How to cook the beef until cooked to become soft

Beef is common in the diet of people type of meat. You can use it to make soups, first and second dishes, salads, snacks. Dishes are tasty, hearty and very helpful. Beef is indispensable for people suffering from anemia, as well as in the diet, baby food. But to cook it is not so easy, because not everyone knows how to boil beef to make soft, tender and tasty.

2 hours. 6 servings. Easy to prepare

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The content of the article

  • 1 Composition, the benefits and harms
    • 1.1 What are the nutrient rich product
    • 1.2 Why do I need to include in the diet
    • 1.3 the consequences of the abuse
  • 2 How to choose meat: requirements for appearance and smell
    • 2.1 Proper freezing
    • 2.2 Division into grades and categories
  • 3 how and How much to cook the beef: tips to the hostess
    • 3.1 For the broth
    • 3.2 second courses
    • 3.3 In a slow cooker
    • 3.4 In the steamer
    • 3.5 In the pressure cooker

Worldwide, the meat of cattle is considered the most popular. In Russia boiled beef treated honored guests. Despite its richness, this product is easily absorbed by the body, and with the right preparation turns out tender, juicy and soft.

The composition, the benefits and harms

Beef takes pride of place in the list of required foods. It should be on the table at least a few times a week. On biological and nutritional value of meat became known many years ago. Valued by the ancient Romans, Greeks, inhabitants of the British Isles, our ancestors, other peoples. Afford to put on the table this delicacy could not all. It was the prerogative of the upper strata of the population.

Perhaps India is the only country where consumption of beef is strictly forbidden due to the sacred status of cows. Almost in every state there are pastures for growing cattle. Breed is not only large but also small farmers.What are the nutrient rich product

Beef pretty thoroughly studied by scientists. It study allowed us to identify which nutrients and elements contains this kind of meat:

  • b vitamins;
  • iron;
  • proteins;
  • calcium;
  • magnesium;
  • vitamin PP;
  • potassium;
  • zinc;
  • phosphorus;
  • sodium;
  • fats;
  • iodine;
  • vitamin E.

Present in the composition of beef and other important micro – and macronutrients.

Calorie, depending on the body part, varies from 15 to 500 kcal per 100 g of meat.Why you need to include in the diet

Dietology considers beef the best source of protein of animal origin. It contains the entire set of amino acids necessary for normal functioning of the human body. Who and when is more useful beef:

  • people with low hemoglobin;
  • involved in sports and working physically;
  • people with a weakened organism;
  • those who have problems with digestion.

Beef – a product that helps the body expel “bad” cholesterol. Its consumption has a beneficial effect on memory, the nervous system, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, muscles and bone tissues. Soups and broths, cooked meat of cattle, promote wound healing, improve blood clotting.

Despite the great track record beef, it is understood that everything is good in moderation. The main thing – the regularity and moderation. It is better to eat 200 grams of meat every day (or every other day), than rarely but in large quantities.The consequences of abuse

Beef can harm the body. It has a very interesting property: the excessive use may reduce the immune system, increase cholesterol. Harm to the body can cause not only a large number of the diet, but meat of poor quality, and improper storage, cooking. Two situations when the beef is more harmful than helpful.

  • Improperly cooked meat. This first product, fried in butter. This method of cooking beef fills the carcinogens, which makes it dangerous to the health of people suffering from digestive problems, heart.
  • Meat grown artificially. Nature has that cattle must eat a lot of grass, to walk through the fields, pastures. And if the animals can’t see green meadows, fed exclusively with forage, the benefits of such meat can almost be forgotten.
  • If you want to get from the beef favor, follow the rules of selection and preparation. From what meat you choose how it is cooked depends on the health of those who eat this dish.How to choose meat: requirements for appearance and smell

    To buy beef better than fresh, it’s easier to choose and consider meat. And yet it is desirable immediately after purchase to bring home and cook. No need to wait until it defrosts. However, do not be afraid of frozen meat. If freeze was a respected technology, such meat is not inferior to fresh properties. Here are five indicators that are worth paying attention to.

