How to cook pancakes in the microwave?

Many of us love useful and very easy to prepare cheesecakes. To cook the pancakes you can not only pan, but also in the oven and the steamer. And of course, very interesting and tasty cheesecakes in the microwave.

How to cook pancakes in the microwave — all the secrets

There are many recipes for cheesecakes, but if you want this dish turned out really tasty, follow some simple secrets.

  • Before you start cooking, remove in advance all the necessary products from the refrigerator. It is desirable that they had the same temperature as the room.
  • The flour before using it is better to sift through a fine sieve.
  • If instead of flour you decide to use semolina, you’d better fill it with water or milk and leave to swell.
  • To cheesecakes turned out fluffy, use baking powder.
  • Adding to cheesecakes, raisin, a little, roll it in flour. This will allow the raisins evenly distributed inside the dough.

Basic recipes for cheesecakes in the microwave

There are many different recipes of cheesecakes. The website offers you to get acquainted with the most simple and interesting of them.

Classic cheesecakes

Every fan of cheesecakes must be able to cook them according to the traditional recipe, which is also suitable for the microwave. For this you need to take a pound of cottage cheese, about 5 tablespoons of sugar depending on your taste preferences, 4 eggs and a half Cup of flour.

If you want the dish turned out delicious, prefer cottage cheese with medium fat content.

This recipe cheesecakes of cottage cheese in the microwave requires neither much time nor effort. Just mash the cottage cheese properly. For this purpose you can take the blender, but you can just mash it in the conventional fork. Add eggs, sugar and a little salt. How should stir the resulting mass, and then stir in the flour and stir everything again.

For cooking in the microwave is enough to spread the cheese mass into molds for baking. To prepare these pancakes will be no more than 5-7 minutes.

Cheesecakes in the microwave for Dukane

If you want to cook dukhnovskyi cheesecakes, the most important thing is to buy low-fat cottage cheese, instead of sugar use sugar substitutes.

For one serving you will need 100 grams of cheese, an egg, a couple tablespoons of oat bran and sweetener and baking powder.

First beat the egg in a dense foam, then enter to it sweetener and then a little and other ingredients. When serving, you can pour dukhnovskyi cheese natural yoghurt.

Cheesecakes in the microwave without flour with raisins

If you want to cook such syrnichki, but it does not sit on a strict diet, you have a great solution — add in this dish of semolina. So, for example, in the preparation of such cakes on 200 grams of cottage cheese you will take one egg and one tablespoon of semolina and sugar.

Do not forget about the vanilla and raisins, they perfectly complement the taste of your meals.

Preparing these dietary cheese cakes traditionally in the microwave — stir and arrange in molds.

Banana pancakes in the microwave

Dish of cottage cheese perfectly blended with bananas. For cooking these pancakes, mix 300 grams of flour, 1 banana, couple tablespoons of flour, one or two teaspoons of honey and 1 egg. Add a pinch of salt.

Honey allows to put in the cheesecakes sugar. However, these two ingredients are completely interchangeable.

To prepare banana cheesecake will not take you a lot of time. Only 5-7 minutes in the microwave, and the dish is ready. Serve them with sour cream.

Custom cheesecakes with seaweed

We are all accustomed to the sweet curd with raisins and vanilla.

But why not make them a completely different recipe? For example, if you like seaweed, then you probably will like the next option.

So, take a pound of cottage cheese, 300 grams of potatoes 200 grams of seaweed, a couple of eggs and 4 tablespoons flour. First boil the potatoes and thoroughly mash it. Then, add in it curd, washed under running water, seaweed, flour and eggs. All stir and put cheese cakes to prepare.

The dish will turn out to be so delicious and interesting that you will want to go back to his trade again and again. In addition, you may be surprised that we were able to cook so delicious curd in a conventional microwave oven.

Thus, with the help of a microwave you can make wonderful cheesecakes. They are prepared quickly and, most importantly, are incredibly tasty. However, in this you can easily verify yourself.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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