How to cook rice on the side?

Rice is a product not only delicious, but also useful. It is ideal with fish and meat dishes. It is the rice can be a great solution for daily and festive table. However, to properly cook the rice can not every one of us.

Though in reality, there is absolutely nothing complicated.

Learning how to cook rice on the side

If you want to get crumbly and delicious side dish, it is best suitable for this purpose rice, the last special steam treatment. That’s why to know how to cook parboiled rice, should every woman.

  • To figure out crumbly before cooking, always rinse it in a large amount of cool water. This will help to wash away the grains of starch which is the main reason for the stickiness.
  • It is useful also to soak the rice for about half an hour. After this time put it on a strainer to the water glass, and the rice has dried up. Thus, you will have to reduce the stickiness of the grains.
  • Cooking rice in a pot, preferably with thick walls and bottom. And this is also important if you want to properly cook delicious rice on the side.
  • Most of us for a Cup of rice take two glasses of water. But in order to grain in the process of cooking does not stick, it is better to have a different ratio of about 1:1,25. By the way, if you wish, instead of water you can use vegetable or meat broth. So your side dish will be more interesting and rich taste.
  • A pot of rice should first be put on a high heat, without covering it with a lid. Wait until the liquid boils, and then reduce the heat temperature. Now close the lid and let the rice cook for about 25-30 minutes.
  • Once the rice is ready, let it 10 more minutes will potomitsya covered with a tea towel in the pan. So it absorbs the remaining moisture and come in the required loose condition.

The rice is now ready to use. Finally you can season with salt and add a knob of butter. Of rice makes a great side dish to meat and fish. Well, he performs also as a sweet dish, especially if it put a bit of dried fruit.

The above tips will be helpful during cooking long grain rice, so in that case, if you wish to properly cook short-grain rice on the side. And this despite the fact that make a round figure loose extremely difficult, because due to its adhesiveness it is mainly suitable for preparation of porridges and casseroles.

Recipes delicious rice

So now you know how to properly boil the rice for garnish. And because the site offers you a couple of additional recipes for this dish.

The rice in the pan with vegetables

To prepare this side dish for you in addition to a Cup of rice, you will also need onion, carrots and a few cloves of garlic. Clean and finely chop vegetables. Sauté them until tender. Then add uncooked rice and two cups of water. Bring the liquid to a boil, then better reduce the heat to low and simmer the rice until it becomes soft and crumbly.

The finished dish give some time to stand under the lid closed.

Rice with tomatoes and nuts

Very unusual recipe, but the result is a great side dish with meat. You should take a Cup of rice, a jar of canned corn, 3-4 tomatoes, onion, garlic, sweet pepper, greens and a handful of absolutely any nuts to your liking. Boil the rice in a saucepan. In a pan meanwhile, sauté finely chopped vegetables. 10 minutes before readiness put in the pan also cooked rice and sprinkle the dish with the nuts. Give him another out for a while, then remove from heat.

Rice in Japanese

Take a Cup of rice, green onions, a couple eggs, soy sauce. First, put to boil the rice. In a pan saute the onion. When it is ready, beat the eggs to him. Stir the onion, the egg mass took lumps. Put the rice into the pan, pour the soy sauce dish and mix.

Such a perfect side dish suitable for fish.

Thus, to properly cook delicious and crumbly rice is not so difficult. And if you want with this easy to handle any hostess. Just follow a couple simple rules, and rice will become one of the favorite dishes of your family.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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