  • Color. Fresh quality beef has a red color. If the proposed piece is brownish, it says old age of the animal. Old meat will be more rough, will need more time for its preparation, the richness of the food will be forgotten. If the flesh is uneven color, interspersed with dark colors (e.g., greenish), such meat is not worth buying.
  • Smell. Not all sellers are allowed to smell the meat, especially in supermarkets. But if you are lucky, you have been approved, feel free to use this opportunity. High-quality beef has no fragrance, just smells like raw meat. If you feel the presence of some odor still, better refrain from buying.
  • Fat. Beef – meat diet, but the fat in it is still present. It needs to be dense, have a pale white color. The meat of young animals, the fat may fall apart – this is normal. If we are talking about marble beef, which is prized most of all, it has a lot of layers of fat. The piece as would be riddled with them. The meat is perfect, its easy to cook, it turns out extremely tasty.
  • Elasticity. Possible, test the meat for firmness. Here’s how: you have to press your finger on the flesh and see what would happen to her. From fresh meat the surface is smoothed almost immediately. If the trace from depression persists for a long time, the meat is not very fresh.
  • Surface. It’s okay to have signs of severiana on the surface of the piece. But only a small. If the surface has a crust and stains from the butchered carcass a few hours ago, but much earlier. Beef should be dry and firm. If there is a choice between the wet meat lying in blood, and meat Lee, should give preference to the latter.
  • Proper freezing

    If you purchase frozen beef, take only that which is labeled. Be sure to check the expiration date and of issue. Veal in frozen form can be stored for eight months, beef ten. Necessarily the manufacturer. You should make a choice in favor of domestic meat, so more guarantee of freshness, non-infringement of transportation.

    Packaging should not be damaged, so inspect the piece from all sides. Note the color – it needs to be uniform, it is better to choose something lighter. Properly frozen beef should not have ice or snow cover. If any are visible, most likely violated the rules of storage or freezing.

    The division into grades and categories

    Beef has the class and category. The division is depending on the part of the carcass, the animal’s age and fat content of meat. For the broth doesn’t have to take the meat of the best quality, but for steaks and BBQ facilities it is better to choose a piece of softer. There are three varieties and three categories of beef.

  • Top grade. It is sometimes called the first. May contain three to four percent of the connective tissue (or veins). This includes parts of the carcass: breast, back, loin. Another rump, sirloin, rump. It is almost pure meat with no fat.
  • Second grade. It is four to five percent of the veins. This class will include the shoulder, shoulder part, the neck, the flank.
  • Third grade. May contain from ten to 23% of the connective tissue. This shanks (front and rear), desperately.
  • Beef of the highest category has a lot of subcutaneous fat, well developed muscle tissue. But meat obtained from young animals, may not contain fat. To the meat of the second category, which are poorly developed muscles, a small amount of fat. Distinguish one category of skinny beef. However, such meat is only used for industrial processing.

    Meat must necessarily be purple stigma. According to its form to determine the category. On the head of young cattle placed the stamp “M”. Round indicates the meat belonging to the highest category. Mark the square shape suggests that before you beef the second category.

    Choice of beef should be based more on the fact that it is going to cook. Each part is good for certain purposes. For example, boiling is the best fit sternum, neck, desperately, knuckle, shank, flank and shoulder.How to cook beef: tips to the hostess

    It is important to not only know how to eat meat of cattle, but how to cook beef. Here are three secrets that will be useful to each owner.

  • Make sure you choose a pot. Fit saucepan with a thick bottom, enameled or cast iron also works. Importantly, the piece of meat was freely together in a bowl, leaving room for other ingredients.
  • Defrost the meat in advance. If you are going to cook frozen beef, prepare for the fact that the meat will be tough. The piece is sure to defrost before sending in a saucepan on the stove. Perfect to have it thawed at room temperature.
  • Use the microwave. If you urgently need cook soup from the frozen meat, you can soak the piece in water or resort to using microwave. Then thawed the pulp should be washed with cold running water.
  • Mandatory step after soaking or defrosting – drying of the piece. The final stage – cutting in pieces to speed the cooking process.For the broth

    To make soup turned out delicious, you need to boil beef with bone. A piece of it should be dipped in cold water. That is, rinse, put in pot, cover with cold water and send it on the stove. Fire include the largest, and wait for boiling. When the water surface begins to be covered with foam, remove it. You can do it with any convenient utensil – slotted spoon, spoon.

