How to create a pin-up style clothing?

Pin up in English means “pin”. But this does not mean that pin-up images only “cool” comic – style pin-up clothing allows you to create a variety of combinations, from funny and cute to the very elegant and delightfully feminine!

Each of us can learn something from this newly gained popularity of the style! And the site will help!

What is the pin-up style clothing?

The style originated in the middle of the last century in America. Surprisingly, it came up with are not designers, and artists-illustrators.

It all started with the fact that in Vogue pictures with sexy girls that were the embodiment of the female ideal for men who liked smiling young ladies with seductive forms, and for women who relied on these images as specimens of the style of clothing, hairstyles and makeup.

In the 50s the image of the “pinup girl” is finally formed – as a simple, fun and of course beautiful American women! Pin-up-beauty was on billboards and product packaging, in magazines, on prints…

The girl in the pin up style – in the first place, sexy and feminine. Second of all – she’s carefree and smiling, always sweet, Flirty and ready to charm! Whatever you’re doing – flirting with a knight, trying on a dress or change the wheel on his red lady’s car!

She is the classic “Blondie” — a little bit frivolous and sometimes gets into awkward situations, which always comes out the winner due to their charm.

Looks like a pin-up style clothing? It has everything that is considered feminine, feminine fit! There are no “hoodies” and unisex clothing is necessarily fitted or tight.

In clothing pin-up style, certainly there is a hint of sex appeal, so many open and short things – pin-up girl not a prude.

She knows the pluses and boldly shows their short shorts and tops above the waist, dresses with a deep neckline and open shoulders… This style is generally suitable for the hot California summer (or, alternatively, for the winter in comfortable houses and comfortable cars) – there is no multi-layered sets of winter clothes – pin-up beauty max can throw on a coat corset dress, to organize a mini-fashion show from the porch to the car!

Although it would be a mistake to think that the clothes in the style of pin-up is a solid dress.

Pin-up lady might wear knickers or breeches, or even “a La worker” jumpsuit with a shirt in a cage – but it complements this Flirty jewelry, bright makeup and heels and still be a Woman (Yes, with capital letters!). Therefore, the pin-up is not just a set of clothes and accessories, because without the ability to wear them just as a true Woman — not gonna happen!

What to wear to create the image of a pin-up girl?

What clothing is the style pin-up?

  • Dresses silhouette new bow fitted with a full skirt just below the knee.
  • Bodycon dresses, skirts
  • Corsets
  • Short tops
  • Shirts, mainly in cell – either tucked into the breeches/shorts/jumpsuit or tie above the waist.
  • Short shorts high waist
  • – Fitting breeches (usually white)
  • Denim overalls – lengths mini or MIDI

However, the pin-up beauty can wear and jeans and light white trousers, dress coat, and more – style will create the accessories!

And this:

  • Heels, of course!
  • Headband made of fabric with a Flirty, two protruding “tails”
  • Clip-on earrings, beads, brooches and other jewelry. Valid bright plastic jewelry to the naughty daytime images, but night lush dress can be worn even jewelry!
  • Small bright handbag

Colors and prints

In pin-up style clothes can be used the most common, but Association with a particular style can produce a combination of colors, prints…

Favorite print is polka dots. It is appropriate in the pin up almost always and everywhere can be in the way more than once. Sometimes, however, there are other smaller rhythmic patterns. Also, you can often see the cell as “the boyfriend shirt” and on the dresses.

Color, without which pin-up is simply impossible to imagine – white, black, red in all its variations, from coral to Burgundy. This does not mean that all the variety of things only in black and white and red and “forbidden” colors and shades are almost there. Although rarely seen dark, dingy, dirty tone.

Sometimes the pin-up style clothing may be the story print, say, the top or the purse. Popular motifs – bows, “sponge”, pictures with pin-up girls, some retro-cartoon characters (without the iconic Mickey mouse and his girlfriend Minnie after all!), etc

And keep in mind that if you want to achieve a harmonious holistic way, we must not forget about makeup and hair – we are going to tell you on the website ““.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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