How to cook original Breakfast?

The day should begin with the positive, and best of all charges positive energy is hearty and original breakfasts. Women’s website “” will teach you to prepare healthy delicacies, but also to set them so that the food is literally smiling at you from the plate.

A little imagination, a little desire, a pinch of useful information — and on your plate will be a real work of art.

The original idea of the Breakfast: what to eat?

What should be the Breakfast? Hearty, healthy, delicious! Ideas Breakfast quite a lot, and before their implementation, we need to decide what we will do.

  • Fig. The pros of this product is undeniable. It contains complex carbohydrates that give a feeling of satiety for long hours. Even if not to take into consideration that rice is often used in diets, the grain is perfect for the beginning of the day, because of the ready-made porridge can literally sculpt anything.
  • Egg. American scientists believe that to start the day you need it with this nutritious product. It contains a lot of useful minerals which are beneficial to blood vessels.
  • Sausages. Despite the fact that not all producers of this product can be trusted, it is the easiest sausage to cook for Breakfast: a few minutes in hot water, some simple manipulation of the appearance and on the plate is delicious beautiful.
  • Smoothies. The new buzz word hides a nutritious and healthy drink made from natural products rich in vitamins. Original Breakfast for your sweetheart with this drink will taste even better. Ingredients may be milk, berries, fruit, yogurt, honey, etc.
  • Toast. Fried bread can be supplemented with eggs, cheese, ham and other favorite foods. Golden crust, delicious crunch, wonderful flavor – this is the formula of an ideal morning.

The recipes are original Breakfast

A list of these products can be greatly expanded, and further share the secrets of edible installations.

The original Breakfast of eggs

Ideas here may be several.

Take the cooked sausage and cut it in half. One side of each half cut (not dorezaya to the end), if doing fringe. Now roll the sausage in the shape of a circle place them on the hot pan, and crack in the egg inside. So you get a fancy Breakfast eggs in the shape of a flower. It is possible to add a branch of greenery.

Sausage can be made in the form of hearts, for this it is cut in half (not dorezaya to the end), give it the desired shape, and inside you crack.

Eggs may be inside a ring of tomato or sweet pepper, crust of bread (flesh is cut out, an egg poured into the mold and the imprint is fried, then covered with a pulp, and fried with edible “lid”).

The original Breakfast of rice

Cook rice so that it will not spill, and could act as a “clay” from which we will sculpt our edible picture.

  • Give your rice the shape of a Bunny. From sausages cut for eared dress or pants. Onion pen will be a thread but a fried ball. Seaweed can be grass where the rabbit will stand.
  • Rice is transformed into a mouse, the egg divided into whites and yolks (the first is cloud, the second sun).
  • The rice takes the form of a kitten, eyes can become olives. Environment for fluffy, you can create with cooked chicken, carrots, broccoli and other Goodies.

This is not all the recipes are original with part of Fig. You can do based on your own imagination.

Delicious croutons

The easiest option toast the bread in the egg. For fans of savory Breakfast in the beaten egg, add salt, pepper, mustard and greens, and for the sweet tooth – sugar and vanilla. The bread can be any shape, cut from a circle, heart, or other figures.

If you want to diversify the menu, on top of the soaked in milk bread (it can also be creative “to shreds”) is laid out with shredded chicken, chopped sausage or ham, bacon. You can use one of these products, or to create cuts. From above to strew grated cheese toast.

Put the bread in the oven for 7 minutes, and crunchy croutons ready.

Another recipe for an unusual Breakfast of sweet French toast with Apple.

Baton cut into thin slices, dipped in milk and fried on one side. Apple rubbed on a large grater and goes on top of the bread (removed from the pan and spread out on the baking sheet). Egg whipped with sugar and vanilla until thick counter weight that is placed on top of the apples. Now the pan is sent with future toast in the hot oven for 5 minutes.


Hearty pancakes can also be made of the original, giving it an unusual shape. For example, making it look like a snowman, wearing a scarf made of bacon.

For this, the pancake should be done thicker than usual. Bake “puffy” pancakes with a diameter of approximately 5 cm and build them into a tower, which will easily fit in your mouth. Each layer over the condensed milk or jam, put inside bananas or kiwi.


To prepare this rich drink will need milk or yogurt, berries, fruit, honey. All the ingredients are whipped in a blender to obtain a homogeneous mass. Learn more about smoothie, we wrote on our website, so more recipes, read the article How to make a smoothie.

Original prepare Breakfast for beloved husband and child, you can not only feed them, but lift them up. Giving the food an unusual shape, you develop your imagination, make the cooking process more interesting.

Bon appetit and new creative ideas!

Author – Lydia Karant, site

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