How to cook on a fire?

It’s the long-awaited summer. And he appeared with him and desire more and more often go to the nature because warm sometimes the best pastime. Well, if you have a picnic, you definitely need to prepare some meals on the campfire — without them, the rest certainly will be incomplete.

In this regard, the website “” decided to share with you a couple of proven recipes.

Than healthy meals on a campfire?

Whatever we decided to cook on the campfire — meat, fish or vegetables, it’s just incredibly delicious. And, most importantly, useful. After all these products we cook with no added fat or spices. And even if you bought the meat is fatty by itself, in the process of cooking most of the fat will evaporate.

That is why meals cooked on fire, it is recommended to consume all those who have problems with the stomach, gallbladder or liver.

How to cook on a fire?

Meals to cook on the campfire is a snap. And often you do not even need special tools. However, having a barbecue or a grill, you will greatly facilitate the task itself. Think about them should be the case that if you go on picnics quite often.

Another important point is fuel for a fire. The use of the material at hand can delay cooking for hours. Therefore, if you have no desire to wait that long, you should buy special fuel briquettes for kindling a fire.

As the fuel briquettes and the normal wood and coal should be used on the same principle. Put them in their place, prepared to fire, ignite, and wait, until the bright flame. Once the fire begins to subside, your used coals will light ashes. Divide the briquettes into smaller pieces and gently spread — so they will give the heat more evenly, and your food cooked on the fire, will taste better.

Several tested recipes for picnic
Chicken thighs

The easiest and most inexpensive way to enjoy lunch outdoors. Buy chicken thighs, you can at any of the supermarkets — both in advance and immediately before the picnic. If you have time and desire, you can pre-marinate them. One of the most delicious marinade — soy sauce with honey. Chicken thighs are sure to please everyone’s taste.

Pork or beef

Almost every fan of this wonderful dish, there are a couple of his own methods how to make shish kebab the most delicious. We will share with you another recipe that may come in handy.

We are talking about the skewers in the marinade of mint and lime.

So, 1 kg pork, beef or lamb you will take 1 lime, a few sprigs of mint, 1 onion, a glass of sparkling mineral water and vegetable oil, salt and spices to taste. You need to mix all the ingredients and leave the meat in the resulting marinade for about 3-4 hours. Cooked on the fire, this dish surely will surprise you with its unusual taste.

Sausages in pita bread

This dish is at stake is very simple and yet incredible. All you need is sheets of pita bread, a few sausages or frankfurters, a variety of fresh vegetables to taste, and if necessary, ketchup and mayonnaise. For cooking sausages on the fire, you do not need a grill or even skewer, because in their absence it is possible to use ordinary twigs.

So, roasted at the stake sausage, wrap it together with sliced vegetables in pita bread, add sauce and enjoy the delicious food.


Speaking of dishes on a fire, just not to tell about the ear. It is quite easy, at least for its preparation you will need a special cauldron.

So, bring in a glass casserole to the boil and add to it the cleaned fish 2 sliced onions, about 5-6 potatoes and 2 tablespoons of millet. Don’t forget about salt and spices, at the end of cooking you can also add fresh herbs.

Potatoes with bacon

Baked potatoes — a real taste of our childhood. Therefore, if the list of meals on the fire, without him this list would be incomplete. Preparing this yummy easy. Potatoes, washed and cut in half, the fat is cut into thin slices. All you have to do is put the slices of bacon between the halves of the potatoes and fasten with toothpicks.

Bake on the grill and in foil right in the midst of the cooling coals.

Here, perhaps, the dishes cooked on the fire, without which no one camping. If desired, you can change them, improve and add to it — as far as your imagination will suffice.

Well, the site wish you a good rest and Bon appetit!

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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