How to create a complete image?

Image or image of every woman is her “calling card”. Today women’s site “beautiful and Successful” all about how to create a complete look with clothing, accessories and other women’s “stuff”.


Of course, things need to pick up, given the time and place, and contingent where you be. Clothing can be a business, everyday or casual, evening, home. No matter where you go today, you need to stay in trend. Whether your image is bright or restrained, conservative or liberated, people will remember you if every thing will be tasteful and harmoniously with others. And no matter where you are looking for clothes in an expensive boutique, “Sedona” or in the online store using promocode Lamoda from the catalog of this website or other discount coupons. The most important thing is to stay true to your taste.

On the other hand, you can mix between a completely unimaginable and incompatible elements: a business jacket and ripped jeans, evening dress and leather “jackets,” etc., as long as it was in place and walked to you. And it will also be the image and the way through which others will remember you.


If you don’t have much of a wardrobe, to diversify it can just with the help of variety of accessories: hats, caps, scarves, ties, gloves, straps, etc. With different clothes you can wear different handbags, clutches, backpacks, which are also selected in accordance with the master image.

Accessories complement the image, however, pick they need to be competent. Lightweight silk scarf looks very elegant and slightly dilutes the business image of office workers. But this “Luke” is not suitable massive knitted Snood, which will be more appropriate in a casual manner, although, if you watch fashion shows couturiers with renowned names can not to see it. But then, again, you need to consider what company you’ll be, and the whole situation.

Jewelry and jewelry

Rare to find a woman who does not wear jewelry. With their help, we just complement the image, raise your mood or emphasize the advantages of appearance (we think). We summarized some rules that you should not wear certain jewelry because they can simply neutralize the integrity of the image, and just to spoil it:

  • Don’t wear bright plastic jewelry with evening wear, she can discount your high quality, expensive dress;
  • Jewelry, moreover, is chosen in accordance with the face shape, hair, shape of lobes. Ladies with a round face fit elongated earrings, oval stud earrings. Similarly, earrings-studs look good on the owner of a short haircut, and the classic “loops” — the girls with long hair;
  • Pick up rings in accordance with the shape of the fingers: hands on a chubby ugly look of flashy jewelry. If you have stubby fingers, they elongate oblong rings;
  • Catchy jewelry with large stones did not match well with casual clothes, they just attract too much attention to ourselves and cause others to doubt your type. Will be perfect for this image set, bracelets, earrings.

It goes without saying that the integrity of the image as possible without makeup. For daytime makeup choose light pastel shades of shadows, blushes and lipstick. In everyday life, you can paint a little brighter, and certainly is where to roam imagination – so that when applying the evening makeup.

Dressed for work, party or a date, before exiting, look in the mirror: how do you imagine? If every detail complements the image, and in front of you, you see just the beauty, then, not in vain tried. You can be sure you today, you catch yourself admiring glances!

The author – Natalia Degtyareva, site

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