How to cook vegetable cake?

If you try to adhere to the requirements of the post, you know that one of them is the ban on the consumption of food of animal origin. It just so happened that for most the sweet tooth is a sad reason to give up. Indeed, any sweet baking involves the use of milk and eggs, sure a lot of us. But this is not so.

And in fact there are many recipes of cakes which are prepared without these ingredients, but it came out very tasty. Therefore, if you are interested in the question how to cook a delicious vegetable cake that the website “” will gladly share with you a couple of secrets.

Little tricks for vegetable cakes

There are dozens of types of desserts that are prepared without the involvement of milk and eggs. Resorted to them as vegetarians who completely refused to take animal food as well as ordinary people just trying to adhere to the requirements of the post for a set time.

Remarkably, sweet vegetable dishes are not worse than traditional. Moreover, for many of them, on the contrary, are much tastier.

If you want to cook the vegetable cake — recipe you can choose to either use one that does not contain prohibited products initially, and can take a traditional recipe and replace certain foods with alternatives.

In any case, below we give some recommendations how you can make your Lenten pastries as tasty.

  • If you cook, for example, Lenten chocolate cake, a recipe which has milk, then you can go to the trick and substitute for cow’s milk soy.
  • Eggs can be replaced with baking soda and vinegar. Some cooks, instead of eggs add to the dough soy cheese tofu. One egg can be substituted with two tablespoons of soft tofu.
  • If you are preparing a fast cake without eggs, the dough may not rise. And so put the cake in already well-heated oven, for the baking time the oven door do not open, and once the cake is cooked, do not rush to pull out of there.
  • Lenten cakes sometimes too dry. Often the reason for this is incorrectly drawn up and chosen recipe. And therefore in search of a recipe give preference to those which provide for the use of honey, jams and berries – both fresh and frozen. After all, what could be more delicious than a honey cake lean.
  • Recipe Lenten cake with cherry

    One of the most useful is lean and delicious cherry cake. For the dough you will need ingredients such as flour (2 cups), sugar (1 Cup), frozen cherries (500 g), salt (1 tsp), baking soda (2 tbsp), Apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp), cocoa (half a Cup), vegetable oil (1 Cup) and vanilla sugar (bag).

    In addition, you also need to prepare the vegetable and cream cake. For this, you must make Apple sauce (400 g) and substitute for gelatin (agar-agar). You can also use the coconut chips and dried cherries for decoration.

    The sequence of actions should be as follows:

    • Mix and beat with a mixer all the ingredients we need to prepare the dough. Pour the finished batter into the baking dish and bake in the oven at 180 degrees. The form should be pre-covered with parchment.
    • Meanwhile, prepare vegetable cream cake – mix the Apple puree with the substitute for gelatin, whisk with a mixer.
    • Baked vegetable cake is cooled to room temperature and cut into two parts. In the middle and top carefully promazyvayut cream.

    Recipe vegetable of carrot cake

    No less tasty and useful vegetable is carrot cake. To prepare it, is simple.

    Take the flour (2 cups), sugar (1 Cup), grated on a fine grater carrots (2 cups), salt on the tip of a knife, a bag of baking powder, baking soda (1 teaspoon), Apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp), vegetable oil (1 Cup), warm water (half Cup), orange zest and orange juice (2.5 cups) almond flour (2 tbsp) semolina (to the eye).

    The sequence of your actions should be as follows:

    • Mix the flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda, ginger and zest.
    • Dissolve in warm water sugar, add the butter.
    • Mix dry ingredients and liquid.
    • Add to the dough carrots, zest, bite. Whisk all the mixer.
    • Pour the batter into the pan, cover with foil and put in heated to 180 degrees oven for 20-25 minutes.
    • While the cake baked, it’s time to cook also lean cream cake. For this mix the orange juice with semolina and almond flour and put the mixture in a saucepan on a small fire. Stirring, cook until thick.
    • Lean baked carrot cake cooled to room temperature and cut into two parts. In the middle and the top is carefully lubricated with cream.

    To cook tasty and healthy – not difficult. The most important thing is to find those recipes that best would suit your needs and taste preferences.

    The website wishes you Bon appétit and new culinary masterpieces!

    The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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