How to cook okroshka on kvass: recipe and 5 tips

How to cook okroshka on kvass: recipe this dish goes back to the origins of Russian cuisine. Simple, fast, healthy and very rich — it will allow to diversify the summer menu to include only those dishes which is happy exhausted by the heat of the body. So, let’s start!

1 hour. 6 servings. Easy to prepare

Okroshka is considered a national Russian and Ukrainian dish best served cold. Something between a soup and second, it is ideal for a summer menu. First, it is prepared from simple ingredients, which in the summer season you’ll definitely find in the garden or in the market at an affordable price. Secondly, no problems in the question of how to make hash, just no. And third, the cool vegetable-meats will please the stomach, which is not desirable in the heat to digest heavy food.

5 secrets classic dishes

Every experienced housewife has in the Arsenal several solutions how to make okroshka on kvass. To add satiety to the dish, put in the sour cream. And to satiety, on the contrary, to reduce, but to flavor — infuse the serum. As an aid to the stomach and intestines is actual cooking okroshka on kefir, but if you want to impress guests and loved ones, use laboratively Caucasian fermented milk drink ayran.

Such multiple number of variations thus does not complicate the question of how to cook hodgepodge. Especially if we are talking about the classic dish. With it’s simple important to observe a few rules.

  • Use home brew. For the preparation it will need wheat, buckwheat and rye flour and also the yeast from barley and rye malt, fermented with mint. This product is a sour, white. In order not to complicate the cooking hash, the recipe can be adapted to store kvass. It is important to use a drink with minimal sugar.
  • Use the meat. Recipe okroshka with kvass is unthinkable without of boiled beef, chicken or Turkey. Commonly used low-fat varieties, which allow to consider diet even meat okroshka on kvass, calories rarely exceed 60 Kcal per 100 grams of weight meals. This option is also very satisfying and attractive to men. You can replace meat products boiled sausage.
  • Slice vegetables the same way, for example, strips or cubes. Sometimes recipes recommend rubbing a part of the ingredients, and cut part. But be prepared that in this case the dish can be unattractive.
  • Be sure to cook the filling! It will give the rest of the ingredients bright flavors. Separate boiled egg yolks, mash them with the mustard, add the sour cream and sugar, stir. Add to the mix some brew, and then add the chopped components.
  • Before adding in the dish is green onion, grind it with salt.
  • Classic hash

    Suggest you learn how to correctly preparing the hash on kvass, the recipe photo will help you to clarify all the details!

    So, you need to hash? Quite a bit:

    • boiled in their skins potatoes — 5 PCs.;
    • cucumber — 4 PCs.;
    • boiled egg — 2 PCs.;
    • radish — 7 PCs.;
    • boiled lean meat — 300 g;
    • dill, parsley, green onions — 1 bunch;
    • mustard — 1 tablespoon;
    • sour cream — 100 g;
    • sugar and salt, black pepper — to taste;
    • brew 1 liter.


  • The ingredients should be clean and equally cut. Divide the eggs into yolks and whites, chop the whites.
  • Prepare dressing: mash egg yolks with mustard, mix with sugar and sour cream, pour some brew.
  • Put the seasoning in bulk, add chopped greens and onions rubbed with salt.
  • Mix and pour kvas. Allow to stand for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.
  • Classic with bitterness!

    Recipe okroshka on kvass that use radishes, and radish, also applies to the good classics. This dish is called okroshka monastic and especially have the taste of men. It uses a large amount of meat, and to add spice, put radish. In contrast to radish, this vegetable does not lose the bitterness, and has a slightly salty taste, which can be very useful approaches in this context.

    Okroshka with radish — recipe

    Prepare the brew. It will require:

    • rye crackers — 500 g;
    • yeast — 25 g;
    • dried mint 20 g;
    • sugar — 1 Cup.
    • water.


  • Crackers break into small pieces, put it into a container and pour boiled water in a volume of 5 liters, heated to 80oC.
  • Leave to infuse for 4 hours. The resulting infusion drain, save it, and in crackers pour 2 liters of warm water, leave for 3 hours.
  • Mix the two infusions, stir in the sugar.
  • In yeast, add a little infusion, dilute. Put them in infusion, add the mint.
  • Leave to ferment for 12 hours in the heat.
  • Strain the drink and refrigerate.
  • For making hash you will need:

    • radish — 1 PC.;
    • potatoes — 3 PCs.;
    • cucumbers — 2 PCs.;
    • eggs — 2 PCs.;
    • horseradish — 2 tablespoons;
    • green onions — beam;
    • sour cream — 4 tbsp;
    • salt — a pinch;
    • sugar — 2 tsp


  • Radish wash and peel, grate on a coarse grater.
  • Boil potatoes, cut into strips.
  • Mix the radish and potatoes, add salt, leave for 1 hour.
  • Julienne slice the cucumber.
  • Eggs boil, peel, cut in half.
  • Green onions chop and grind with salt and sugar.
  • Mix all ingredients, add horseradish, cold brew. When serving, put half the eggs, can add sour cream to taste.
  • Cooking okroshka on kvass takes a little time. And the taste is just excellent!

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