How to create a loft style in the interior?

Loft – it’s not even the style of the interior – the so-called special type. The original lofts were called restored for housing space in former industrial buildings in Manhattan in the 40-ies.

Yes, the same Manhattan where the real estate is worth millions, began with apartments, lofts and it was in the Wake of that fashion has become a popular place of residence of the new York Bohemian!

But how to translate loft style in the interior, if you yet do not live in Manhattan – will tell the site ““!

Interior design in loft style

So all the same – what is meant by the word “loft”? The original is the former production area, “tuningware” to a comfortable living condition.

Very quickly became known as lofts and other apartments and houses that do not have factory of the past, but the architecture has retained the main features of those “great-loft”: high ceilings, large Windows, often dvuhyarusnaya or even duchatelet, and most importantly – the lack of division into small rooms, no walls and clearly separated “zones”.

In such apartments-the lofts everything is as if in one big hall next to bed bath can stand on a special podium, the kitchen can be separated from the “divan-TV” zone only bar… with lots of light and air!

But, as you know, the interior of this space can be completely different from the purely classic to boho!

Why are we talking about a separate loft style in the interior? Yes, because the history of the lofts have contributed to a particular fashion: to keep comfortable the interior elements of “uninhabited”, “nedorabotannost” — so that the room, a glimpse of its industrial past factory! This is what formed the basis of the loft-style.

For example, the interior of the house in the loft style can be different to the bare walls – can be visible to naked concrete blocks, masonry or poleena and unpainted plaster…

Also a typical detail of the loft-style is purposely not hidden ceiling beams-ceilings (or even their imitation!), some “industrial” details of type of pipes or hoses running on top of the walls, etc.

In a typical loft interiors no clutter of furniture and unnecessary items – the aim is to preserve the feeling of a large space, retracts and hides all that hinders it. Things are kept in “hiding places” — the catwalks built into the wall cabinets-closets, etc.

Large sofa Yes! Many small stools, chairs and armchairs – probably not. Breakfast bar and high stools – Yes, the dining table with a dozen chairs – no! Blinds – Yes, multi-layered heavy curtains and Drapes – no! Mirrors, large paintings or a mural on the wall – Yes, numerous shelves and etazherochki souvenir small things – no. Hanging from the ceiling or built-in ceiling and wall light fixtures – Yes, floor lamps and table lamps – no. And so on.

On a large area of territory furniture linked areas-“Islands” away from the walls: for example, loft style in the interior of the kitchen can involve standing by the letter P desktops, cooktop, sink, counter, or table, replacing the separate dining.

The interior of the living room in the loft – upholstered sofa”corner” and home theater, in the center of this “island” – a coffee table or Ottoman.

Subspecies loft style in the interior

What is the basis of loft-style and might look like a “box” — the space where you will create a complete interior in this style – I think it is clear. But the interior still needed the usual furniture and decor! And there could be options:

  • Hi-tech loft. It is a very logical combination in a spacious room look great high-tech materials: shiny metal, glass, furniture, laconic silhouettes.
  • Boho loft. Worn, like vintage furniture, not very often combined with each other – as if meeting casually bought or brought from the dump things. Bright bedspreads, pillows, pictures on walls, etc. – multicolored with a hint of ethnic.
  • Hipster loft. Old-fashioned (or giving the impression thereof) furniture – but without the ethnics, but rather in the spirit of the 60-70’s. modern art, vintage audio equipment etc.
  • Glamour loft. Here it is possible to beat the contrast of a loft typical and glamour. For example – the concrete ceiling and walls are pastel shades, chandelier with crystal pendants and some walking on the wall pipe, pink soft furnishings and brick wall…

Loft style in the interior of the apartment

The problem is loft style – the majority believes that it cannot be recreated in an ordinary apartment. But this is not true!

First, even the usual “kopeck piece” or “three-ruble note” can be turned into a kind of loft, having demolished part of the walls and getting rid of segmentation in the room.

Secondly, it is possible to recreate the style. Those “industrial” details, “unrepaired” the surface… Sometimes even intentionally create an imitation brick or stone walls on top of the normal “panel” the walls!

Less curtains, more mirrors.

“Raznourovnevoj” it is also possible to simulate not having a real second floor and sufficient height of the walls for the construction of all sorts of internal balconies – for example, to include in the interior spiral staircase leading to… say, on the mezzanine! Loft style in the interior of a bedroom can be created by placing a mattress on a platform bed (in which to store things instead of the usual wardrobe).

This style is suitable for young people who love to invite guests and have parties who like self-expression and imaginative solutions, for which freedom is not an empty word!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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