surprisingly, everyone’s favorite seafood is born a hermaphrodite. Shrimp is endowed with the unique ability to change their gender in the process of life depending on what function the raising of offspring, they should perform in a specific period of time.Species of decapod

Shrimp are divided into warm – and cold-water. The first can be true giants, reaching a few tens of centimeters in length. They are caught in the waters of Ecuador, China, Latin America and Thailand. In the domestic counters of hot water most often flaunt the Argentine. Their cold-water counterparts, imported from Norway, Denmark, Greenland and the Baltic States, much less. The table shows the most common types and features of each of them.

Table – Popular types of shrimp

RoyalGreen or blue color;
– back is more massive than the head;
– flavor enhanced by the structure
Tiger– The characteristic dark stripes on the carapace;
– length can reach up to 45 cm;
– the meat content is higher than in other types;
– often bred in artificial ponds on special shrimp farms
The lings or NorthThe smallest;
– as a rule, brought from the Atlantic;
– maximum length – 11 cm

Another popular for our latitude view – Azov shrimp caught in the waters of the sea of Azov. This almost domestic delicacy often sell glasses, like seeds, in the coastal areas and resort towns. Size Azov treats a little more than sunflower seeds, but the meat is hiding under a small shell, very tender and juicy. For cooking complex dishes such crustaceans in the power of the miniature is not good, but in the form of beer snacks is very good.

When you cook frozen raw shrimp, then the abdomen can detect the eggs. This is the main feature of Northern seafood. The rest are not caviar, and immediately toss it in the water.Trust but verify: the 5 rules of choosing

A Royal cook, or any other shrimp, they need to choose wisely on the counter and bring home fresh, high-quality seafood. Listed below are the five principles of a successful purchase.

  • Information on the label. The packaged product must have a label which shall contain the following information: country of origin, manufacturer, date of packaging, shelf life, quantity of shrimp to the specified weight, the barcode corresponding to the producing country.
  • Attention to the tail. According to the rules, crustaceans should be frozen alive. This is confirmed by the twisted tail. If the tail is straight, it means that the technology has been broken.
  • The black spots. On the shell of the fresh product should be no dark spots. Their presence indicates that the product is clearly not the first freshness.
  • The presence of snow inside the package. Snow or pieces of ice inside the package indicate re-freezing. This product is better not to take.
  • The color of the head. Shrimp, having heads in black, is sick or spoiled shellfish, which are consumed in food is impossible. But green heads let you are not confused. About anything bad that color is not a sign and is normal.
  • How to cook shrimp: calculating by the minute

    How to cook fresh shrimp, and from this process different algorithm cooking cooked frozen seafood? Frozen shrimp before sending it in boiling water should be defrosted. Fresh thrown into boiling water immediately, without any additional manipulation. Optimum cooking time is five minutes. After the stove should be off, and leave the shrimp in the broth for another five minutes. Cooking frozen peeled shrimp should be exactly the same as the fresh seafood in the shell.

    How many minutes to cook the shrimp after boiling, if the product has already been heat treated from the manufacturer? Cooked frozen shrimp are boiled for a maximum of two minutes. This time is sufficient to have them completely thawed and thoroughly warmed up.

    To understand what heat treatment it is necessary to “wrap it up”, can be bright orange-pink color of the shell and white eyes. These are the basic signs of the absolute cooked meals.

    Several recipes for every taste

    Before preparing the best seafood to defrost. Competent defrost shrimp at home should not occur at room temperature. Seafood is thawed on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. And only after complete thawing the treat will be ready for further heat treatment.

    Express method

    Feature. This method of cooking seafood in the microwave oven. Before cooking in microwave shrimp need to be defrosted. Or they will stick to each other and turn to mush.


    • prawns – 500 g;
    • soy sauce – 50 g;
    • water – 50 g;
    • salt – teaspoon;
    • lemon juice – a teaspoon.

    The algorithm is cooking

  • Wash pre-thawed refrigerated shrimp in a small amount of warm water and spread in a glass dish for microwave oven.
  • Add to dish water and soy sauce in equal parts, sprinkle with salt and put in three minutes in the microwave, after selecting the device with the highest capacity.
  • After the specified time get the seafood, re-salt and put into oven for another two minutes.
  • Take out the seafood, pour the sauce and lightly sprinkle with delicacy with lemon juice.
  • With lemon juice

    Feature. Top recipes this is ideal for those who have no time to bother. Its implementation will take no more than ten minutes. In the end, you will get an ideal snack to beer – fresh, hot and well perceptible the aroma of the sea.


    • shrimp in the shell – 500 g;
    • lemon – one thing;
    • salt – tablespoon.

