How to cope with children’s tantrums and why they occur

All children, even the most docile and smooth, pass through a period of childhood tantrums. Some fast at the age of 2-3 years, others are “stuck” in hysterics for a long time and in older age can screaming to rush to the showroom floor, if the mother did not buy what is required. For the unfortunate parents of these latter our present article on about how to cope with child tantrums.

Why baby hysteria?

As mentioned above, all children go through this. The reason is quite objective immaturity of the nervous system of the child during his growth and development. There are times when a child simply can not grasp the mind and to evaluate what is happening around you: too many impressions, feelings, new faces. He is tired but can’t settle down.

Therefore, in young children it is impossible to prevent overstimulation and fatigue. Be sure to respect the routine of the day, time to put the baby to sleep day and night, moving and funny classes to alternate with calm.

Often trigger children’s tantrums in babies is a common discomfort – the baby is cold/hot, he’s hungry, wants to sleep etc.

Precisely because captain Sebastian Pereira … kids mothers often have to cope with child tantrums during children’s parties.

Therefore, at such events it is necessary to provide the opportunity, after active play and poprygushki to occupy kids with something quiet, and for moms to leave a child in a quiet corner, to sit and calm him down.

How to cope with child tantrums?

There are General rules on how to cope with children’s tantrums — recommended child psychologists and neurologists.

Rule # 1. Not to indulge the child during a tantrum

In other words, to carry something hysterical happened. Once the desired result is obtained, then this method – “estericult” at the right time – the child will use then again.

So don’t fall for the “provocation” in any case, otherwise the problem of “how to cope with children’s tantrums” to be / to stand before you every day.

Rule # 2. Less attention

Heard probably all. While the child has viewers and listeners, he will try his best.

If you are home – go to another room or go about your business, don’t look, don’t react. If you are in a public place, like supermarket, find the strength to turn away and pretend that you’re leaving.

You should not care what people think or say surrounding adults.

Rule # 3. No talking, no screaming, no slapping

If the tantrum had erupted, as if an adult tried to scream, to curse, to persuade the child to try to negotiate with him at this point is useless. To cope with children’s tantrums is not going to help.

If you swear and scream – only the winds even more.

Rule # 4. To prevent a tantrum

Previous rules referred directly to that moment when the child had gone. But the wise mother should know not only how to cope with children’s tantrums, but not to allow them to develop.

Each child has its own individual characteristics of what he’s going to get hysterical: it can start to bend the lips, the voice can appear whiny notes, or it starts to repeat the same thing, for example, “Mother, give me, give me, mother…”.

Here at this turning point you need to dramatically and quickly distract him and switch to something else. Then to deal with children’s tantrum would be impossible – see Rule No. 3.

Quickly slip him something, exclaim “Oh, look quickly, what is that!”, offer to do something from which he will not refuse.

But in fairness it should be noted that this method works only with young children, which in half a minute really distracted and forget what they wanted to beg, sobbing on the floor.

What to do with older children – read below.

Rule # 5. To agree in advance

Very often, tantrums are quite predictable. For example, the child “rolls his concerts” when he left in the morning in the garden or when mom is at the store buys what he wants.

To cope with children’s tantrums in advance and do not allow, negotiate a problematic situationwhen the child is in a good mood, listens and hears you.

Agree that you will buy this time in the store and when you go to buy exactly what he wanted. Discuss what is good and interesting in the garden and what you will do in the evening when you take him home. Try to see the positive and explain it to the kid.

Generally try more to communicate with your son or daughter – so you better know your baby and better understand what causes of his /her whims. And the baby will feel that you care about.

If tantrums again on the rise — more and more if the child in a fit of beats so that is causing himself damage if become visible to other negative changes in his character and behavior, then decide how to deal with children tantrums, in your case you need together with a pediatric neurologist.

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