    There is such an opinion: foam remove from pan is not necessary. That is, just leave it, and it dissolves in the cooking process. Foam – nothing like the released protein, that is, the danger can not be held. But here it is for you to decide.

    If you prefer the soup on the second broth, then after boiling you need to wait about five minutes. Then drained the broth, washed the meat and fill again with water. This version of cooking usually recommended by nutritionists.

    It is advisable not to give the broth to boil much, just a small boil. Need to add salt at the end of cooking to salt “pulled” meat all the juice. Beef soup should be cooked until the meat is cooked, then strain the broth and use it further. If you boil ribs, then they will need one and a half hours of cooking.

    Pour as much water as you will need later for cooking soup. Add a little more than you need to be stock to boiling. In any case do not dilute the broth with water.

    For the second course

    Eating beef cooked to add to salads, appetizers, cooking process will be slightly different from cooking broth. Here a sequence of four steps.

  • In a saucepan to get water (roughly comes from the calculation of a half liter of water per kilogram of beef), put it on the fire.
  • When the water is almost boiled, add carrot and onion, optional parsley, celery.
  • Then need to put a piece of meat, wait for the boiling. As soon as will begin to appear foam, remove it.
  • When the foam disappears from the surface, reduce the heat, leave at a gentle simmer to a boil.
  • How much you need to cook the beef to become soft, depends on the age of the meat and size of the piece. Young meat will be ready in 40 minutes after boiling, the old will have to boil two and a half hours, maybe more. Readiness to learn about possible when cutting a piece with a knife at the thickest point. If no juice is red, the meat is ready.

    Salt meat should be at the end of cooking, about 15 minutes before turning off the stove. To the richness preserved, do not remove the beef from the broth. Get the piece just before use. If there is any doubt about the quality of meat you need to cook the pulp for at least two hours to kill parasites.In a slow cooker

    The slow cooker is a real salvation for many Housewives. It is also possible to cook beef in small pieces and large piece. Specific differences from cooking in the pan no. If there’s a film, streaks, excess fat – they are removed. The meat is then washed, put into a bowl, pour boiling water so that the piece was completely covered with water. Install a suitable program (“Cooking” “Soup” or another) and close the lid.

    When the meat boils, remove the foam, add the optional herbs, a Bay leaf or your favorite spices. Need to add salt at the end. Cook the beef after boiling, you need to readiness – from 40 minutes to three hours, depending on the age of the cattle.

    In a double boiler

    Steamed beef is more juicy and useful. This way of cooking is ideal for feeding babies or for people who follow a therapeutic diet. There are two ways of cooking beef in the steamer.

  • Slice into portions, place in a thicket of steamers in a row, season with salt and turn the equipment on for one hour. After this time, flip, cook another half hour.
  • Beef with salt, RUB with your favorite spices. Put a piece in a package for cooking, placed in a thicket, cook for an hour. If you want to add time.
  • Be sure to watch for the presence of water in the tank. Most likely, you will have to add boiling water during the cooking process.In a pressure cooker

    The pressure cooker greatly accelerates the cooking process of beef. To cook in the pressure cooker beef, you need to wash it, put in a bowl, cover with water. Then put the pressure cooker on the fire and wait for boiling. Remove the formed foam, reduce the heat, cover and cook for 50 minutes.

    If the electric pressure cooker, you need to install the right program and cook as well, 50-60 minutes. This meat is perfect for a child, especially if you use a tender steak.

    Beef is very useful, so don’t neglect its use. Feel free to include it in your diet, because you now know how many minutes to cook the beef until tender. Properly cooked meat will appeal to all members of the household, even the most fastidious.

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