    The algorithm is cooking

  • Boil water (2 l per 500 g of product – ideal proportions of water and of seafood in the cooking process).
  • After boiling, salt the water and immediately put in a pan of shrimp.
  • After completing the heat treatment, throws in a colander and remove the water completely.
  • Spread the seafood on a wide dish and sprinkle with fresh and pre-sent through a sieve lemon juice without pulp.
  • The comments of the experienced cooks attest to the fact that the method can be used in the case when you cook the shrimp as a salad ingredient. Prior to mixing seafood with other parts of the meals don’t forget to cut them: in a salad are placed shrimp without a head.With the Bay leaf and dill

    Feature. This recipe can easily be considered domestic. The idea is to season boiled shrimp, a bunch of dill and a few leaves of Laurel is well settled in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Dill and Bay leaf are condiments that are always available in the kitchen. So, bringing delicacy home to run for the extra ingredients are not needed.


    • dill – one bunch;
    • Bay leaf – three or four pieces;
    • prawns – 500 g;
    • salt – tablespoon.

    The algorithm is cooking

  • Bring the seafood to a boil and season water with salt.
  • Throw in a pot of boiling seafood Bay leaf, and sealed with thread and a bunch of dill.
  • Close the lid and leave for another two or three minutes.
  • Pour water out, take out the dill and Bay leaf.
  • Put the portions on plates and serve with the quartered lemon.
  • Experts recommend to add dill beam. It does not hurt the flavor without the rest to give their flavor, and allow at the end of cooking to easily remove the fennel from the pan.

    Fried with garlic and chilli

    Feature. This is a spicy dish which should not be given to children, but definitely worth it to offer adults. It has removed us from the Asian cuisine. Shrimp with chili will be a great beer snack and the perfect complement to a glass of white wine. The cooking method is extremely fast. To implement will need a wok (deep pan, the bottom of which has a small diameter). For lack of a suitable and conventional frying pan.


    • prawns – 500 g;
    • olive oil – two tablespoons;
    • garlic – two cloves;
    • chili pepper two pods;
    • lemon juice – tablespoon;
    • coriander – to taste.

    The algorithm is cooking

  • If the product was purchased in the ice glaze before roasting, it must be defrosted and dry, laying out on paper towels and soaked them from above.
  • Heats the pan, pour oil into it, throw a knife pre-crushed garlic and finely chopped chilli. Fry for two minutes.
  • Put shrimp fry, stirring constantly, for two to three minutes.
  • After purchasing the pink color of the shrimp spread on a cold plate, sprinkle with ground coriander and serve.
  • Peel and cut the red pepper should be only in rubber gloves. Seeds out of the pod should be removed at once – they are not a meal ingredient.

    Shrimp – a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals required by the human body for proper development. In these small, whiskered creatures contains a lot of calcium, zinc and phosphorus and lethal – in the good sense of the word – doses of iodine, iron and manganese. Shrimp is rich in omega acids and antioxidants that prevent premature aging and significantly reduce the risk of cancer. But that’s not all.

    Shrimp has long been considered a powerful aphrodisiac – a product that is able to increase the human libido. Therefore, knowing how to cook frozen raw shrimp will help to kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, you feed your chosen delicious nourishing and wholesome food, land and beer lover, and resident gym. And on the other with ease and without losses will overcome the way to his heart, which, as you know, is through his stomach.

    Who and how to cook: reviews

    Offer another recipe that I really like, all borrowed from the local Chinese (Vancouver) and slightly upgraded. Small shrimps (3-5 cm) with their heads defrosted, rinsed with water and poured on a pre heated skillet with vegetable oil. Completely dry them before this is not necessary, because water is needed to form the sauce. After that, the shrimp sprinkled with black pepper and paprika, are continuously mixed. I add the seasoning with rosemary. Spice to spare (to taste), but watch that the water does not fully evaporate. Once at the bottom of the pan is formed a slurry of spices and water – shrimp is ready. Dip the bottom of the sauce and enjoy! Bon appetit!


    I do not cook shrimp in water. I cook them in a skillet (deep frying pan) in their own juice. With salt and spices. They are impregnated with their juice and become delicious.

    Sergei Tsurikov,

    I bought Royal raw. And fry them on both sides for 2 minutes on the pan. it turns out perfectly, lots of meat, juicy, quickly and conveniently. cooking small shrimp, I recently moved. Do not forget to pour the lemon juice.


    Buy prawns not cleaned (expensive, but sometimes allow). In salt water (even salty) to put a bunch of dried dill (if not, can fennel seeds zavyazanymi in a knot in the bandage, nylon) pour the shrimp, before the second boiling add soy sauce(about 1/3 Cup) and lemon slit rings. Cook after boiling for 10 minutes, because the shrimp are large and they need to boil well. Prepared shrimp put in a salad bowl and pour the soy sauce-2-3 tbsp and a 1/2 squeeze of lemon. Stir and enjoy the taste! If someone doesn’t like soy sauce, then do without it.


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